638 Chapter 638: Warrior of Justice

    "You can go anywhere you want, and I won't stop you," the Dark Haired man told Long Chen.

    He was really worried that Long Chen would kill his sister as he saw her face turning pale. The blue-haired girl's eyes had also started turning red as her body started lacking more and more oxygen.

    Long Chen looked towards the man and nodded his head.

    "Fine. I know she's an idiot, so I'm willing to forgive this one mistake of her. Tell your guards to move to the side and let me leave.

    "All of you! Move back! No one will stand in his way!" The dark-haired guy told the guards.

    The guards that were already in a daze after watching a flying sword kill their colleague didn't hesitate even a second as they moved back after getting the commands.

    Long Chen was focused on the guards, but he was focused on one more person.

    The old man that was standing at some distance. The man was an initial Heaven Realm Cultivator and the strongest person Long Chen saw here. Although the man didn't have a high enough Cultivation that could threaten Long Chen, he still looked pretty intimidating. Long Chen was alert from the man, and he was prepared to take action at a moment's notice if there was any movement, but fortunately, the man didn't move even an inch after seeing all this. The only thing Long Chen was sure of was that the old man was not on the dark-haired man's side.

    Long Chen had already collected some of the information about the city, and he knew that the city had branches of many kingdoms. The city also had a few major powers. The powers shared different sections of the city. Since the guards were listening to the Dark Haired man, Long Chen assumed that the dark-haired man's family must be one of those powers, and they controlled the guards and the portion of the city where Long Chen was standing

    : Since the old man hadn't helped them, he must be from another faction,' Long Chen thought as he frowned. He believed that the man didn't help because he was part of a different team and didn't like the dark-haired man's faction.

    ' It might just be that he's a random person that just happened to be here and doesn't want to involve himself in the matters of this city. It would be best if that's the case,' Long Chen thought as he subtly glanced towards the man.

    'I should leave before the powerful Cultivators arrive here," Long Chen muttered as he made up his mind to leave.

    His Spirit Sword came flying and stopped before his feet. Long Chen climbed on the sword.

    "Come," He told Xue to hold him and stand on the sword.

    Xue also climbed on the sword and held Long Chen firmly.

    "Goodbye, little man. I'll leave your sister safely when I'm outside," Long Chen muttered as he started flying towards the exit.

    The dark-haired man could only watch Long Chen with an ugly expression on his face.

    'As soon as that bastard frees my sister, I'll make sure to find him. He will die a brutal death! I'll take his wife right before his eyes before killing him! Then he will understand the consequences of messing with me?' The dark-haired man thought as he looked at the distant back of Long Chen.

    "Young Master, shouldn't we inform the clan?" One of the guards walked up to the dark-haired man and suggested.

    The dark-haired man looked at the guard in anger as he waved his hand, slapping the guard hard.

    The guard was slapped so mercilessly that he was thrown back fifty meters. His face was swollen as a few of his teeth were broken.

    "You bastard! Now you'll teach me what I should do?! Go ** off!" The dark-haired man cursed out loud.

    'I already informed my family. The Elders will soon be here. Then I'll see where that guy can run off to. I can't do anything that might harm my sister, not because I care for that bitch, but because I need to maintain my reputation as a loving young master! If I do anything to spoil my reputation, my father won't make me the next Clan Master! I can't do that! I can't take the risk of getting my reputation affected even though that girl is just my cousin!' the man thought as he looked towards Long Chen, who was flying away.

    ' I can't do this, but I know the elders! They will definitely follow the rules of the clan and kill the guy, without caring about that bitch! Us guys are more important in the clan! That bitch has no reputation and no position! They wouldn't care about her life! It might be different if my little brother was kidnapped, but for that bitch, they won't spare a second glance! That man is dead!' the man thought as a grin formed on his face.


    A carriage was moving through the city as a girl looked outside the window.

    The carriage reached the place where Long Chen had just departed from.

    The old man that was standing there, watching Long Chen, saw the carriage and immediately flew towards it.

    He stopped before the carriage.

    The door of the carriage stopped as the door opened.

    "Why are there scratches on the barrier? Did someone dare to attack the carriage?" The old man asked with a serious look on his face.

    "Yeah, some bandits attacked us on the way. Were safe though," A voice came from inside.

    " The bandits dared to attack you? Have they forgotten the name of our clan?! They think they are so powerful? Let me take the clan guards and kill them myself!" the old man said in full seriousness as a killing intent surrounded him.

    "Don't worry. The bandits are already dead. Someone helped us along the way and killed the bandits," the person inside the carriage replied.

    "Who? Why didn't you bring him? He's our savior! We need to thank him properly," the old man asked in confusion as he didn't see any new person inside the carriage.

    The person inside the carriage sighed.

    "The person didn't stop there. He instantly flew away after helping him. We saw him, but I don't think he saw us. He helped us and left without waiting for any rewards," The person sitting inside the carriage replied.

    "Sounds like a warrior of justice. He helped you without hoping for anything in return. I would've loved to meet that person," the old man said as he smiled.
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