636 Chapter 636: Beating in their home

    "My friend, I am warning you. Don't do something you'll regret. I didn't do anything wrong. Your sister was at fault for hitting me, and she even tried to slap me. That's why I caught her hand. Otherwise, I'm not interested at all in trying to touch her," Long Chen muttered as he sighed. He knew this wouldn't work, but he still felt like trying.

    "You must be new here. That's why you can be so arrogant. You don't know me, and you think you're some big shot. Just know, this city is mine. I'm the Prince here, and my family has the ultimate authority here. I can kill you in broad daylight, and no one would even dare to save you. You can think that you're a big shot, but here you're nothing! Even if you're from some kingdom nearby, you're an ant here. Don't believe that you can use anyone's name to survive," The man let out as he glared at Long Chen.

    He didn't think that Long Chen was a foreigner that came from another continent.

    The Screen City was also a good travel destination where people came from all around the world to comment. Generally, the people that kept from other continents were low-level people that didn't even dare to raise their voice in this city. It was only people that came here to trouble that thought of themselves as some king or something like that. The man also considered Long Chen to be the same.

    In his mind, Long Chen had a treasure that was able to hide Cultivation. Only people from this continent could have treasures like this that worked even before him. He had a treasure that helped him see the Cultivation of the others even if they used a treasure to hide their Cultivation and only Cultivation Hiding treasures that were on the same level could be effective before him.

    His treasure was a Peak Sky Grade Treasure. He didn't believe that a foreigner would have the same level of treasure. That, mixed with the attitude of Long Chen, made him believe that Long Chen was from a prominent family of some kingdom in this continent, but this city wasn't ruled by any kingdom, so he didn't care for Long Chen.

    He was confident about his family and knew that he could take care of anything as long as this guy wasn't a prince of some nearby kingdom.

    'Looking at his clothes, it doesn't seem like he's a prince or something. He doesn't even have any Royal Guards around which all princes carry at least one. This guy can't be a prince. He can only be a useless kid of some good family that got some treasures, but his family doesn't care enough for him to give him guards. This guy is seriously an idiot thinking that he can insult me and survive,' the dark-haired man thought as he looked at Long Chen.

    " It doesn't matter if I'm new to this city or old. The fact of the matter remains the same. I didn't do anything wrong, and you're all trying to frame me. It would be a different thing if your sister were at least as pretty as my wife or something, but it's not even that. I didn't do anything wrong, and I'm not getting punished for that. If this is how this city is ruled, then I don't care about staying here either. I'm leaving after getting some items I need," Long Chen muttered as he should his head.

    He kept holding Xue's hand as he tried to leave, but he was stopped as a sword stopped just a few inches away from his neck. Xue was scared as she saw the sword near Long Chen's throat. Her heart couldn't help but skip a beat in fear for Long Chen's safety.

    " C-can you please let us leave? I swear he didn't do anything wrong. It was just an accident. We'll immediately leave and never return here," Xue gathered some courage as she told the man.

    The dark-haired man looked towards Xue and licked his lips.

    "Hmm? Your voice is really nice. Even though you aren't the prettiest girl that I saw, but your voice is really sensual. It's turning me on," The guy said as he looked at Xue from top to bottom.

    "I changed my plan. After killing the guy, I won't give you to the guards to have fun. I'll take you to my room and have fun all night, making you moa..."

    The guy started talking vulgar, but just as he was about to continue his sentence, a fist landed on his face, making him fly far away.

    The man hit the guard standing behind and still continued flying back as he landed 50 meters away from his original position.

    "Didn't your parents teach you how to talk to people's wives? Is this how everyone talks to your mother and your sister? I feel pity for your mother and sister," Long Chen let out in a grim tone as he stood in the place that man used to be standing.

    He was so fast that no one even saw what had happened and how he appeared near the man. The Blue-haired girl was still standing there, dazed, not knowing what had just happened.

    The guards reacted fast and ran towards Long Chen to attack, but Long Chen raised his hand and caught the girl by her neck.

    The guards stopped immediately as they saw the blue-haired girl in Long Chen's hand.

    "I heard your brother is a real big shot here. You must be pretty important too then. It would be a real shame if my hand shook, and I crushed your neck accidentally. Can you please ask your guards to move back from my wife and me, or I won't take a second in crushing your neck. You might be a big shot here, but in my eyes, you're just skin and bones which won't take even a second before snapping," Long Chen said softly as he glared at the girl.

    The girl was horrified at his words. Her already pale face turned even paler.

    "U...ug... Leave! Move back!" the girl told the guards in fear.

    The guards listened to her and moved back in fear. They knew that they couldn't take any responsibility if the guy actually killed the girl. They would be the ones who would be blamed instead. They didn't want that to happen and listened to her words.

    The dark-haired guy also stood up.

    "Stop! Don't do anything to my sister, or I'll give you a death worse than death itself!" The guy roared in anger as he pointed his hand towards Long Chen, gesturing to him to stop.
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