643 Chapter 643: The Start of Slaughter

    He looked back towards the Elders that were still coming close to the prison that Long Chen was in.

    They were already well inside his range.

    "Time for some action," Long Chen muttered as a smirk appeared on his face.

    His eyes started shining and changed their color into the starry black. The sapling of Space Law inside his Martial Space also started shining as the space around Long Chen started getting affected.

    Long Chen instantly disappeared from his original position, shocking the girl that was standing beside him.

    The girl was shocked as she looked around, but the entire prison only had her. Long Chen had disappeared, and she had no idea where he went. Did he have another escape talisman that he used to leave? Did he escape in fear? How? she knew this skill of her Elder. It should've been impossible for anyone to escape from this cell even with treasured talismans unless they were Talismans that were created by the Heaven Grade or Higher talisman masters.

    She wondered if Long Chen actually had such high reach. She was looking around and wondering when she heard a groan.

    She looked to her left in the direction of the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator.

    The Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator was standing still. Her eyes were opened wide. Her mouth was also slightly opened. There was a pained look on his face.

    Just a few inches below his lips, there was his neck, but his neck didn't seem alright. It was bleeding. There was a shining red sword coming out of his neck that was covered in blood, making it even redder.

    Blood also started coming out from the lips of the Heaven Stage Cultivator.

    She saw a boy standing behind him-a boy in dark hair. The boy's long dark hair was waving with the wind that brushed against his long hair. The boy didn't look phased at all. He had just killed a person, but there was no hesitation on his face. Instead, there seemed to be happiness on his face and slight excitement.

    The girl looked towards Long Chen and couldn't help but be taken aback slightly.

    She couldn't understand. He was so strong. He had a way to escape the prison as well. Still, he didn't choose to run away. Instead, he faced his enemies without running. Above all else, despite having all this strength, he didn't kill her. He didn't need to leave her. Even though Long Chen had killed an Elder of her clan, she couldn't bring herself to hate him. Instead, she felt her heart beating faster at Long Chen's visage.

    'What is wrong with me?! what am I thinking? He is an enemy of the people. How can I like him! How can I think of him like that! He's... but he's not bad. He didn't kill anyone unprovoked. He wanted to simply leave. It's the others that tried to kill him. Is he really at fault here? He's just defending himself. Would I not do the same if I was in his position? I definitely would. He's not wrong! He's doing right! So what if he's an Inheritor! It's just a sword! That sword doesn't make him a monster like Saint Killer! If it had, he would've killed me as well! He's not an indiscriminate killer! They're all wrong about him! They're attacking him for no reason,' The Blue haired girl thought as her eyes got wet a little, worrying about Long Chen.

    Even she didn't know why she was more concerned about Long Chen than she was about her clan. Maybe because her clan didn't really care about her life? The same Elders that weds being killed now were probably clear about killing her just now.  They weren't here to save her. Instead, they were here to save their reputation. Long Chen, on the other hand, was supposed to be the killer who would actually kill her, but he was the one that saves her instead. She was getting even more and more attracted towards Long Chen the more she thought.

    Long Chen's King's Sword was stabbed in the neck of the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator. Even though it seemed like a long time had passed, not even a second had passed.

    Long Chen moved his hand and slashed with his sword that was stabbed in the neck of the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator, cutting half neck of the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator. He didn't stop there, though. He slashed again, cutting the other half of the neck as well. The Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator was decapitated as his head fell on the ground.

    Long Chen did it so that there was no chance of the Elders reviving him. The Life-Giving Pill was able to revive anyone as long as their head was not cut off and as long as they weren't dead for over a minute. He didn't want to have him revived since the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator was the strongest here. Long Chen realized that he was only able to kill him so fast because the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator was underestimating him, thinking that Long Chen couldn't escape the prison of his skill.

    If he wasn't underestimating and if he was alert, the results could've been different, and the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator might've been able to escape from this attack.

    Long Chen was lucky that he was underestimated, and he didn't want to throw away that luck by underestimating the enemy in return. The revival would make things difficult for him, so he didn't take any risk.

    The head of the Third Stage Heaven Realm fell on the ground before other Elders could even react.

    They hadn't even moved before they heard more screams from behind.

    They didn't understand why the people behind them were screaming. Long Chen was standing before them. Who was the one hurting their people behind them then?

    They wanted to look back, but they didn't since the real threat was Long Chen for them. They used their Spiritual Sense to get answers instead while they moved forward to attack Long Chen.

    Both of them decided to kill Long Chen first while they used their Spiritual Sense to see who was killing their people.

    Both of them slashed towards Long Chen as they slashed with their swords. Their speed was so fast that it felt like Teleportation to the naked eye, but in front of actual Teleportation, it was still slow.

    Long Chen easily disappeared as he Teleported and appeared behind another elder as he slashed towards his neck, but the Elder was alert as he moved his sword back and intercepted Long Chen's sword.

    They had realized that Long Chen had a rare skill that helped him with Spatial movements, and they were alert from it.

    The Elders were also shocked as they saw a girl attacking their fellow Sky Realm followers.

    The girl was fast and nimble. Her attacks were swift, and her defense was impeccable. Even though her attacks were strong, they weren't enough to kill sky realm Cultivators, but her defense seemed to be even stronger than peak sky realm Cultivators.

    The real problem was the sneaky Spirit Sword, though. It was flying everywhere and killing the Sky Realm Cultivators while the girl delayed the Cultivators.

    They didn't know, but the girl they were confused about was the Puppet of Long Chen that he had received from the Bloodline Temple.

    Her defense was indeed stronger than peak Sky Realm Cultivators, but her attack power was weak.

    There was another confusion in the heads of the two Heaven Realm Cultivators, though. They knew that the sword belonged to Long Chen. While Long Chen was busy in fighting with them, the sword was still killing their cultivators. How was this possible? How could he multitask so well? How could he use his consciousness to control the sword while focusing on the battle?

    'C-could it be that it's a rare Spirit Sword? A real sword with a spirit?" One of the Heaven Realm Cultivators muttered as he looked at Long Chen's sword with greed on his face.

    "Seems like it. We can't catch him. Let's just kill him and take that sword. He's dangerous after all. Catching him alive is impossible!" The other Heaven Realm Cultivator said as he frowned.

    They had realized that the plan of the Third Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator was wrong. Catching this guy alive was impossible.

    They had also realized that their strength was somewhat restricted as well. It was as if something was stopping him from using their full strength. They felt as if they were in a suffocating domain that didn't let them use their strength to the fullest.

    Long Chen was again about to attack them, but that's when a burst of wind appeared from one of the Elders, making him fly back.

    Long Chen was thrown back like a stone because of that burst of wind. He flew back and crashed on one of the houses nearby.
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