641 Chapter 641: The Monster

    'Saint Killer Xianwu? Why are they calling our greatest hero, Saint King Xianwu, as Saint Killer Xianwu?' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    From the version of history he knew on his continent, and what he read in the books, the Saint King was the greatest hero of this world.

    Saint King Xianwu was the one that fought against foreign intruders when the world was in danger. He was the reason humans gained prominence in this world and gained dominance. Saint King Xianwu was the person that was responsible for all the peace. He didn't do anything wrong. If Saint King Xianwu hadn't existed, the world would be run over by beasts and intruders. All humans would be living as slaves on this continent.

    Saint King Xianwu was a known saint of this world. Why did people here call Saint King Xianwu as Saint Killer Xianwu? This was the only question that was running around in Long Chen's head.

    "Saint Killer Xianwu's Sword? T-this man! Who is he?" The Elders that were chasing after Long Chen were gobsmacked as their faces turned pale.

    The Sword was shining in red light and releasing a terrifying killing intent that was mixed with Long Chen's slaughter aura and becoming even more frightening.

    The dark-haired young master of the Muru Clan was also shocked as he saw this. He couldn't help but lose all colors. He had read stories, and he knew who the Saint Killer Xianwu was. Long Chen's sword was the Saint King Xianwu'a sword. According to stories, only when the Killer Sword of Saint King Xianwu came out did a phenomenon like this was possible.

    The sky that was clear suddenly was covered by dark clouds.

    The bright day was shrouded in darkness and covered in a dark shadow. Only a shade of red was visible that was coming from Long Chen's sword.

    "That Bastard must be an inheritor of Saint Killer Xianwu! We can't let him live! We must kill him at all costs!" The Elders said.

    The blue-haired girl that had started crushing on Long Chen was once again fearful as she saw the Sword in Long Chen's hand.

    " Why is everyone so shocked? Why are they calling Saint King Xianwu as Saint Killer Xianwu?" Long Chen asked the girl in confusion.

    The blue-haired girl looked back at Long Chen, wondering what he was talking about? Who was this Saint King he spoke of?

    'Wait a minute? If he's the inheritor of the Saint Killer, it's obvious he wouldn't call him Saint Killer. He must be calling that monster as Saint King!' She thought.

    "You know what Saint Killer Xianwu did? How can you still ask why we call him Saint Killer Xianwu?" The girl asked Long Chen as she frowned.

    "What did he do? Didn't he save humanity? Have you guys gone crazy or something? Are we even talking about the same guy?" Long Chen asked as he glared at her.

    "I'm talking about the guy who owned that sword! Saint Killer Xianwu! That Monster! We call him the Saint Killer Xianwu! He was a killer! A Bastard that destroyed everything wherever he went! Are you his Inheritor? Aren't you?" the girl asked Long Chen.

    "No, I'm not his inheritor, but I want to be. You all are crazy for talking bad about the Saint King!" Long Chen exclaimed as he rolled his eyes.

    He looked in the direction of the Elders with his sword in his hand.

    "Whatever being the case. It's not like I was ever going to get out of this without a fight even if I hadn't taken out this sword. This misunderstanding or something doesn't worry me even a little since even without this, the results would've been the same," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "It doesn't matter if I kill as myself or if I kill as an Inheritor of Saint King Xianwu," Long Chen muttered as he released even more of his Slaughter Aura to weaken his surrounding Cultivators.

    As for what this confusion about the Saint King was, he could ask about this again in the future; Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    Long Chen was ready for a war, and he was also prepared to escape after the war. He wasn't worried about anything since he wasn't using his real face. Long Chen was showing a fake face with the help of the Mask of Mischief. His real face and identity were safe, even if he caused destruction here.

    All it would give him was more slaughter aura. Also, he still had two uses of the Spatial Travel left. He could easily get out of this place and appear hundreds of kilometers away. He didn't believe that he was in danger because of it. He was more on the safer side with all the abilities he had.

    Long Chen watched the Elders that had stopped coming after him as they looked at him with shock, but their shock soon changed to a murderous intent as they looked at Long Chen.

    It was clear that they wanted to kill Long Chen even more now. There was a clear hate on their faces, which made it clear that they wanted to kill Long Chen.

    "That Demon Spawn! He is a Bastard Child of the Saint Killer! We need to kill and seal that monstrous sword that had drunk so much blood of our people! That Bastard needs to die! We can't let him leave and grow up to be a second Saint Killer Xianwu!" the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator said as he again started flying towards Long Chen.

    The other Elders also released their killing intent as they started chasing after Long Chen.


    The carriage of the Zima Clan was also moving in that direction to save Long Chen.

    There was a person sitting inside the carriage that wanted to save Long Chen from the Muru Clan. That person was thinking about standing against the Muru Family to save Long Chen. That person was sure that if they stood with Long Chen, the Muru Clan Elders wouldn't dare to attack since that would mean a full-on war between two major families that they didn't want. That person honestly believed that it was possible to save Long Chen, but after Long Chen took out the sword of Saint King Xianwu, even that person was shocked.

    Their plan was to save Long Chen because Long Chen was a hero that saved their lives, but after seeing a Sword in his hand, that person's face also turned pale.

    "Saint Killer's Sword?" They muttered as he looked towards Long Chen with a pale face.

    "Stop!" That person told the carriage driver to stop and not move towards Long Chen.

    Previously, it was easy to save Long Chen, but after he exposed the Sword of Saint king Xianwu, that person realized that it was impossible now. Even the Zima family would support the Muru Family in killing Long Chen.

    The reputation of the Saint Killer was something so scary. Everyone here hated the Saint Killer. No one would support anyone that was supposed to be the inheritor of Saint Killer Xianwu.

    "There's nothing I can do about this anymore. That person can't be saved," The person inside the Zima Clan carriage muttered as they sighed.

    "I guess instead of helping him, I got him in even more trouble. The Elders of the Zima Clan will be here soon. Instead of helping, they will attack him as well. Sigh, he's dead," The person inside the carriage let out as they closed their eyes.


    The Elders landed on the ground before Long Chen and started looking at him with murderous intent in their eyes.

    The Muru Clan's Young Master stepped out of the carriage and started looking at them with a grin on his face. Even though he was surprised that Long Chen was going to be killed, he was more interested in the fact that Long Chen was going to die soon.

    "So a spawn of that demon has once again appeared! This Killer Sword has once again shown its evil head in this world! Just wait! We will kill you and seal this evil sword so that it never sees the light of the day!" The Elders told Long Chen.

    "Are you guys really not interested in saving the life of your young miss? You really want to kill her by trying to kill me?" Long Chen asked as he smirked.

    "Do it! Go Ahead! Kill her! We know that you would kill her anyway, even if we let you leave! Are you the follower of that evil monster, after all? Even if we let you leave, you'll just kill her when you're outside!" the Elder of Muru Clan said as he glared at Long Chen.

    "Is that the excuse you want to use? Well, I really was thinking about leaving her intact when I'm outside, but if you don't want that to happen, then I can't do anything about that," Long Chen let out casually, without a least bit of fear on his face.
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