639 Chapter 639: Savior?

    A sigh escaped from the mouth of the person who was sitting inside.

    "I wish to meet him, as well. Unfortunately, he left before I could meet him. Anyway, we will meet again. He was flying towards this city. We might be able to find him," the person inside the carriage said.

    "Anyway, what is happening here? Why is the Young Master of Muru Clan standing there like that? He also looks injured. Did something happen? Did someone injure him or something? Was there a war between clans or something?" the person inside the carriage inquired.

    The old man looked back and saw the dark-haired man standing there, looking towards the sky.

    "Yeah, the Muru Clan really suffered today. They were insulted in their own area, and a daughter of the Muru Clan was kidnapped. The injuries you see on his face are also the result of the same event. The person who did all this gave Young Master Muru a nice punch, making him fly back," The old man said as he looked inside the carriage.

    "Hmm? Someone dared to do this to the Muru Clan in their own area? Interesting. Did they not catch that person still?" The person inquired again from inside the carriage.

    " It just happened, and they haven't caught him. In fact, if you look in that direction, you can watch the man leaving," The old man said as he pointed towards the left of the carriage.

    The person who was sitting inside the carriage frowned and started looking out the window on the other side.

    Long Chen's back was visible, flying on the Spirit Sword.

    "That sword and that person... It's the same. I'm right. He's the person that saved me," The person inside the carriage exclaimed as they saw Long Chen flying away.

    " Do you recognize that person?" the old man asked as he looked inside the carriage.

    "Yeah, he's the person that saved my life. He is the person that killed the bandits. If he weren't here, then I would've been dead," a reply came from inside.

    "Ah? So he's our benefactor? If I had known about it, I would've helped him before and not let this thing get to this point!" The old man said as he looked towards Long Chen with a frown on his face.

    "Poor guy. He helped us, and now we'll watch him die. The Muru Clan will definitely not let him get away. The Elders should be here anytime now with their Cultivators," The old man muttered as he sighed.

    "There they are!" he let out as he saw a few green-robed people flying on their swords.

    There were twenty people flying on the Spirit Sword. The one in the lead was a Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator, while three of them were first stage Heaven Realm cultivator. The rest of them were Peak Sky Realm Cultivators. The Heaven Realm Cultivators were the Elders of the Muru Clan, while the others were the guards

    "No, I can't watch him die after he saved my life. You go to the clan and tell them to send a few Elders. I'm saving that man, no matter what happens today," the person who was sitting inside the carriage said in full seriousness.

    The old man looked at the carriage in confusion but ultimately nodded his head as he flew back. The carriage started moving in the direction of Long Chen as per the instructions.

    The dark-haired guy also sat in his carriage, which started moving towards Long Chen and the other Elders that were chasing after him.


    Long Chen was flying towards the exit of the city when he felt a killing intent from behind him.

    He glanced back and saw a few people chasing after him.

    He couldn't help but frown as he saw the person in the lead.

    "A Third Stage Heaven Realm cultivator? It's going to be tough dealing with him but not impossible. I also have a hostage. They shouldn't attack me," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    Even though he believed that he wouldn't be attacked, he also believed that there were chances that they might attack him. He was wearing the treasure robe that could give him some defense, but the problem was that Xue was beside him.

    He didn't want her to be hit by the attack.

    "Xue, you should go back for a little while. I'll call you out after I'm free of them," Long Chen told Xue as he shook his head.

    "Alright," Xue agreed as she nodded her head. She knew that she was not strong enough yet, and she was also the one that lacked her self confidence the most. She believed that she would drag Long Chen down the most if she stayed.

    " Awesome. Don't worry about anything. When the Temple Master couldn't catch me, then these guys are just insects. I'll be perfectly fine," Long Chen let out as he smiled. He touched the hand kg Xun and sent her into the Fake World.

    The blue-haired girl that was hanging in the air, with her neck in Long Chen's hand, saw the girl disappear and was surprised. She didn't see Long Chen use any talisman to transfer the girl to some other place.

    She wondered if Long Chen had any treasure that worked like the space transfer talismans.

    While the blue-haired girl saw that Long Chen didn't use any Talisman, the others didn't see it.

    The people that were chasing after him just saw the girl disappear and believe that Long Chen used some talisman to send her away from here, but this also made the Blue Haired Girl and the elders confused.

    While the girl wondered why Long Chen was still getting chased and not using his spatial treasure to leave this place, the Elders chasing after him wondered why Long Chen didn't free the blue-haired girl and use his spatial Talismans to leave this place and escape.

    "That must be it! He only had one talisman that he could use on one person, and he didn't use it on himself. He wants to keep Ji hostage to escape while he used the only talisman to have the girl leave. This bastard is really clever at using his resources," the Elders muttered as they chased after Long Chen.

    The girl, on the other hand, also had a similar assumption. She thought that whatever Treasure Long Chen had was a consumable treasure with limited uses, and Long Chen had used them entirely. It was either that or Long Chen didn't want to free her at all, even if that meant taking the risk of losing his life.


    " How is that bastard's speed so fast? We can't catch up to him at this speed! Just where is he from? What skill is he using?" The 3rd Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator muttered as he frowned.

    He was using his best speed, but still, he wasn't able to close in on Long Chen.

    "We can't catch him like this! We must use that! That's the only way," Another Elder exclaimed as he shook his head.

    "Use that? Are you sure? That hasn't been used for a long time. If we use that, people will start mocking us that we used that to stop a kid! Our family will lose all our self-respect! The Patriarch will be angry at us too!" Another Elder exclaimed as he shook his head.

    "I... That's the only way! Do you think we won't lose our reputation if we don't catch him? Wrong! We will lose even more reputation if a kid manages to escape from us! We'll become the laughing stock of the whole Screen City! We must do it!" The Second Elder Chimed in again.

    "I agree. We need to do it! I'll take the responsibility!"
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