645 Chapter 645: Disease

    "Forging a new body for my Spirit Sword? Is that even possible? Why didn't you tell me before about this? I have many Earth Grade Swords after going around all this time. I could've made the Spirit Sword stronger by reforging it," Long Chen told Xun as he looked at her in confusion.

    "Wait! We can talk later. Let me deal with the little insects first. I still need to leave before others come," Long Chen muttered as he told Xun to stop and not explain now. He could already see Xia at a backfoot against the others as she was pushed back again and again.

    Even though Xia was strong and she had a strong defense, comparable to the initial Heaven Realm Cultivator. Still, without sufficient attack power, she was just like a shield that kept getting attacked again and again.

    Without the Spirit Sword helping her, she was at a really big disadvantage.

    "Xia! Come back! It's time to end," Long Chen called Xia as he took a sword stance.

    'I haven't used this in a long time. Let me see how strong it has become with my growth," Long Chen muttered as he held his King's Sword firmly, ready to strike with his favorite Martial Skill that belonged to the Saint Sword of the Saint King.

    Long Chen raised his sword above his head.

    "Steven Forms of Saint Sword... Seventh Form..."

    Long Chen muttered as he started diverting his Qi and the Slaughter Aura towards the King's Sword that was shining in bright red light.

    As more and more Qi entered the sword along with the Slaughter Aura, the sword started shining even brighter and brighter before it lit up in blood-red flames that seemed to be made of Qi.

    "Death!" Long Chen let out as he slashed his sword down and instantly changed its direction, slashing horizontally at the same time, making a plus-shaped flame mark that advanced forward towards the group of Cultivators.

    Xia had already listened to the commands and moved back in a hurry. She was already on Long Chen's side when Long Chen attacked. Long Chen's attack moved forward, but the flaming mark, instead of getting smaller, kept getting bigger and bigger.


    The Cultivators didn't try to defend or attack back; instead, they tried to run away as they saw the attack. They had realized that this attack wasn't something they could take on. The person that had attacked, looked like a young kid, but that kid had managed to kill the Heaven Realm Cultivators with ease. They didn't dare to underestimate the attack of a person like that, especially if that attack looked as threatening as it did.

    They all wanted to escape, but as they tried moving, they realized that they couldn't move. It was as if their feet were caught by something. It was as if the death itself was holding onto their feet, not letting them leave.

    It didn't matter how much they tried to move, but they couldn't move their feet.

    Slowly, their heart also started beating slower and slower as they felt like they were finding it difficult to breathe as they watched the cross flames coming towards them. The bright red if the flames give them a deadly feeling.

    They started trying even harder and harder, but nothing worked.

    "We have no choice!" One of the Elders exclaimed with a crazy look on his face as he slashed his sword, cutting his own legs that were refusing to move. He used his skill and placed his body on his sword as he tried to fly away.

    The others saw him cutting his legs and realized that something was wrong.

    The others also put their legs as they realized what the man was trying to do, but all of them were shocked as they realized that their hand had also stopped listening to them as if their hands were paralyzed as well.

    The person that had managed to cut off his legs already had also failed to leave as no matter how much he tried, the sword refused to fly away as if his skill was also affected and not working properly.

    "J-just what is this scary attack! Why is it scaring us so much!" the cultivator that had cut off his leg cried in fear as if he was going crazy. He was sure that it was something that had to do with this skill, which was preventing the functioning of their body. It was like a skill that was so powerful that it was impossible to dodge, not because of its speed but because of some other strange reason.

    While the Cultivators were going crazy, the fierce attack landed on them, burning their bodies to ashes, giving them instant death. Still, the attack didn't stop as it continued moving ahead and landed on the carriage of the Muru Clan that was carrying the young master.

    The carriage burst in flames as the attack landed on them. The attack had already weakened after all this, so it didn't destroy the carriage at all. The carriage started burning in flames, but it wasn't destroyed entirely. The Young Master of the Muru Clan was injured, but he managed to jump out of the carriage.

    The dark-haired young man landed outside the carriage on the ground. His clothes were burnt at places, and his lips were bleeding, but he seemed mostly safe.

    He stood up and looked at the wreckage ahead as he wiped the blood off his lips and patted his clothes. The dark-haired man could not even see the bodies of the Elders that had come here to kill Long Chen.

    He did see a prison made of Qi, where his sister was trapped. Long Chen and another girl were standing at some distance. A sword was flying around them.

    As soon as the man saw Long Chen looking at him, he got frightened. Before, he thought that Long Chen was just an arrogant kid, but only now did he realize that Long Chen was the inheritor of the frightening Saint Killer. Not only in name, Long Chen's actions fully justified the title as he killed the Heaven Realm Elders so easily. His last attack was even more frightening. He took a step back in fear, but his feet got something on the ground as he landed on the ground.

    Long Chen glanced at the man and couldn't help but smirk, scaring the man.

    "Don't be frightened. I'm not going to harm you. I quite like your electric personality. You're a real man, after all," Long Chen said.
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