651 Chapter 651: Spirit Warriors

    Long Chen entered inside Bloodline Temple as he wondered what the Trial this time was going to be.

    The First Trail took him to a different world of its own where he got a Law Orb. The Second Trail happened in the real world.

    He was really curious where the Third Trial was going to take place. Was it going to be in the real world as well, or was it going to be in a different illusory realm like last time. He couldn't help but wonder.

    The inside of the Bloodline Temple still looked the same as it did last time Long Chen entered this place.

    The walls also looked the same as they did the last time he came here. The patterns on the wall were missing, but the other things were constant. One thing that he found different was the doors.

    Unlike the last time when he knew one door that he had to enter, this time, there were five doors at the other end of the hall.

    " Those doors..." Long Chen muttered as he looked at the door.

    " Those are the doors that will select your next trial," Xun told Long Chen as she glanced at the five doors ahead.

    "What? Do I get a choice this time, or is this like a lucky thing where the door to open gets me to my trial, which will be different from the trials behind the other doors?" Long Chen asked Xun as he looked at her. " You should be able to tell me the door which has an easier trial."

    "You're wrong about one thing. There are not different trials behind all of these doors. There is the same trial behind all these doors. Only your starting point will be different depending on the door you chose," Xun told Long Chen as she floated near the doors.

    " The starting point will be different? What do you mean?" Long Chen asked Xun in confusion.

    "What I mean is something that I can't say low. You'll know after you open a door and enter," She told Long Chen.

    " I think you'll say no, but still, just for the sake of it, let me ask. Can you tell me the door I chose?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "The door you need to choose doesn't matter. What matters is how you handle things after you choose a door. And no, I can't tell you which door to choose. It's not without my authority," Xun told Long Chen as she shook her head.

    "What authority? You're the only one here. Just do whatever you want. Who will even know," Long Chen told Xun.

    Xun sighed as she shook her head.

    "It's impossible. There is no way I can speak, and no, I can't break the restrictions, or I'll disappear forever. Just go ahead and choose a door of your own accord," She told Long Chen.

    'I expected things to be like this. The Bloodline Owner must've been a really careful guy to apply so many restrictions,' Long Chen thought as he started walking ahead.

    There were five doors ahead of him. All 5 of them had the same shape and size, but they all had different colors.

    Long Chen stepped forward and stood before the first door. The first door was green. He stood before the green door and looked to his side at Xun's expressions, but she just stood there with expressions face.

    He moved ahead to the second door, which was red in color. He once again looked back at Xun, who was still looking as expressionless as ever.

    He moved to the Violet door, but it was the same. He saw no expressions on her face.

    'That little girl, she really has a good poker face,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    " Xun! You don't have to say anything. At Least show me something through your expressions to help me out. Come on; my life depends on it in a way!" Long Chen called out to take help, if possible.

    Xun just glared at him and didn't reply as if she couldn't even hear him.

    Long Chen couldn't help but sigh as she looked at her.

    He moved over to the Yellow door that was the 4th door. He again looked back at Xun, but she was still standing there casually. In fact, she had also closed her eyes.

    He realized that he wasn't going to get anything from her.

    'I just have to take a blind jump, I guess, and trust my rotten luck,' he thought as he lived over to the last door.

    The last door was Orange in color. It seemed as ordinary as the other four doors. Long Chen didn't even bother to look back at Xun as he had seen that she had closed her eyes before, and even when she had her eyes open, it was impossible to get a read of her poker face.

    What he didn't know was that as he stood and looked at the Orange door, Xun's eyelashes trembled for a brief second.

    Long Chen reached out his hand and touched the door before he pushed it open.

    A sigh escaped from Xun's lips after Long Chen opened the orange door.

    The other four doors disappeared after the orange door was opened.

    Long Chen had just opened the orange door when he saw a light flash before his eyes. His vision soon turned back as he lost his senses.


    The World of Qiansa was a beautiful planet that was one of the many Mortal planets in this world.

    People inhabited the world. There existed Cultivators in this world, but their status was weak in this world.

    Spirit Warriors were given more focus on this world. It was said that being a Cultivator is the path of the poor as it could be achieved by even the poorest of people. There were many trash Cultivation Techniques. Almost everyone had the chance to become a Cultivator in the world, but people here preferred not to become Cultivators even if they had a chance.

    Instead, everyone dreamt of becoming a Spirit Warrior, but not anyone could become a Spirit Warrior. It was said that only the real children with the blessings of God had the talent to become a Spirit Warrior. The Spirit Warriors were very different from Cultivators, and they had even more power and reputation in this world.

    It was said that if the Spirit Warriors were Royalty, then the Cultivators were the pheasants. The Cultivators were used as guards of houses and palaces and treated like beggars without much respect.

    There were three continents in this world. The Continent of Weista was one of the continents of this world. It was the smallest of the three continents, and it was present in the far south.
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