640 Chapter 640: Saint King... Saint Killer Xianwu?

    " You guys give me your support," The Third Stage Heaven Realm cultivator said to the others as he nodded his head.

    He reached out both his hands.

    There were three Heaven Realm Cultivators, including the Third Stage Heaven Realm cultivator. The other two Heaven Realm Cultivators caught each of his hands.

    All three of them started chanting something. The mark that was on all of their chests began shining.

    Long Chen was keeping an eye on them and saw this as well, but he had no idea what they were trying to do. Were they going to attack him? He thought.

    While Long Chen was wondering what they were trying to do, the Dark Haired Young Master from the Muru Clan was also looking in their direction.

    "Nice. They are using that. Good. Now that guy doesn't have any hopes of leaving. It's so good that three Elders come out since this Formation needs three Elders of our clan to be together," the man muttered as he smiled.

    The Muru Clan was a powerful Clan of the Screen City. They had plenty of resources to use; however, they wanted. In the past, they had used these resources to build a formation in the city. A Formation that they could use in cases of emergencies. The formation needed three of Muru Clan Elders to be together to cast. Only when three Elders casted the Formation together did it have a chance to activate.

    The dark-haired boy couldn't help but be happy as he saw this.

    The Person who was sitting in the Zima Clan carriage frowned instead, though.

    "Fast!" They told the carriage driver.


    The three Elders finished chanting.

    As soon as their chanting finished, a bright light started shining all around the portion of the city that they controlled. A special mark on their chest was on their mark, which started shining as well as if that mark was being used as a key to activate the formation.

    The formation activated, and it was targeting only one person and one person indeed


    While Long Chen was flying away in his spirit sword, he suddenly felt something preventing his body from leaving. Long Chen's body was being pulled down as if there was an invisible hand that was pulling him down.

    No matter how much he tried, his Spirit Sword couldn't move forward; instead, it started going down.

    Long Chen noticed the formation on the ground and started frowning.

    "Is that what they were doing? A formation to stop me from leaving? I guess I'll indeed oblige if they don't want to let me leave. I did forget to give them a gift before leaving after all. It's understandable that they are upset," Long Chen muttered as he looked back. Even though his words sounded cordial, there was an angry look in his eyes as if he really wanted to cause some destruction before leaving this place.


    Long Chen stopped resisting the force and jumped down from the sword.

    The girl was horrified as she saw Long Chen jump, but his control was so impeccable that even after he jumped, he didn't apply any excess force in her neck. As she saw him jump, she was worried that Long Chen would crush her neck in nervousness, but she breathed in relief as what she was worried about didn't happen.

    Long Chen jumped from the sword, shocking even the Elders that were chasing after him. They thought that he would keep resisting, and they could see his struggle, but what they saw was entirely different. Instead of resisting, Long Chen jumped down from the sword.

    Long Chen landed on the concrete ground. A crater appeared on the ground as Long Chen landed on it, but Long Chen didn't look pained. His expressions were as calm as they could be. It was as if the jump didn't affect him even a little.

    Long Chen stood tall on the crater and only stepped out, looking in the direction of the Elders that were coming after him.

    The girl looked at Long Chen and couldn't help but feel her heart skip a beat. She saw his visage and saw a man, standing tall even at the face of death without being scared. Even though she was being held hostage and she was insulted by him, she still couldn't help but feel something in her heart. She knew that she was supposed to hate him, but she was instead jealous. She was jealous of the woman Long Chen called his wife.

    She had always appreciated her brothers as the strength personified, but the boy before her looked a thousand times better somehow. She hadn't noticed before, but his looks were really good too.  For her, handsome men were common, but men who were handsome and powerful were rare.

    She could feel her face turning hot.

    'W-what am I thinking? Am I falling for him? Do I like him? This should be, but he does look so handsome,' She thought as she looked at Long Chen.

    While she was lost in her thoughts, She saw Long Chen looking towards him. Her heart again skipped a beat as she got alert, trying to hide what she was thinking.

    "Little girl, it looks like your family doesn't really care about you. Even after knowing that you will die if they chase me before I leave the city, they still don't stop it. They are really trying to get you killed. What do you say? Should I kill you? Or should I kill them first as a joke?" Long Chen asked the girl as he smirked.

    The girl knew that he was threatening her, but there was something in her that was making her like it. She couldn't help but feet something in her lower body. She started running her legs together.

    "Y-you don't know them. You kidnapped the wrong person. My brothers might not do anything to you to save my life, but the Elders are too stern. They wouldn't care about my life. They are also very powerful. You shouldn't stay here. Leave this place, fast," She told Long Chen in full seriousness.

    "Huh?" Long Chen was a little taken aback by her words. He couldn't help but get a feeling that something was wrong. Why did it sound like this idiot girl was caring for him? Has she gone crazy in fear?" Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    "Have you gone crazy? Aren't you going to laugh like a maniac saying that I'll die now or something like that? Just what the hell is happening here?" Long Chen asked the girl.

    "You idiot! Don't stop here! Run away! You're underestimating them. Leave now! I know of a way to leave the city," The girl told Long Chen.

    "I was right. You're crazy. Don't worry. I am not running. They aren't going to let me run, and I'm not going to try," Long Chen let out proudly.

    His Spirit Sword also flew around him.

    He was holding the blue-haired girl in his left hand. He brought out his King's Sword and held it in his right hand.

    As Long Chen's King's Sword came out, it started shining in bright red light as a killing intent filled the area.

    The sword shone brightly as if it was a sword of the warrior of heaven. Long Chen could also feel a new kind of link with the sword now. His killing aura was being used by his sword.

    'This can get stronger with my Killing Aura? Just what is this sword? Just what is the origin of this sword? Why is the King's Sword of Saint King Xianwu associated with killing aura?' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    The Elders that were chasing after him had reached near him, but they were taken aback as they saw the sword.

    The girl was also taken aback as she saw it sign.

    "T-the Killer Sword of Saint Killer Xianwu?" The blue-haired girl exclaimed in shock.
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