646 Chapter 646: Danger is Here

    "You must have a lot of Yang Energy inside you for you to look at other people's wives. It's not your fault. It's a disease. A terrible disease. I won't harm you for something you have no control over," Long Chen said as he smiled innocently, but that innocent smile was enough for the dark-haired man to get even more scared.

    His fears turned out to be accurate as he heard Long Chen's next words.

    "Instead of harming you because of this disease, I'll help you instead. It's not your fault, after all. I do have some ideas to heal this disease. One of them is to cut the source of yang itself," Long Chen muttered as he disappeared and instantly appeared near the dark-haired man, scaring him even further.

    "You...you... what are you planning!" The man let out in fear as he dragged his body back, but he didn't dare to stand up. The more he moved back; the more Long Chen walked closer, though.

    "I'm not doing anything, but there is one thing I'm upset about. Because of you, my precious sword is injured. It's not your fault, though. It's your disease. Let my sword take care of that disease," Long Chen muttered as he grinned.

    The Spirit Sword came flying towards him at a lightning-fast speed. The man had realized what was about to happen as he stood up and tried running, but the sword was faster than him. The man was so scared that he couldn't even run straight as he fell down again, and that's when the Spirit Sword came crashing. The sword stabbed right between the legs of the men, cutting something previous as blood covered his pants.

    The man started screaming in pain like a  pig that was being slaughtered. Tears covered his eyes that were blood red in pain. His veins were visible as he tried to control the pain, but he was still having a hard time as his pain didn't stop and only increased with time.

    "Don't worry. It only hurts at the start. The pain will go away. More importantly, the problem of yours is forever solved. You won't even dare to look at other women since you don't have any place to store that excess Yang Energy," Long Chen said innocently as he glanced back.

    "Y-you bas..."

    The man was trying to scream something, but his voice was cut off as Long Chen waved his hand and continued talking himself.

    "You don't need to thank me. I just helped out a little. Even though I healed your disease, it's still not perfectly healed. Don't worry, though," Long Chen let out as he turned back.

    It seemed as if he was leaving.

    The man looked towards Long Chen's back with his tear-filled eyes. Hate was clear on his face, but he was glad that Long Chen hadn't killed him completely at all. At Least that Monster was leaving. As long as the man was alive, he didn't care about anything else. As for Long Chen, he could find him later and kill him with the help of his father.

    The man had just breathed in relief when his expression turned stern as the dark clouds that were covering the sky got even darker. It starts thundering as well. The loud sound of thundering was enough to send chills down the spine of everyone.

    Long Chen turned back and smirked a little as he pointed his finger towards the dark-haired heir of Long Clan.

    "Thunder Blade," Long Chen muttered.

    As soon as the words left his lips, a powerful thunderbolt fell from the sky and landed on the chest of the man.

    The man screamed even louder as his chest was fried along with his body.

    The man's eyes remained open as he died.

    Even after the man's death, Long Chen didn't leave. He watched as the Spirit Sword of his sliced the neck of the dark-haired man's burnt body before coming back to Long Chen.

    "Your problem was not the Yang energy itself, but it was the evil in your heart. Thunder is the vanquisher of all evil. You're healed now. Have fun," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the headless body of the man before he turned back.

    He looked at Xia.

    "Good work. You can go back now," Long  Chen muttered as he reached out his hand and touched Xia, sending her back to the fake world.

    Long Chen ultimately looked towards the blue-haired girl who was still trapped in the prison.

    He waved his hand as a sharp arc made of qi left his hand and moved towards the prison, destroying it entirely. The girl was freed.

    The blue-haired girl was surprised at how easily Long Chen was able to break the prison. Even though the prison was weakened since the person who cast it was dead, but still, this strength was something really powerful. Even though she knew she shouldn't be surprised after she already saw Long Chen wipe all the Elders of her clan, she still couldn't help but be surprised.

    She took a step forward towards Long Chen as she opened her mouth to say something, but she stopped as she looked to her left, in the distant horizon.

    Long Chen also looked in that direction and smiled.

    "Looks like the back-up us here," Long Chen muttered.

    "Leave this instant! There's someone really powerful coming here! Don't stay here for long!" Xun warned Long Chen in full seriousness. The urgency was evident in her voice.

    " I know. I'm already done with what I had to do anyway. I don't need to stay here anymore," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

    He kept his King's Sword and his Spirit Sword back in the storage ring. As the King's Sword went back, all Slaughter Aura and the Killing Intent disappeared too.

    Long Chen disappeared and appeared near the entrance of an old house. He entered the house and closed the door.

    The house was already empty.

    Long Chen waved his hand as his eyes shone with a speck of black. A Spatial Crack appeared before him that got bigger and took the form of a Spatial Portal.

    Long Chen entered the portal and left. As soon as he left, the portal disappeared.

    Long Chen didn't know, but as soon as the portal disappeared, the whole house was surrounded by a powerful barrier since the other Elders of the Muru Clan were here. The Clan Master himself was here. The Zima Clan Elders were here too. They didn't have any idea, either, though. Long Chen had already left, but they thought that he was hiding in the house.
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