660 Chapter 660: Execution!

    "I paid the whole one gold coin for these five minutes. I had to take my savings out as well, but I'll enjoy every second of it," The man grinned as he raised his whip and struck down on Mi Liayi's back.


    After a long and torturous process, Long Chen had finally managed to unblock all his meridians.

    He was lying on the roof, breathing heavily. His whole body was covered in sweat as his heart was beating faster.

    "Hah, that was really painful. Now I understand why no one older than fifteen starts cultivating. It's like dying. It's like thousands of swords stabbing all around the body again and again. Fortunately, it's over now," Long Chen muttered as he sat up.

    "Now that it's over, I can start cultivating from tomorrow after the unblocked meridians settle down. Since I already cultivated with my real body, doing it again would definitely be multiple times faster. I should be a Peak Gold Realm Cultivator with this body in just a month at maximum," he let out as he stretched his eyes.

    He stood up and walked over to the other edge of the building.

    " Now I should find a place to stay. Can't stay here on top of someone else's house. It feels like the night here will be really cold. My body is still cold, and I don't have any of my artifacts to protect myself. I don't even have clothes to save myself," He said in a thoughtful tone as he looked down at the alleyway.

    He snapped his finger as he disappeared and Teleported on the ground in the empty alleyway.

    He casually stepped out as he started walking in the city, hoping to find a place where he could stay.

    "There must be some empty houses in a big city like this. There must be something."

    Long Chen was hoping to be lucky and end up finding an abandoned accommodation or even somehow find the place where Fu Chen used to stay.

    While Long Chen was walking, he got a lot of disgusting looks, but fortunately, he didn't meet anyone that was looking for a fight. He was having a much better time. He didn't care for anyone's mocking as long as they didn't dare to attack him.

    As Long Chen was walking, he reached near a black building. Since he was at a distance, he couldn't read the words on top of it, but it was the place called the Peace Hall.

    Long Chen didn't know that Fu Chen's mother was inside the Peace Hall.

    As he was walking towards the Peace Hall, he saw a person come out of the Peace Hall.

    "Isn't he the same guy that was trying to get people to attack me? He lives here?" Long Chen muttered as he saw the back of the man that had started walking in the opposite direction. It was as if the man hadn't seen Long Chen since he had such a satisfied look on his face as he walked away.

    " Damn, I spent all my savings today, but it was fun! Watching Long Chen's mother crying as I whipped her. Hahaha, no wonder this Peace Hall is so famous. It is indeed satisfying. If I had more money, I would have come here every day to beat Long Chen's mother," the man let out as he laughed, not even trying to keep his voice low.

    Long Chen managed to head his words as he frowned.

    "These people call Fu Chen as Long Chen. Did he mean that he beat Fu Chen's mother just now? Wait, the other guy also said that Fu Chen's mother was beaten for money. These Bastards! Are they really doing that to someone's family?" he let out in annoyance as he frowned while he fastened his footsteps.

    As he was just a few meters away from the Peace Hall entrance, he saw a woman walk out.

    It was more accurate to say that the woman dragged her body out. There were whip wounds all around her body. Her clothes were covered in red arcs. Her back had these marks; her hands had clear whip marks. Her legs also had similar marks. She couldn't even walk straight. She was walking slowly, and each of her steps was giving her excruciating pain, which Long Chen could see through her facial expressions.

    Long Chen looked at the woman in curiosity. He wondered if that woman was Fu Chen's mother or if she was just another person that worked in this Peace Hall.

    The woman saw Long Chen and grew shocked.

    "Chen'er? W-what are you doing here? Didn't I tell you not to come to this part of the city?" The woman exclaimed as she tried to wipe the tears in her eyes.

    Long Chen sighed deeply as he clenched his fist.

    'That Bastard! So this was what he was talking about-beating Fu Chen's mother. I'll really make him understand the consequence of attacking the mother of the Future King. Anyone who dares to attack the king's family only gets one punishment. Execution! I don't care if it's banned to fight in the city. I don't care if it's a crime. I'll let that guy die a death where even his body wouldn't be found,' Long Chen thought as he watched the back of the gleeful man who was going away leisurely after beating the woman.

    He walked towards the woman who was standing before the Peace Hall and wrapped her arms around her body to support her.

    "I-i'm fine. Don't worry. These are just minor wounds. I just fell down the stairs and got wounded. It's nothing else," The woman said as she tried to smile, hiding the pain on her face.

    " Let's go home," Long Chen didn't bother confronting the woman and simply told her to go home with him in a low voice.

    The woman needed rest. Everything else could be handled later.

    "Ah, right. Let's go home," The woman said as she nodded her head.

    She took her first step. Even though she tried hard to hide her pain, she failed as she hissed in pain unintentionally.

    "Wait. Don't walk. You just tell me the direction, and I'll carry you,"  Long Chen said. He had already realized that the woman would be suspicious about him not knowing the directions, so he already made an excuse. "My mind is already blank after seeing you like this. I don't think I can even find our home like this."

    Before the woman could even say anything, Long Chen placed one of her hands under her knees and the other behind her shoulders.

    "It might hurt initially," He let out as he picked her up. Since pressure was applied on her back instantly, it hurt her, but the pain was only brief.
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