637 Chapter 637: Still trying to prove

    "Hah, Weren't you saying the same thing before as well? You do talk a lot about taking girls for yourself! I wonder how you'll react if I tore off the clothes of your sister right here and right now. How fun it would be to watch your face as I take your sister before everyone and make her moan my name! That's what you like. I'm sure I'll see a big smile on your face as I do that!" Long Chen told the dark-haired man with a devilish grin on his face.

    "You bastard! I swear to god that I'll kill you if you do something to my sister! Release her now or..." The Dark-haired guy again screamed as if he was losing his mind.

    "Or what? You know what happened when you threatened me the first time, right? Do you really not understand me even after all this? It's either that or you're trying to provoke me to do something to your sister because you're a pervert that likes to watch," Long Chen let out as he grinned.

    He released the hand of Xue and used that hand to touch the cheeks of the girl.

    The girl closed her eyes in fear.

    "You bastard!" The dark-haired guy started running towards Long Chen again, but Long Chen twisted his body as he moved his hand and made the girl's back crash on the ground. A light crater was left behind.

    The guy instantly stopped in shock.

    "I know her Cultivation and didn't use much strength to smash her. I only used enough to hurt her while keeping her safe. If you still don't stop, the next time, I won't use such a low amount of force. I'll smash her so hard that her skull will crack like a fruit. If you're doubtful, you can try giving it a try again," Long Chen warned the guy as he smiled while raising the girl again.

    Her neck lever left her hand.

    "Ok, guys, now move aside. I thought this city is going to be fun, but it's just another corrupt city where some idiots roam around like bosses. I don't feel like staying here anymore," Long Chen muttered as he started leaving.

    "Wait! Leave my sister behind! I promise that I won't stop you! You'll be allowed to leave, and no one will create an obstruction," the dark-haired boy told Long Chen with a frown on his head.

    He knew that he couldn't do anything if Long Chen killed the girl after leaving. He wanted him to release her before doing anything.

    "Do you really think I'm a child or something? Let me say it in terms that you'll understand. I am not an idiot like you! There is no way in hell I'm leaving this girl before I leave this place. Do you really think I'll believe the words of an idiot like you that accused me falsely and talked bad about my wife? Be glad you're not in my hand instead, or I won't even use you as a hostage and directly crush your neck," Long Chen let out as he glared at the dark-haired man.

    Long Chen knew that he was in an enemy city, but he had two uses of Spatial travel left. If worse comes to worst, he could just leave with Xue, but not before killing as many people as he could.

    "Why would I believe you? How can I be sure that you won't hurt my sister? How can I be sure that you'll free my sister without harming her after you leave? Please leave her behind, and I can swear to heaven that I won't try to stop you!" the dark-haired guy again said, but Long Chen didn't look convinced.

    "I'm not your friend, so you shouldn't believe that I will do anything. But you don't have any other choice but believing either," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    "If you don't believe me, then the only other option you have is to attack me, but if you attack me, then keep in mind that it will mean the certain death of your sister. Now the choice is yours. Attack me and watch your sister die, or take the risk by freeing me and watch your sister get free after some time. It's all about your bravery. As the so-called big shot of this city, I shouldn't doubt your bravery, should I?" Long Chen asked as he smiled, mockingly.

    While Long Chen was keeping his eyes on the dark-haired man, he had also spread out his divine sense. No one knew Long Chen was keeping an eye on everyone, even the ones he wasn't looking in.

    He had seen the blue-haired girl gesturing something to one of the guards through his Divine Sense. Long Chen couldn't help but smirk as he saw her sneaky actions. Her neck was still in his hand, and she was just smashed on the ground but instead of being scared, she was still thinking about revenge on Long Chen.

    He saw her gesturing the guards to attack Xue. He was still looking towards the dark-haired boy, so she didn't realize that he was watching her every action.

    The guards saw the girl's action and slowly started moving closer.

    The dark-haired guy also saw it and started talking more to engage Long Chen in the conversation.

    Just as the guards took a single step forward, a flying sword appearance out of nowhere and sliced the head of the guard that had moved.

    Long Chen tightened the grip on the girl's neck. The girl started struggling to breathe.

    "I thought I made it clear already but did you really think that I wouldn't notice? Didn't I say that I'm not as stupid as you, sister and brother? Why are you still trying to prove to me, right? Even in the hands of death, you still don't understand your position? You still think about taking my wife hostage to get yourself free? Was I really going too easy on you?" Long Chen let out in a grim tone.

    His eyes were clearly showing his anger, which made the girl scared.

    She couldn't feel her neck getting choked more and more.

    "You! Stop! Don't harm my sister! I'll let you leave!" The dark-haired man told Long Chen as he took a step back.

    "My sister is naive! She made a mistake! Please don't hurt her. You can leave the city freely! Just don't harm my sister! I promise I won't even try to find you if you leave my sister safely right outside the city," the man said to Long Chen.
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