659 Chapter 659: Vermillions Motives

    Long Chen knew that his current body was over 19, and he didn't even have a speck of Cultivation, so he had to unblock the Meridians from the start and go through it again.

    He was worried about the pain since it was a mortal body. His defense and his strength, none of that was here. All he had was determination, but sometimes that wasn't enough. If the pain was really as bad as people said it was, then he might actually die if his body gave up mid-way.

    He released a mouthful of breath before he started the process of unblocking the Meridians.


    While Long Chen was suffering through the pain of unblocking meridians after adulthood, Spirit Master Vermillion was inside the Mansion of Ru Clan.

    He had barged in without asking for anyone's permission and straight away entered the room of the Clan Master of Ru Clan, Ru Wang.

    Ru Wang was also a Spirit Warrior. The only difference was that he wasn't part of the Phoenix Organization, unlike Vermillion. Ru Wang had given the test to join the Phoenix Organization, but he had failed the test.

    In the same test, Vermillion and the Betrayer Fu Min were selected.

    Both of them went on to become big names in the Phoenix Organization. It was said that Fu Min, known as Demon of Phoenix Organization and Vermillion, were the two gems of the Phoenix Organization.

    Both of them were said to be the two Strongest Warriors of the Phoenix Organization, and they were close friends.

    Demon was given the commands of the East Defence in the last great war amongst a few Powerful Spirit Warriors of the Phoenix Organization. Vermilion was given the command of the West.

    Unfortunately, the East was where everything happened, which resulted in the defeat of the Kingdom of Aksha. That's where the great betrayal occurred. Instead of killing the enemy, Demon killed his own team members. The war was lost, and Demon ran away.

    After that war, Vermilion became the undisputed leader of the Phoenix Organization. In the absence of Demon, Phoenix became the strongest Spirit Warrior of the Kingdom of Aksha.

    "Vermilion? What are you doing here? Why is my son in that condition? Did you do something?" Ru Wang asked Vermillion as he looked at his son lying on the ground. He didn't bother picking his son up or looking for wounds, either. He was more concerned about Vermilion.

    "Ru Wang, your Ru Clan, is a strong power in this Kingdom, but that doesn't give your son the right to flung the rules and do whatever he likes. I'm telling you, this time; it's just a warning. The next time I see anyone breaking the laws of the Kingdom, I won't be as lenient," Vermillion muttered as he turned back to leave.

    "Tell me what he did. Did he commit a crime? I need to know what he did so I can punish this bastard," Ru Wang muttered as looking at the back of Vermillion.

    "Your son used his War Spirit in public with the intention of killing a mortal. You know that a Spirit Warrior can't use his War Spirit against a mortal. That's the law. If this happened again, I wouldn't be bringing your son here," Vermillion muttered as his wings appeared behind his back again. He flew away.

    "He used his War Spirit against a mortal? Just who could the mortal be to force him to use his War Spirit? Also, it doesn't make sense. Why would Vermilion interfere in the matters of a Sprint Warrior just for a mortal? Even though he's known as the Spirit Warrior of Justice, the ones who actually know him know that he isn't actually like that. He wouldn't interfere to save a mortal at least without any reason," Ru Wang muttered as he frowned while looking back at his son, who was lying on the ground.

    " Just who is this mortal that made the Proud Vermilion come out of his cave?" the man muttered as a smirk appeared on his face. "Interesting. Very interesting."


    Back in a different section of the city, something else was going on that Long Chen didn't know about. Even if he knew, he wouldn't have bothered about it since he didn't know the faces of anyone. He wouldn't have recognized everyone, but there was a middle-aged woman standing there in a hall.

    She was wearing old worn-out clothes that were covered in dirt as if they weren't cleaned for a long time.

    The middle-aged woman had beautiful brunette hair that came down to her shoulders. The hair was tied to a ponytail.

    She was standing with her hands behind her back as she shivered in fear.

    A man was standing in front of her with a whip in his hand as he looked at the woman before her.

    " If only there were no rule against violence against women, I wouldn't need to pay money to bear a traitor's wife! Screw it! One gold coin is not much! I'm really frustrated! Your son dared to mock me. What did he think? If he escaped, I would swallow my anger? Heck, I'm going to do that. I'll get all my anger out and return it multiple folds," the man said.

    He was the same person that was trying to convince the crowd to attack Long Chen after Long Chen looked back at him with a mocking gaze.

    He had convinced the crowd to attack Long Chen with him, but that's when they lost Long Chen.

    He was really frustrated and angry. He wanted to get this anger out, but he didn't know where. He couldn't just start fighting a random person. That's when he remembered that Long Chen's mother, the wife of that betraying trash, worked in the Peace Hall. It was called the peace hall, but it was actually a torture chamber where people came to beat other human beings that willingly worked here for the money.

    Since the people that worked here intentionally agreed to it, it wasn't illegal. The Peace Hall owners charged each person a certain amount of fees for various workers. Similarly, Demon's Wife, Mi Liayi, was highly in demand for the beating since she was the wife of the man that the kingdom hated the most. The Peace Hall charged the maximum for her. To whip her for five minutes, they charged one gold coin, but they only gave her one bronze coin out of that. The Owners of the Peace Hall kept most of the money.

    Since Mi Liayi didn't have any other place that was willing to hire her, she could only work here to keep food in front of her son.
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