649 Chapter 649: Trap after Trap

    "So I can't fly on the Spirit Sword, and I can't Teleport there either since this uneven hallway stretches out for much longer than I can Teleport," Long Chen muttered as he frowned. He picked up the Spirit Sword and sent it back to the Storage Ring.

    "This Hallway is too small for me to fly on my beasts too," Long Chen muttered as he tried to think of a way to continue ahead.

    He could walk on the air but he knew that it was not plausible in the long run. He didn't know how long this hallway stretched out for after all.

    "Heavenly Demon Wings?" he let out as he looked around to see if it was better to fly with his Heavenly Demon Wings in this place or not.

    "The Dimensions are sufficient enough to fly with the Heavenly Demon Wings too," he continued as he nodded his head.

    He made a choice that he was going to have Heavenly Demon Wings. With the fast flying speed of his Heavenly Demon Wings, he believed that he was soon going to clear the dungeon.

    Xun seemed as if she wanted to point out something but she didn't say anything in the end and just nodded her head.

    "Heavenly Demon Wings," Long Chen muttered. His internal Qi started moving towards his back and cake out from his back, forming four beautiful angel-like wings. Two of the four wings were black while the other two were bright.

    Long Chen stood tall with four wings behind his back.

    He bent his body forward and started flying ahead at lightning fast speed along the hallway as he advanced forward.

    Long Chen didn't step foot on the uneven ground but he flew just a meter above the ground.

    He flew for a few seconds, but he couldn't see the end of the hallway. The hallway looked completely empty so he didn't bother to go slow either.

    As Long Chen flew ahead, he suddenly felt as if he hit a wall as he lost his composure. He was flying so fast that his head hit the invisible wall that even he couldn't sense.

    The impact was so powerful that even his Demon Monarch Physique couldn't protect him entirely. His head started spinning as he fell down on the ground. His Heavenly Demon Wings also disappeared.

    Long Chen fell down in the group flat on his back. His body fell on both the plane surface of the ground but it also hit the uneven portion of the ground.

    "Hey, are you alright? Stand up," Xun appeared near Long Chen and sat beside him as she picked his head up and placed it on her lap while she rubbed his head.

    Long Chen's vision was a little blurry and his head was hurting but he was able to listen to her words. He opened his eyes that were seeing a little dark and blurry vision as he touched his head.

    "That hurt... I shouldn't fly that fast I guess. If my physique wasn't stronger, my skull would've cracked," Long Chen muttered as his eyes finally gained some focus.

    "Yeah, but I wouldn't blame you. This invisible wall, it was just so unexpected. Even I couldn't sense it even though I was being careful and observing everything. This place is really strange," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Fortunately, we were wrong about traps. You hit both even and uneven portions of the floor but no trap is activated. You were right in your last assumption. They probably made it just to scare people that are too cautious. We were worried for nothing," Xun said as she smiled.

    Long Chen heard her words and started having a bad feeling. He couldn't help but touch his forehead as if he was facepalming himself.

    "I give it a few seconds," Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    "Give what a few seconds?" Xun asked in confusion.

    "You know our luck as well as I do. I would've understood if there was no trap but after you raised the death flag, there's no way there is no trap. Just you want," Long Chen let out as he looked around.

    Just as he expected, something did happen. The Invisible wall before him became visible. Something else happens as well. Just a few inches behind him, another wall appeared blocking both the paths. He couldn't go ahead and he couldn't go back either.

    Long Chen looked at the walls as he frowned.

    "It's good that these are just walls. I should be able to break them if I put some effort," Long Chen muttered as he brought his King's Sword out of his Storage Ring. He was ready to attack with his strongest Sword Art, the Seventh Form of Saint Sword.

    "There is not enough space and I might be injured since the walls are so close. Fortunately, I have enough Life Healing Pills," he muttered as he got in a sword stance.

    He raised his sword above his head

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword: Seventh For..."

    He started moving his Qi along specific qi points as he got ready to slash, but just as he was about to finish, his expressions changed as he felt the ground below his feel disappeared.

    He started falling as he realised that the ground had actually disappeared below his feet..

    He was sliding down in a meter wide tunnel thing. He didn't release his sword from his hand though. His Sword along with his head was above his head as he slid down. He sent his sword back in the Storage Ring to free his hand.

    Soon, the tunnel stopped but Long Chen's falling didn't stop. He continued falling down but at least he was in freefall now.

    The good thing was that his movement was not restricted anymore.  Long Chen used his Heavenly Demon Wings as he started flying instead of falling.

    As he flew, he looked around and saw a strange scene.

    If he had continued falling, he would've fallen straight into the lava that was  just a few meters below him.

    He couldn't help but sweat a little. It was because of heat as well as because of how close he was to dying just now.

    He looked around and found some ground to land on.

    He landed on the ground and looked around to see where he was. There was just a lava lake in the middle of the big empty space.

    There was ground all around the lake but there was no path to leave.

    He looked above to see if there was a way to leave from the top but there was no opening. Even the opening he had fallen from was closed now.

    He couldn't help but stomp his feet on the ground in frustration.
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