647 Chapter 647: Cursed Necklace?

    Long Chen entered the Spatial Portal and disappeared from the city of screening. He had wanted to stay there a little longer to see the city and to shop a little, but his plans were disrupted a little because of what happened. Still, he didn't find it disturbing.

    His ultimate goal was to find Ji Shen and get to him. Staying here was never his goal but just an addition to see the new continent and get to know a little about it. He hadn't even seen a significant portion of the city or the place where the screening of the newcomers happened, but he didn't care.

    He didn't want to go through screening to join any kingdom. He didn't have the Entrance Pass of this Kingdom, and without that, it was impossible to get selected. Even if he were selected, he wouldn't have gone since he wanted to track Ji Shen, who wasn't in this city.


    A Spatial Distortion appeared in the middle of a deserted place, which developed into a Spatial Crack.

    The Spatial Crack started getting bigger and bigger before it took the shape of a Spatial Portal.

    A person stepped out of the portal and landed on the ground.

    Long Chen had escaped the city and appeared in the middle of the deserted place that he had passed through to get to the screen city. He could only go to the places he had personally seen before within a certain range of 400 kilometers using the Spatial Travel, and this time, he had no choice but to come back to the desert since he hadn't seen many other places.

    Long Chen landed in the desert.

    "This experience was not bad. I feel like I have unlocked something with the King's Sword. It can now use my Slaughter Aura to increase its strength and weaken the defense of things it hit. No wonder it's the Sword of the Saint King. It's as incredible as the stories about him. I still don't understand why these people call him the Saint Killer, though," Long Chen muttered as he glanced back in the direction of the Screen City.

    "You shouldn't be shocked. What's a hero for you can certainly be the villain for someone else. You know that every Hero needs to kill. Every Hero needs to get blood on his hand, especially if they are defending their place against enemies. He's the hero for the people he defends but for the people he kills; he's the villain. It should be as simple as that," Xun appeared near Long Chen and said to him.

    "Still, Saint King Xianwu was not only the hero of the Continent. From what I heard, he was the Hero of this World. The person that saved the entire humanity. It's just so strange. There must've been some bad history of the Saint King with the people of this continent," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    " That's possible," Xun said to him.

    " Whatever, I'm sure I'll soon find out about it. Ji Shen might've noticed it too. He should have some answers," Long Chen muttered as he looked down.

    "I wonder if the Spirit Sword can still carry me like before. It's a little damaged," Long Chen muttered as he looked at his Ancient Ring, wondering if he should bring out his Spirit Sword or if he should travel on the Sun Destroying Condor.

    He glanced in the direction of Xun, waiting for her answer, but that's when he noticed something shining at some distance. It seemed like a necklace that had a weird pattern on it.

    "The Spirit Sword is damaged, but the Spirit inside it is still perfectly fine. You shouldn't worry about it. It'll be able to carry you perfectly," Xun told Long Chen, but she realized that Long Chen was looking distracted.

    Long Chen heard Xun's words, but he didn't reply since he was pretty intrigued by the necklace. He could feel some Qi from it than though he was standing at some distance.

    Previously, he had flown right past this place, so he didn't see, but this time, he was standing near the necklace on the ground, and he saw it.

    Long Chen started walking towards the necklace with a frown on his face. He wondered what a necklace was doing here. It didn't seem like a normal necklace either. It seemed like a Treasure artifact.

    Long Chen reached near it and looked at it curiously.

    He reached out his hand to pick it up but as soon as he touched the necklace, it started shining and disappeared.

    "What the heck?" Long Chen exclaimed in shock as he saw the necklace disappear, but while he was still in shock, a giant formation appeared below his feel and started shining.

    "This formation, it's a..." Long Chen muttered as he disappeared.

    "... Teleportation formation," he finished his sentence, but he realized that in the time it took for him to finish his sentence, he had disappeared and appeared in a new place.

    He found himself standing in a different place where the surroundings were completely different.

    Unlike the open surroundings of the desert, this place seemed close.

    Long Chen found himself standing in what seemed like a hallway. There was a wall behind him, and the only path that was available was the one going ahead.

    "What the **? Where the heck am I?" Long Chen muttered as he cursed.

    "I don't know. This place might be some ruins or just a useless structure. Anything is possible. From what I understand, that necklace was hiding some spatial formation. That must be the key to activation of the Teleportation Formation. The Teleportation formation brought you here," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    " Does that mean that we don't know where we are? We might be in the middle of nowhere. I don't even know if I can go back to the desert. If we're outside the range of 400 kilometers of the places I had seen, then it would be impossible to use Spatial Travel to leave this place. This useless necklace! I thought it was a treasure but that was just a useless cursed necklace!" Long Chen snapped.

    "That is possible. Try using that," Xun suggested Long Chen.

    His eyes started shining in a starry black color as Long Chen tried to use Spatial Travel, but that didn't work.

    Long Chen took a deep breath before he sighed.

    "That's right. It's not working. We're certainly outside the range of the places I saw. It's impossible to leave this place using Spatial Travel," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    " I just had to touch that useless necklace. I should've left in the direction of Ji Shen," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "Don't worry. If that necklace brought you here, then there must be something here. There might even be a treasure here. Also, this place should have a path to leave, as well. Don't give up hope," Xun told Long Chen.

    " Did you consider the possibility that the necklace might be a cursed necklace? This place can also be some kind of prison with no way to leave. If it's the way, I won't leave any time unturned in destroying this place with everything I got," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "If it's a Treasured Ruin or a person, we can only know after searching it entirely. Don't waste time," Xun told Long Chen.

    "We're already wasting time here. We should've been on the way to our destination, but I just had to touch this thing," Long Chen let out in frustration.

    "Anyway, your idea is good. I'll see what this place has to offer," he let out as he took his first step inside the hallway.

    "Anyway, now that we have all the time in the world, how about you continue telling me about that Reforging. How can I reforge the Spirit Sword with an even stronger sword to make it better?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    " The process should be simple if you're an Earth Grade Artificer, but you aren't, so I don't think you can do it. You need to find an Earth Grade Artificer that you trust and give him the damaged Spirit Sword and a higher grade material sword that you want to reforge it with. You should also need a few more materials, but the Earth Grade Artificer should be able to tell you what you need," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "What if I want the Base Material Sword to be a Heaven Grade Sword. Can an Earth Grade Artificer deal with it without damaging the resulting sword or harming the Spirit of my Sword?" Long Chen asked Xun as he frowned.

    " They can not. If you want to use a Heaven Grade Sword as base material, then you need to find a Heaven Grade Artificer since the resulting sword will be a Heaven Grade Sword. If you searched hard, you might be and to find a talented Peak Earth Grade Artificer that can do it." Xun told Long Chen.
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