650 Chapter 650: Third Bloodline Trial?

    "Whoever made this place is clearly messing around. A full trap hallway with no path to leave because of that Invisible wall, and this place is even worse," Long Chen exclaimed in frustration.

    "Just a freaking lava lake and nothing else. Why did they even leave it here? So the trapped people could kill themselves with ease?" he cursed as he walked around, but his head was shaken as he started feeling weak. He called out Xia in a hurry for his protection before he dropped to the ground, unconscious.

    His head injury was not lethal, but it wasn't that light as well. The pain had suddenly returned as he lost consciousness and fell down.

    Xia appeared around Long Chen and saw him fall down. She walked forward and helped him lay straight as she wondered what she should do. She didn't have any commands on why she was called, but she still decided to guard Long Chen.

    She didn't know that someone else was there too at the moment. She couldn't see Xun, who was sitting beside Long Chen, looking at him with concern.

    'I thought the injuries were light. I should've made him eat the life healing pills as soon as he had stood up, but what can I do now? I can't touch anything to feed him. The pills are also in the Ancient Ring. I can bring them out of the ring since they're just small grade items, but the real question is feeding him. How should I get him to...wait. How could I forget! He can touch me, and I can touch him. So what if I can't touch the pills? He can touch them," Xun muttered as she came up with a plan.

    She was the Spirit of the Ancient Ring, and she had a little control over the ring. Even though she was under a lot of restrictions that were placed on her by the creator of the Ancient Ring, she still had a few controls on the ring.

    Xun was able to bring out a few items from the rings that were considered useless items by the ring. Even though the Life Healing Pills were rare pills in a Second Rank Kingdom, it was not that big in the Empire. A pill that was so common in the eyes of a Third Rank Empire definitely was considered useless by the criteria of the ring, so Xun could bring it out of the ring without any troubles.

    Xun closed her eyes as she accessed Long Chen's Ancient Ring and looked for the Life Healing Pill.

    She found the pill and brought it out of the Ancient Ring.

    The Pill fell down on the ground right beside Long Chen since Xun couldn't touch and hold it.

    Xia heard the round of something falling and found a small pill lying on the ground near Long Chen. She also was surprised as she saw Long Chen's hand moving towards the pill while his eyes were still closed. She was confused, but she didn't interfere as she didn't have any commands from Long Chen about what she could do.

    While she saw Long Chen's hands moving, in reality, that was Xun's actions at play. Xun was using his hand to pick up the pill since she couldn't touch anything except Long Chen. She held his hands and moved them towards the pill.

    Using Long Chen's hand, Xun picked up the Life Healing Pill and brought it towards Long Chen's lips.

    Xia watched everything, but she still didn't do anything as she didn't know what she could do. She knew the pill wasn't poisonous since she saw people eating the pill many times.

    She let whatever was happening to happen.

    Long Chen's mouth was opened as the pill was placed inside his mouth.

    The pill was placed on Long Chen's tongue inside his mouth. Even though Long Chen couldn't swallow the pill straight away, it had another specialty. It could melt on its own even inside the mouth. It started melting on its own as soon as it touched Long Chen's lips.

    "This should heal whatever minor injuries he got. As for the headache and other things, that will be over after he wakes up as well. Now, all we can do is wait for him to wake up," Xun muttered as she stared at Long Chen's face.

    Time slowly kept passing as Long Chen laid on the ground with his eyes closed.

    Xun watched Long Chen carefully as she waited for him to wake up, but that's when her expressions changed as she started getting restless.

    "No No, no, no, no, no! Not this time! Why the heck is it even happening this fast?" She started thundering in anger as she disappeared.

    Xun disappeared from the real world and appeared inside a dreamy place. There were clouds all around her as she flew in mid-air. There was a beautiful and tall building before her that was known as the Bloodline Temple. It was a Mysterious Place that had many mysteries hidden inside it. Naturally, Long Chen only knew it as the place that gave him a Bloodline Trial, but Xun had a little idea that this was a much more special place.

    Xun appeared near the Bloodline Temple and floated there, but she also found another person standing nearby.

    She frowned deeply as she looked at the person's back.

    The person standing before her turned back and looked at Xun in confusion.

    "Why am I here?" The person asked Xun with a curious look on his face.


    Long Chen had lost his consciousness in the real world, and the next thing he knew was that he found himself standing there in front of the Bloodline Temple.

    He didn't understand what he was doing here. It had not been long before he completed his Second Bloodline Trial.

    The Third Bloodline Trial was supposed to be when his bloodline conversion reached Twenty Percent of his entire blood density, but how could it be so fast? He thought that it couldn't be the reason.

    Was he actually dead, and his soul's final resting place was the Bloodline Temple? He couldn't help but get weird thoughts as he frowned.

    Just as he looked around to get a better understanding, he found Xun floating behind him just as she had been there when the first time Long Chen had come here.

    "Why am I here?" he asked Xun with a curious look on his face.

    "You're here for your Third Bloodline Trial," Xun said to Long Chen as she looked at him in full seriousness.

    "What the... how is it so fast this time? Didn't I need to have Twenty Percent Bloodline Conversion to have the Third Bloodline Trial?" Long Chen asked Xun in confusion.

    "You're already there. I just found out now. Your Bloodline is Twenty Percent completed," Xun muttered as she looked at him.

    Even she was confused as to why it happened so fast. The last time she checked his Bloodline was a day before Long Chen entered the Mystery Realm in the Ghost Temple and his Bloodline still had a long way to get to twenty percent.

    "Just what happened from the moment he entered there to now? How did it fasten up so fast?' Xun was extremely confused. The only thing of significance that she could think of was when Long Chen touched that strange pattern inside the Mysterious Ancient Tomb in the Ghost Temple after escaping from the Temple Master.

    'He got some memories from that place, but could it be possible that it also made his bloodline react and convert fast? I should've checked his Bloodline after that happened,' She thought in frustration.

    'It could also be because of the knife he stole from the Ghost Temple. He did say that he felt like his bloodline was reacting to the knife. What could have caused it,' Xun continued thinking.

    She had no idea that all her assumptions were wrong. The bloodline Conversion did increase suddenly when Long Chen was in the Ancient Tomb, but it had only half to do with memories. The other half was when his blood drop fell inside the Ancient Tomb and disabled the barriers of restriction inside that tomb. That was when his Bloodline faced a massive growth and reached extremely near the Twenty Percent he needed.

    "Hey, are you listening?" Long Chen asked as he waved his hand before the Xun that was looking dazed.

    Xun came out of her thoughts and looked at Long Chen.

    " I asked you about the Third Trial. What is my new trial?" he asked Xun.

    'Ah, right. Your Third Trial. Go inside. You'll find out. I thought we had more time, but..." Xun muttered as she looked towards the entrance of the entrance of the Bloodline Temple.

    "Follow after me," She said as she started flying towards the door of Bloodline Temple.

    Long Chen followed after her.

    He reached the door and pulled it open as he stepped inside.
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