633 Chapter 633: Difficult to avoid

    Long Chen had ignored the bandits. He didn't even try to go in their direction to help the people in the carriage. He wasn't going to involve himself in other people's matters unnecessarily as he flew towards the city, but he didn't know that even if he ignored the troubles, the troubles were going to come looking for him.

    The bandits had seen him, and they misunderstood him. They thought that he didn't stop as he was going to tell the guards of the Screen City. Since the bandits were so far away, they realized that they couldn't catch up either after seeing the speed Long Chen was moving at.

    The bandit king had no choice but to use a rare treasure that he had possessed for a long time. It was a limited use treasure that only had one use left on it, but the Bandit King knew that he had no choice. He needed more time to break through the defenses of the carriage. Whatever he wanted was more important than the treasure in his hand

    The bandit king looked towards Long Chen and brought out something that seemed like a small red telescope that had various formations all around it. It was only 30 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide.

    "After this time, you're going to be destroyed. You helped me a lot so far, my friend. Let's do it one more time," The Bandit King muttered as he placed the telescope in front of his left eye and started trying to focus on Long Chen. After some effort, he was able to track Long Chen.

    As soon as the Pirate King was able to get Long Chen in the center of the focus of his view, he tapped the surface of the small golden telescope three times.

    The Golden Telescope started shining as the formation activated. The Spirit lines of the formation also started shining, but they were shining in silver color. A white ray of light flew towards the man.


    Long Chen was casually flying on his sword when he was suddenly pulled back. He lost his balance as he fell back while the Spirit Sword continued moving ahead.

    Long Chen was shocked as he suddenly felt a fierce pulling him back. He realized that something was going on. He used his Cultivation to stand in the air, but the pull of the force was just too strong.

    The Spirit Sword turned back and followed after Long Chen.

    Long Chen turned back to look in the direction he was being pulled in and saw that he was being pulled in the direction of the carriage. He even saw the Bandit King standing there with the telescope-like thing that was being pointed in his direction.

    "Some idiots are really looking to die."

    Before Long Chen could say anything, Xun started speaking in an annoyed tone.

    "What can I say? When I avoid trouble, trouble finds me. At Least I can use this opportunity to pose as a hero. Whoever is inside the carriage should be thankful to those idiots," Long Chen muttered as he stopped resisting and let his body fly towards the Bandit King.

    "Boss is great! We don't even have to move, and we already get to kill him. Huh, that guy can't escape at all."

    "What else did you expect? No one can escape from our boss."

    " Of Course! The treasure of the boss is just so incredible! Don't you remember how it pulled the Demon of Dessert? he was so powerful, but he couldn't run away at all! This boy has no chance of running."

    The bandits kept talking amongst themselves as they laughed.

    "Stop laughing and get back to work! You need to break the defense of this carriage so that we can enter inside fast!" The Bandit King scolded them with anger on his face.

    He didn't take the focus off Long Chen thought.

    The bandits nodded as they started attacking the carriage once again while the Bandit King prepared his sword to cut Long Chen when he got there.

    Soon, Long Chen was near him.

    The Bandit King raised his sword and swung it just when Long Chen was a few meters away from him, but the sword missed Long Chen as he disappeared before the sword could land on him.

    Before the Bandit King could understand what had just happened, a sword stabbed his heart from the back.

    The Bandit King's body arched forward in pain as he screamed. The bloody sword came out of his chest as the man coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    "You should always pick your enemy carefully. You never know when an ant-like thing kills you," Long Chen said in a low tone before his Spirit Sword came flying and cut off the head of the man.

    The bandits that were attacking the carriage heard the scream and turned back, but everything happened so fast that by the time they turned, the head of the Bandit King was already lying on the ground.

    "B-boss is dead?"

    "The boy killed him?"

    "How could he be so strong?"

    None of the bandits saw what had just happened, but they all believed that the young and innocent looking boy had killed the bandits.

    "What do you guys think?" Long Chen asked as he looked at the rest of the bandits. "You want to fight, or you want to run?"

    The bandits looked at each other's faces as they hesitated.

    'He killed the Boss so easily. There is no way we can fight him,' one of the bandits thought.

    The others had the same thoughts. Even though they were more in numbers, they knew how strong their boss was. If their boss had died so easily, then there was no chance of them surviving if they started fighting.

    The bandits stood on their swords, and we're just about to start leaving when a flying sword came and sliced all of their necks.

    They were so concerned about leaving and their boss' death that they didn't even think about the fact that Long Chen might've been lying about letting them leave.

    In an instant, all the unaware bandits were killed.

    Long Chen looked at the bodies and shook his head.

    "Wasted so much of my time," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He again stood on his Spirit Sword and started flying.

    He didn't notice, but when he started to kill the bandits, there was someone inside the carriage that was watching it.

    Long Chen believed that the solid barrier that covered the carriage stopped anyone from seeing inside or seeing outside, but he didn't know that the barrier was transparent from inside. The person inside saw everything that happened outside.

    Long Chen stepped on the sword and started flying away in the direction of the city.

    The person inside the carriage saw his face and couldn't help but smile.

    That person started looking around and stepped out of the carriage when after seeing that no one was around.

    More people stepped out of the carriage. Even the carriage driver was hiding in the cabin.

    "Interesting man. He helped us and didn't even stay for the reward. It's good that we were able to see outside, or we wouldn't even know about him," a person muttered.


    Long Chen left the carriage behind and started flying in the direction of the city once more.

    After some time, he reached near the city walls and flew inside carefully.

    There were a surprising amount of guards here, but he still managed to get inside using his Divine Sense and Shadow Transformation.

    Long Chen entered the city and saw beautiful infrastructures everywhere.

    The city looked so arranged and well maintained that he was surprised. The streets were straight. The houses and buildings were in proper lines. The cleanliness was good, and the people here looked like they had a decent quality of life, contrary to what Long Chen was expecting from a city that took in foreigners that came here for the first time.

    Long Chen landed on the ground and mixed in with the crowd as he started walking around the streets.


    Guqin had managed to inform Wuya about what had happened. He talked about his suspicions as well. He received a fierce scolding for his negligence, but he wasn't physically punished.

    "I can inform everyone about this. It's going to be tough without the mark but the guards should be able to find the boy if a little bit of luck gets on our side. We can't check the passes of everyone in the city after all since that will just bring to light that an intruder had managed to enter our continent. We'll have to handle it with care without letting this information leak at all," Master Wuya said as he frowned.

    He brought a paper out and started writing something on it.

    After finishing, he gave the letter to Guqin.

    "Here, take this letter and give it to the two City Leaders! They'll understand what to do,"  Master Wuya told Guqin.
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