642 Chapter 642: Falling in love with the enemy

    "Looks like you were right. These guys are indeed not here to save you. They care about killing me more than they care about your life," Long Chen said to the girl as he smiled.

    "That was before you showed that sword. Now that they know that you're the Inheritor of Saint Killer Xianwu, they would not have bothered with anything else even if my brothers were in your hands. They'll kill you at all costs. Not only then, when other families find out, but they'll also come for your head as well. The formation is active. You can't escape. It's all over for you," the blue-haired girl told Long Chen.

    "This is what you call dangerous?" Long Chen asked as he smiled.

    "You have no idea. I've been in much worse situations," he added as he looked towards the girl without the least bit of care on his face.

    "You Devil Spawn! You have finally appeared with that cursed sword. Ready to be killed now that you have come to your death yourself!" The Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator said as he raised his hand towards Long Chen.

    A Golden speck of light left his finger and flew towards Long Chen. Long Chen didn't move as he saw the sword speck of light not coming towards him; instead, it was going above his head.

    Long Chen didn't move as he was interested in crushing their confidence after they showed what they had planned for him or if he was in danger, but he didn't feel the danger at the moment.

    The Speck of light reached above him and spread out in multiple specks of lights that all fell down and formed a golden prison that had entrapped Long Chen and the blue-haired girl.

    The people didn't bother attacking him as they planned to trap him and then to take him to their clan master if they could. That way, the Clan Master could execute Long Chen publicly at a certain time and earn more reputation and power for himself by being the person that Killed the Inheritor of the Monstrous Saint Killer.

    Long Chen had already guessed their plan as he saw a prison forming around him.

    "I guess you were wrong. They don't want to kill me so badly," Long Chen smirked as he looked towards the blue-haired girl.

    "Not yet at least," He let out as he nodded his head.

    He didn't move as he waited for the Cultivators to come closer to him since they were outside the range of his Teleport. He couldn't Teleport near them because of that. He wanted to kill the Heaven Realm Cultivator in one hit if he was going to move. They were mute alert about his sword, and that's why they had imprisoned him. Long Chen was sure that they couldn't even guess that he had something else planned entirely.

    The easiest enemy to kill was the enemy that didn't know about your true strength and wasn't alert from you, and that's what the Cultivators were doing. He was aware that they didn't know about his Teleport. If he played his cards right, he could kill the third stage Heaven Realm Cultivator in his sneak attack at once.

    After killing the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator, killing the others was an even simpler matter. He knew that there was only one enemy that he needed to be careful about if he wasn't going to use the Dark Sacrifice and the Flute of War.

    "Hah, and here I thought that he as an Inheritor of the Saint Killer would be someone even more powerful, but he's actually just a kid. He didn't even try to escape from my Martial Skill. That kid is not cut out to live for long with those lacking skills. Hah, what a waste. It's funny that the Saint Killer's Sword chose this scared kid as an Inheritor," The Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator said.

    He started walking towards Long Chen. He was underestimating Long Chen as he saw him getting caught so easily. All the Cultivators thought that he was a kid who didn't know how to actually do anything except being a prideful brat.

    Long Chen smiled as he watched them come closer.

    He didn't move or do anything unnecessary. He didn't even pretend to be scared. They thought that he was a brat that didn't have any talents and didn't know the meaning of death, and he was letting them live in that misconception until they came close to him.

    He was simply waiting and waiting.

    "Sigh, you're caught. Don't you want to threaten them by harming me? Or even kill me in revenge? You can do it now," the girl said as she looked at Long Chen.

    She believed that her role as a hostage was already over. She was already useless for Long Chen, and he should be killing her. She knew that he was the inheritor of Saint Killer Xianwu, who loved to kill. She didn't even think about living through this day since she was in his hand, but the only thing she was confused about was why Long Chen still wasn't harming her. Even after he was imprisoned, he wasn't going mad or hurting her to send a message.

    She looked at Long Chen's handsome face, waiting for his response. She didn't know that the face she was seeing wasn't his real face, and it was just a fake that she was seeing with the effect of Mask of Mischief. She had no idea that Long Chen's real face was even more devilish charming.

    Long Chen looked at her and simply smiled.

    "I'm not going to kill you. You're just a brat that's useless. Even though you created some trouble for me, the one I hate is your brother. Hah, that guy is coming here too. It'll be interesting," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the blue-haired girl.

    "You're not going to kill me?" the girl asked Long Chen.

    "Nah, I think you're simply an idiot. At Least you bothered to tell me to escape instead of trying to scheme against me until the end. You're an idiot that caused all this, but for some reason, I don't feel like killing you," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    Even though he gave a different excuse, the main reason he wasn't killing her had nothing to do with her nature. The main reason he wasn't killing her was that her face was the exact replica of Yue Fei, the third princess of Shui Kingdom-the girl who helped him and the girl he had a slight crush on when he was in the kingdom. He didn't want to snap the neck of the person that looked like her, especially when that person also at least partially showed worries about his safety even though it was at the end.

    Even though Long Chen only gave the girl a partially true excuse for not killing her, but the girl believed him as she saw the serious look on her face.

    Her heart started beating faster for some reason. She had already begun to feel a little crush towards Long Chen after looking at his bravery, but that crush was overshadowed by her fear as she realized that Long Chen was the inheritor of the Saint Killer. She thought that he was a killer as well, but as she saw him caring for her just now and not killing her, she realized that Long Chen wasn't as bad.

    Her crush had again overshadowed her fear. In fact, her crush was changing. She had already fallen for Long Chen as her face turned red.

    "You're free to go. You'll live the day, but I can't say the same about your brother and the others," Long Chen said as he freed the girl after all the Elders entered his proximity.

    The girl was free, and she started believing in Long Chen. She was falling for him even more. She had begun feeling an unspoken attraction towards him, which was something she never felt for any guy. She didn't want to see him die. She wanted him to live. She wanted him to escape and take her with him. She wanted him to be hers, and she wanted to be his. A small wind of attraction inside her heart had turned into a tornado of attraction that made her fall for Long Chen.

    She looked at Long Chen with love in her eyes.

    "You... Don't worry. I'll help you escape after they take you home. Don't be scared. I'll help you. You'll be free. They won't kill you instantly, and I'll have time. I'll do everything in my power to save you," The blue-haired girl said to Long Chen in a low voice.

    Only Long Chen was able to hear her. He looked at her in confusion and wondered if the girl had actually gone crazy.

    "You don't need to. I know how to leave," Long Chen replied casually as he looked at the girl.
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