635 Chapter 635: Third Slaughter?

    At that moment, a man stepped out of the nearby shop as well. He came out of the same shop the girl had come from a few seconds ago.

    The man had dark hair that came down to his shoulders. He also seemed to be wearing a black Cultivator Robe above his white dress.

    He seemed to be in his early 20s as well, but he looked more mature than the girl that was arguing with Long Chen.

    "You...you...you bastard! You dared to call me a kid! Guards! Break his bones! I don't want him to leave alive today"

    The man heard the voice of a girl. He looked to his other side and saw the guards surrounding a few people.

    He walked closer to the guards and noticed the blue-haired girl.

    "What is happening here?" the man asked the girl.

    The girl looked towards the man and started crying.

    "Brother! This... this hooligan intentionally hit me and made me fall. He even touched my hand with his dirty hands, and after getting called out, he's trying to insult me and leave!" The girl said to the man as tears filled her eyes.

    She ran to the man and hugged him.

    "Oh? There is a person in this city that dares to misbehave with my sister?" The man muttered as he frowned.

    He started looking in the direction of Long Chen, but he was surprised as he saw Long Chen's fierce gaze that didn't have even a single fragment of fear visible in them.

    "Kid, you hit my sister and even touched her hand. Even a single of those offenses would've been enough to kill you a thousand times, but since I'm feeling merciful today, I'll give you an opportunity. Cut the hand of yours that touched my sister and then destroy whatever measly Cultivation you have, and I'll allow you to leave," The man told Long Chen as he frowned.

    "And what if I don't?" Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    "If you don't, then I'll be forced to do things myself. Just remember that you won't be losing your hand only in that case. I'll cut both your hands and your legs before taking that girl beside you for myself! You can decide for yourself! You want to do it yourself, or you want me to do it?" The man asked Long Chen.

    The crowd that was watching this whole debacle also managed to hear the punishment.

    "This? Isn't this a light punishment? That guy is lucky Young Master Hun is in a good mood today."

    "Yes. He would've been dead if Young Master Hun weren't so kind. This guy definitely deserves death for trying to mess with his sister."

    "Man, I really expected to see someone die today. I guess it's not really going to happen now. This guy got off easy,"

    The crowd kept talking amongst themselves.

    "But brother! That's such an easy punishment! Of course, he'll cut his hand and leave! Don't give him such an easy task!" the blue-haired girl told the dark-haired man as she complained. She thought that Long Chen deserved to be dead for what he did, but she didn't expect that her brother would only tell him to cut off a hand. She couldn't understand why this guy got such a light punishment.

    "Don't worry, little Sister. What you find to be a light punishment is like a heavenly punishment for people like him. I can see arrogance in the eyes of this guy. It's much more fun to kill someone's arrogance than it is to kill them," The man said to the girl.


    "He will die every second in humiliation if he cut his hand and destroyed his Cultivation. Just watch the despair on his face then. It'll be with letting this trash live," the dark-haired guy told the blue-eyed girl.

    The girl looked at him and couldn't help but smile. She even started laughing as she imagined seeing torment on Long Chen's face.

    "This pair of brother and sister looks to be really sick in the head," Long Chen muttered as he sighed, but he didn't go anything. He wanted to try to salvage the situation as much as he could and only move if he had no choice at all.

    "Sorry, but I don't like any of those options. I'm not your father, and you're not my son. Why should I listen to you? Even if you call me father, I still won't listen. Shoo, Don't block the road for me," Long Chen let out in annoyance as he looked at the man.

    He realized that the man wasn't going to let him leave easily. There was no benefit in feigning ignorance. He was on a foreign land and in a stranger city. All the guards and people were on the man's side. Even the citizens supported him, which was something Long Chen had already realized since he was a stranger here while the man and his sister probably lived here and enjoyed a great reputation.

    " Hoh? I knew that you had arrogance but this much arrogance? Don't you know that this much arrogance can be bad for health? Do you really want your arrogance instead of yours life?" the man asked with an interested look on his face.

    "My arrogance is important, but my brain is important too. Did you really think I would be stupid enough to destroy my Cultivation just because a stranger said so? As for taking my life, you aren't worthy yet," Long Chen let out sarcastically as he looked down on the man.

    The man's face turned red in anger as he heard his insult. He was even more angry since this was the first time someone had talked back to him and that too in front of all the citizens.

    "Good! Good! Good! I like your arrogance, but you chose the wrong person to show this arrogance to. Anyway, since you have already chosen your death, then let me fulfill your wish. I hope you can be arrogant till your last breath and don't start crying in the middle. As for the pretty lady beside you, don't worry. I'll give them to my guards to enjoy. They'll properly take care of her," the man said with a smirk on his face as he brought out a Treasure Sword out of his storage ring.

    'It's my first day here and already at my third slaughter. I thought it will be a new journey that'll be fun, but it looks like it'll be filled with even more bloodshed than I imagined,""Long Chen thought as he sighed.
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