648 Chapter 648: Dead Spirit?

    Long Chen sighed as he heard her words.

    "Finding an Artificer itself is going to be tough, let alone finding a Heaven Grade Artificer. Even if I do find one, what's there to stop them from lusting after my Spirit Sword instead? I will go to Earth Grade Artificer. They should be weaker, as well. It's better in a way, I guess," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head and ultimately found the positive in the negative.

    "I can upgrade the sword further after that when I'm ready," he continued.

    Long Chen was walking in the long and dark hallway while Xun was floating beside him. Suddenly, Xun's expressions turned even graver as she started frowning.

    "Wait. Something is wrong here," Xun told Long Chen as she stopped.

    Long Chen stopped as well after hearing her words. He looked towards her, waiting for her to continue.

    "Look at the floor ahead carefully," She said to Long Chen as if she was telling him to be careful.

    Long Chen listened to her as he started frowning as well, wondering what it was that she noticed, and he didn't.

    He also looked at the floor ahead and tried to observe it carefully. After a few seconds, a look of enlightenment appeared on Long Chen's face as he nodded his head.

    "You're right. The floor ahead is different. The floor so far has been completely plain, but the floor ahead is uneven. There are a lot of spots that are slightly above the ground. I think that might be a trap," Long Chen let out.

    "You're right. There are definitely traps ahead. From what I know, there are a few traps like this. As soon as you step foot on the uneven surfaces, the trap will activate, and you'll be in danger," Xun said to Long Chen.

    "That does make sense, but I think that's not right. Why would anyone make traps like this? Why would they make it that obvious? They could've made it even on the floor, and no one would've known. They didn't need to make it uneven for the traps," Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Wait, are you saying that..." Xun let out as understanding shone on her face.

    "Yeah. This might be a trap, indeed but not the trap that you thought. They made it obvious intentionally. It must be to check the intellect of the people coming in. From what I believe, the elevated spots are the actual safe spots here that won't activate the traps. The most obvious place that people would find suspicious is safe here, and the safe-looking place is dangerous," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    He realized that he was onto something.

    "That is also a possibility, but what about another possibility? What you're thinking is exactly what they wanted intellectual people to think and intentionally step on the most obvious of traps. It might be them messing around. What could be better than killing intellectuals with the stupidest of traps that the intellectuals think to be complicated?" Xun said as she raised another possibility.

    Her words made Long Chen's face twitch as he hadn't thought of this possibility at it. Now he was again confused. Was the obvious trap the trap, or was it the safe place?

    "Now that I think about it, that could be a trap, and no place is safe, or it could all be safe, and they just made to laugh at the people coming in," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly. All these possibilities made his head shake.

    "Whatever. Instead of walking, I'll just fly instead," Long Chen muttered as he threw away the thoughts and decided to take the unorthodox route. He wasn't even going to walk at all. Instead, he was going to fly on his Spirit Sword.

    Long Chen brought his Spirit Sword out of his storage ring. The Sword was missing its hilt, but it's Spirit was still safe. It was perfectly able to fly; thus, Long Chen wanted to use it but what happened next was completely unexpected.

    The Spirit Sword came out of the Ancient Ring, not as soon as it came out, it fell down on the ground. It wasn't flying. Long Chen couldn't feel any link to the sword at all.

    Long Chen was gravely concerned. He looked at Xun.

    "I can't feel the link with it at all. Is this because of that poison? You said that the Spirit Inside wasn't harmed. Why can't I feel it at all then. What happened?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Don't worry. It's nothing to be concerned about. The Spirit inside the sword is still fine. There's no change in your Spirit Sword compared to what it was outside," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Why is it happening then?" Long Chen asked Xun with a deep frown.

    " I can feel some strange aura surrounding the sword, and it's coming from this tomb. It might be possible that the tomb restricts the usage of Artifacts? That's why you can't even sense the sword, let alone use it?" Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "That shouldn't be it. I can still use my artifacts. The Ancient Ring and the Fake words ring are still fine. I can still feel my link to them, but with the Spirit Sword, he's completely dead," Long Chen let out, shaking his head.

    "You can't compare your normal artifacts to the Fake World Ring? The Fake World Ring is a precious item of the Immortal World. It's almost impossible to find even there. I don't think this small tomb should be able to affect it," Xun started explaining to Long Chen.

    "As for the Ancient Ring, do I even have to explain? It's something made by my Ancient Master. Let alone this tomb or some formation; even the Immortal Emperor shouldn't be able to stop it from activating," she continued.

    "So you're saying that it only affects low-grade Treasures?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Yeah. The Spirits Sword might be a rare item here, but in the Immortal World, you can see one everywhere," Xun replied.

    Even though Long Chen believed her words, he still tried to test it himself. He had many treasures that he had robbed from many places. He tried to bring them out and use them, but it didn't work.

    The Treasures didn't work just like Xun had predicted. The King's Sword was still working, though, but that was just about it. Only three of Long Chen's items were working now- the King's Sword, the Fake World Ring, and the Ancient Ring.
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