654 Chapter 654: Considerate Bloodline Temple

    "Do you really think that I can't kill you without my sword? Even without my skills and sword, I can at least kill a bear like you," Long Chen muttered as he jumped down from that branch, but he didn't fall down. Instead, he caught the branch in his hand and hung in mid-air.

    He moved his body back and forth. The branch soon broke from his weight. As the branch broke, Long Chen landed on the ground without the branch in his hand.

    Long Chen looked at the sharp edge of the branch in his hand as he smiled.

    The bear found Long Chen and started running towards him.

    "You must be really eager to die," Long Chen muttered as he saw the bear running towards him.

    As the bear got near Long Chen again, Long Chen once again disappeared and appeared above the head of the bear as he thrust the sharp end of the branch down with all his strength.

    The tree branch was sharp, but it still didn't manage to penetrate the hard skull of the near as it broke into two pieces.

    "The heck, why is its skin so hard!" Long Chen muttered as he jumped back and landed near the body of the boy.

    The bear glared at Long Chen while he glanced at the broken branch in his hand, wondering what he could do. He didn't have a sharp weapon in his hand. He believed that if he even had the lowest quality sword, he would still be able to kill the Bear with the attack he just did now; alas, he only had a tree branch that was not strong enough and broke down.

    While Long Chen was wondering what he could do to kill the bear, he saw the bear's eyes suddenly turn pitch black. He saw a misty shadow of a bear appearing behind the near that was twice its size. The shadow opened its mouth as a jet of black fires came out of its mouth in the direction of Long Chen.

    Long Chen felt threatened by the flames since this body was mortal. He instantly used Teleportation without a second thought as he dodged the attack and appeared a hundred meters behind the near.

    Even though Long Chen escaped, the flames managed to burn down the body of the young boy that was lying in the puddle of blood.

    Long Chen sighed as he realized what had happened.

    "I guess the body of the real one is destroyed now. It's good for me. I can impersonate him freely. As for the bear, there's no benefit in trying to kill it. Without Cultivation and proper weapons, it's just a waste of effort. I should just escape. The only question is which direction the city of this guy was in," Long Chen muttered as he frowned. The bear once again attacked him.

    Long Chen again teleported, escaping from the attack as he appeared in a different direction.

    "Human footsteps?"

    Long Chen had just appeared in a new position when he saw human footsteps on the ground.

    "The footsteps are going in that direction. The city should be in that direction," Long Chen muttered as he started running.

    He ran and Teleported as he created the distance between him and the bear while following the footsteps. He even did some wrong Teleportations to get the bear off his trail and succeeded in losing the bear.

    He continued following the footsteps and, ultimately, got near the end of the forest.

    As he left the forest, he was able to see the walls of the city.

    "That must be the city," Long Chen muttered. He was about to step out of the forest when he stopped.

    "Wait a minute. I'm going to be impersonating the guy, but my face, it still doesn't look like the face of that guy. How can I even do this without my Mask of Mischief? If the Bloodline Temple created this body, it should've created it with the face of that guy. How can I even do it now?" Long Chen wondered.

    He was standing, trying to think of a solution. Should he use a cloak or something to hide his face and pretend to be Fu Chen?

    While he was wondering, something strange happened.

    An item appeared before him out of thin air. It was a mask.

    "My Mask of Mischief? Is this the Bloodline Temple being considerate?" Long Chen let out in a pleasant surprise as he looked at the Mask of Mischief.

    "My Dear Bloodline Temple, please give me my Ancient Ring as well? Or at least give me my King's Sword?" Long Chen asked shamelessly in hopes of getting other items a similar way as well.

    He waited for a few minutes, but he got nothing despite pleading in a similar way.

    "Fine. Be a miser. I'll achieve my goal without my items," He let out in an annoyed tone as he looked at his mask.

    He wore the Mask on his face and activated it. The Mask changed shape and made Long Chen's face look like the face of the boy that was dead.

    There were dark circles around the boy's eyes, and his face looked like he was always angry.

    Long Chen looked at his clothes, which were the same as the clothes of the boy. He dusted his clothes before he started walking towards the entrance of the city in slow steps.

    He reached near the city entrance. The guards saw the boy and snorted.

    "Hmph, this bastard son managed to come back alive from the dangerous forest. It must be true, trash never dies," One of the guards let out as he looked at Long Chen in disgust.

    " Hah, rats have a long life. Don't you know the biggest rat? His father? Betrayed the Kingdom that fed him and he's still probably living in some place in comfort. That bastard! Rats live long," Another guard replied.

    "Hah, he's still a useless rat, though. He went into the dangerous forest and came out without getting any previous fruits. A trash is always a trash."

    The guards started laughing.

    Long Chen heard their taunts, but he didn't respond as he kept his head lower while he passed by them.

    Long Chen heard their words and understood a few things.

    Fu Chen probably left the City to go to the forest to get some resources from the forest. Someone killed him inside the forest, but the guards didn't know. They would've been more shocked otherwise.

    " The guards were Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivators, though. Xun was right. This world indeed has cultivation. It's not going to be easy becoming king of this place as Fu Chen," Long Chen muttered as he walked ahead.
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