634 Chapter 634: Troublesome girl

    Guqin took the letter and flew back towards the closest city to give the letter to the City Master.


    Long Chen was walking on the streets of the City, wondering if there was something he could do in the city. He had the theoretical knowledge that he had collected from the man he killed. However, he still wanted the practical knowledge, which he could only get after interacting with real people.

    Since he had some money, he wished to buy something and get a feel of the people.

    'I should be able to spend two days with Xun. No one knows my face, and there's no mark," Long Chen muttered as he found an empty-looking alley and brought Xue out of the fake world.

    "Welcome to the new continent, my lady," Long Chen smiled as he greeted Xue after she came out.

    "Ah? We're really there? Awesome," Xue was surprised as she appeared before Long Chen, but soon she realized that she was the only one here. The other girls weren't here.

    " Where are others?" she asked Long Chen in confusion.

    "They're back in the fake world.  As I said, we're getting on the new schedule. Since we're in a new territory, it's better to keep our numbers low. Anyway, My next two days are completely yours. There won't be anyone else; only you and me," Long Chen told the girl as he patted her head gently.

    "Now that I think about it, it's been so long since we were alone. After I left the Long Chen, we didn't spend even an hour alone," he added as he sighed.

    Xue looked down as well.

    " Let's continue. Forget the past. Only the two of us exist as husband and wife for the next two days," Long Chen muttered as he reached out his hand and caught the hand of the girl.

    "Ah," Xue was a little taken aback as Long Chen caught her hand.

    The shock lasted for only a second before a smile covered her face.

    Long Chen intertwined his fingers with hers as he left the alleyway, in the direction of the market.

    "It does feel more intimate when it's just two people," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the girl walking on his right. They were walking on the right side of the road while carriages were seen going back and forth on the road.

    "Is this the first city of this continent?" Xue asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, It's the first city I found. I want to buy a few things from here before we continue towards Ji Shen. He is not in this city, so he must've been selected by some kingdom.  He did come legally," Long Chen muttered as he looked around.

    The talisman that had a link between him and the talisman in Ji Shen's hands was telling him that Ji Shen was still far away from this city.

    Long Chen kept walking with Xue through the street as they talked about random things. It was Xue's first time in a market like this that had so many things. Long Chen also helped her buy a few edible items, which was the specialty of this city.

    Everything was going great, and they walked for over half an hour, having fun in the city, but that's when things started going south.

    Long Chen started seeing more guards on the street.

    Xue was not concerned at all since she didn't know that they were Illegal here, but Long Chen was more alert.

    He didn't let anything show on his face, though.

    He continued walking towards the other end of the street when he felt someone looking in his direction.

    Long Chen looked in the distant horizon and noticed a middle-aged man in red clothes looking at him.

    'Did he recognize me?' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    From what he had found out from the guard that was dead, he realized that they had no way to check pass from a distance. Only by asking for the pass of the entrance can they know if the pass was valid or not. There was no way someone could see that he was illegal just by seeing him.

    Why was the man looking in his direction, though? He couldn't understand at all, but that's why he noticed something. Even though it seemed like the man was looking in his direction, he was actually looking towards Xue.

    "Could it be that her Cultivation is too low, and that made him suspicious? I am hiding my Cultivation so he can't see, but Xue's Cultivation is visible to everyone that tries.

    'He's a 1st stage Heaven Realm Cultivator so he shouldn't be tough to deal with if he tries anything, but there are more people here. Should I just stop the idea of spending a day here and just leave?' Long Chen thought as he stopped glancing in the direction of the man.

    Long Chen was beside Xue, and he subtly glanced in the direction of the man again, but that's when an accident happened.

    Long Chen looked in front of him before he looked towards the man, but just as he shifted his gaze, two people came out of the shop on his right size. Since Long Chen was looking towards the man, he clashed with the person that came out of the shop.


    A feminine voice was heard as the person who clashed with Long Chen fell down to the ground.

    Long Chen hurriedly looked ahead in confusion and saw a beautiful girl lying on the ground.

    The girl was wearing a beautiful red dress. Her hair was not very long and only came down to her shoulders, but their deep blue color made the girl stand out in a crowd.

    The girl seemed like she was in her early 20s. She was as tall as Long Chen, but she was much slimmer. The girl had deep blue eyes that matched her hair.

    ' She looks like her,' Long Chen thought as he saw the face of the girl. He remembered spending time with a certain princess of the Shui Kingdom. She also had the same facial features. Her hair color and her eye color was the exact same as well.

    "Y-you hooligan! How dare you hit me!" The girl stood up and pointed her finger towards Long Chen.

    'Nah, she just looks similar. That girl didn't have this nature, and she is younger too,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the girl's face.

    "You bastard! How dare you stare at my face like a pervert after hitting me intentionally!" The girl let out as she swung her hand to slap Long Chen's face, but even though Long Chen was in a little daze, his hand reacted on its own and caught the wrist of the girl.

    Long Chen forgot to control his strength, which made the girl scream in pain; fortunately, he didn't use much Strength, and none of her bones were broken.

    "Little girl, accidents happen. Nothing gives you the right to attack me. Now you go in your direction, and I'll go in my direction. No need to be a petty child," Long Chen replied as he looked in the girl's eyes.

    Long Chen's left hand was still holding the girl's wrist while his right hand was holding Xue's hand.

    The guards and the others started looking in Long Chen's direction, but when they saw the girl he was holding, all their faces turned pale.

    Long Chen released the girl's hand and started to leave, but that's when he saw the guards running towards him. The guards all ran towards Long Chen and surrounded him as they pointed their weapons in his direction.

    'Sigh, is this really my bad luck? Whenever I try not to create trouble, the trouble comes to me,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the Guard.

    "Why are you all surrounding me? I didn't do anything," Long Chen told the guards as he tried to salvage the situation as much as he could.

    " You bastard! You dare say you didn't do anything wrong when you touched me!" The girl once again appeared before Long Chen and pointed her finger at him.

    "Look, crazy lady. I am not even a bit interested in touching you at all. I gave a beautiful wife of my own for that who is prettier than you. As for me touching your hand, I only did it to save my face because you attacked me like a crazy lady. You should be thankful that I didn't break that face of yours in return," Long Chen replied in annoyance as he glared at the girl.

    "You! you! you..." The girl was so furious after hearing Long Chen's insults that she found it difficult to form a sentence.

    " What you? What are you? A two-year-old or something? Start speaking like a proper adult first," Long Chen continued again as he insulted the girl.

    "Anyway, I didn't do anything wrong. Please step out of my way and let me leave!" He told the girl once again.
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