653 Chapter 653: The Trial to Rule

    "He is your Third Trail," Xun said to Long Chen as she pointed towards the dead body of the young boy lying nearby.

    "The dead guy is my trial? Can you be clearer? Do I need to revive him or something?" Long Chen inquired in curiosity as he looked at the boy in his late teens.

    " Let me introduce you. The boy you see dead before you is known as Long Chen even though his real name is Fu Chen. You're currently in the Kingdom of Aksha. This is a different planet and not the one we were inside. Your Third Trial is to become him and make him rise to glory. Your task is to make this boy here, the King of the Kingdom of Aksha," Xun told Long Chen casually.

    "Make a dead person the King? Are you drunk, or is the Bloodline Temple drunk?" Long Chen asked sarcastically.

    "You don't have to make him the king, but you need to make him the King," Xun said vaguely.

    Long Chen facepalm himself as he heard Xun's words.

    "You know you just wasted your words, didn't you? If I were as wise to understand your words, I would not be asking you after you said it the first time. There is no way I can make the dead guy a King. Well, it's possible if I do it through fear. Just force everyone to acknowledge the dead guy as their King. I'd have to go against the entire Kingdom, though," Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    " No, your Trial is not to make this dead body the King. You need to be this person. You need to become the King of Aksha while being that person and without arousing many suspicions about your identity," Xun further said to Long Chen.

    "Ah, so I need to impersonate him and become the King while pretending to be him. All that without letting everyone know that I'm from this world. Wait a minute, this World? Am I not in an illusory world like I was in the First Trial?" Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    "This is a real world. As real as it can get," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Ah, so the Bloodline Temple actually teleported my actual body here from that tomb? That's good. At Least I got out of that freaking tomb," Long Chen smiled as he sighed.

    "No, your..." Xun was saying something when Long Chen cut her off as he raised his hand.

    "Shhh, I think I heard something," He called out as he started listening carefully.

    He could hear footsteps. He tried spreading out his Divine Sense.

    "What the? Why can't I use my Divine Sense? Did the Bloodline Temple again place restrictions on my body?" Long Chen asked Xun in annoyance as he looked back at her.

    "No, as I was saying. Your real body is still in that tomb," Xun told Long Chen as she frowned.

    Long Chen looked at her with a blank look on his face before looking at his hand and feet.

    "The body you have is something that was created by the Bloodline Temple just for this trial. You don't have any of your old cultivation in this body. You still have your Martial Space and your Laws, but your Cultivation is none. This body doesn't even have an ounce of Cultivation. Also, you can't use Divine Sense here," Xun told Long Chen.

    "What the heck? This is even worse than the Second Trial! You gave me a Cultivation-less body and told me to become the King of a kingdom? Are you joking?" Long Chen let out in annoyance.

    He was really upset, but as he thought about it more, he came to a conclusion.

    "Wait, are the people of this Kingdom mortals? That's right. Cultivators shouldn't exist in this world. In that case, it wouldn't matter if I have no Cultivation. Just my laws should be enough to take care of mortals," Long Chen let out as he nodded his head.

    "No, this world has Cultivators too. And people that are even stronger than the Cultivators of this place. All I can suggest to you is that you should start cultivating this body of yours as well. If you need to finish the Third Trial, you would need some Cultivation. That's all I can say for now. I need to go back to the Bloodline Temple. I'll appear again soon after dealing with the stuff there. Just, don't underestimate this world," Xun told Long Chen before she disappeared.

    "Wait, Xun!" Long Chen called out, but he was late. Xun had already disappeared. He called her again, but she didn't appear.

    " This strange Trail. I can't wait to finish it and go back to my old body. It's so awkward to be in a body without Cultivation. I didn't even realize it before Xun told me, but now that I know, I just can't seem to shake this discomfort," Long Chen muttered.


    He suddenly heard a roar and looked back.

    "Ah, so it was you I heard the footsteps of," Long Chen muttered while he smiled as he looked at the creature in front of him.

    There was a bear standing behind him at around ten meters of distance from him. The brown bear was 8 feet tall.

    The bear roared again as it glared at Long Chen.

    " A Wild bear that doesn't even have Cultivation dared to try to scare me? Hah, you're a Millennia too young, kid. Go back," Long Chen casually replied.

    He couldn't believe what was happening. He was someone that had killed Heaven Realm beasts, and now, a mortal grade beast was looking at him like a prey.

    " I don't have Cultivation, though, so I can't use my skills, but I can still use my sword. Too bad that I can't use my Sword skills without cultivation either. Whatever, It's just a bear. I don't need Cultivation," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He looked at his hand to bring his King's sword out, but there was no ring in his hand.

    "What the **! My Ancient Ring? Is that in my real body? Xun, you dumbo! You should've told me," Long Chen cursed in annoyance as he watched the bear running towards him.

    The near was bulky, but it ran so fast. In a few seconds, it was standing before Long Chen as it swung its claw.

    Long Chen glanced at the bear as he frowned.

    His eyes turned Spatial Dark as he used his Law of Space and Teleported before the bear's claws could hit him.

    Long Chen appeared above the branch of a nearby tree as he looked down at the bear.
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