661 Chapter 661: Queen Mother

    "I-it's fine. Don't worry about me. You can put me down. Seriously. I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I can walk perfectly fine. Don't bother yourself," the woman told Long Chen as she grew anxious. She knew that her son had a weak body himself since he lived in a household where she could barely arrange for enough food for him.

    She knew how weak the body of her son was. He wasn't strong, and it was impossible for him to carry her home like this. She didn't want to put any pressure on Long Chen. She felt that it wasn't good to let him do this. Even though walking gave her pain, she preferred taking pain over having her son go through anything.

    Long Chen watched her go around as she frowned.

    " Don't worry. It's just carrying a person. It's no trouble. My mind is still blank though, so tell me where to go," Long Chen replied casually as he told her not to worry. He didn't want her to be concerned since she already looked like she loved through enough difficulty.

    "If he were going to be the King, then she would be the Queen Mother. It was a real-world, and after the trial was over, his soul would leave this world and go back to his real body. When that happened, there would need to be someone handling the kingdom. He didn't want anything to happen to her before he could even reach there. He couldn't save her son, but he at least wanted to leave her with a little bit of happiness since he was using the name of her son as his position.

    "Now, don't say anything else, or I'll be angry. Just tell me the direction back home," He continued as he saw her stuttering to say something.

    The woman's eyes filled with tears as she smiled.

    "You're just as caring as your father," she let out in a sad tone.

    "What just as caring as him? Isn't he someone that left you behind while he left the kingdom? Isn't he the reason you're going through so much difficulty, and he didn't even bother to look back," Long Chen let out as he frowned. He didn't know the full history of what had happened, but from what he had heard after entering this city, he had realized a few things.

    The woman's husband, who was known as Demon, betrayed the Kingdom and ran away, leaving his son and his wife to go through the torture of the kingdom he betrayed.

    The woman should have hated her husband, but from the way she talked about her husband, it didn't seem like she was angry at all.

    " Shhh, I already told you. Don't think bad of your father. Your father was the biggest patriot of the Kingdom. He sacrificed so many things for this Kingdom. There is no way he would betray the Kingdom he treated as his mother. It's a scheme against him. Don't hate your father. He doesn't deserve this hate. One day, the real truth will definitely come out before everyone," Mi Liayi said with a sad smile on her face.

    ' Interesting. I didn't even think about that. If the person was like that, the chances are really low that he would betray the Kingdom. Also, who could know a person better than his wife,' Long Chen thought.

    From her words, he didn't get a feeling that she was lying. The woman was probably being really honest.

    'There must be more to what happened in the past,' he thought as he realized something was wrong with the story. He didn't know the past or what happened, so he couldn't guess what the situation was about or why it might have happened, but he thought about finding the real story.

    "Mother, can you tell me what actually happened at that time? Everything that happened?" He asked the woman as he walked on the streets of the city.

    "Stop right there," The woman let out suddenly.

    Long Chen was surprised as he heard her tone.

    "Did I ask the wrong question? She doesn't want to talk about it?' he thought as he frowned.

    While Long Chen was thinking, the woman continued speaking.

    " I guess you really have a blank mind today," The woman said as she patted the head of Long Chen.

    "You're going in the wrong direction. Our home is on that side," she continued as she smiled innocently. Even smiling was painful, but she didn't let it show on her face.

    "Oh, right. My mind is really blank. So treat it like it's my first time," Long Chen normally.

    "I can understand. It happens. Your father was also like that when he met my family for the first time before our marriage. It must be his genes at play," the woman said as she nodded her head.

    Long Chen turned back as he started walking in the direction she showed.

    The woman didn't answer the question he asked before he had stopped him. Long Chen wondered if he should ask the question, but he dropped the idea. He had a feeling that if she wanted to talk, she would have started talking. He didn't ask her and dropped the plan.

    'I guess I'll ask him before I kill him,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head.

    He knew that the woman must've heard the same story about what happened as every other citizen in this kingdom heard. He could ask others about it as well, and the first person that came to his mind was the person that tortured Mi Liayi by whipping her.

    He was already going to kill that guy, and he didn't mind asking him a few questions before killing the guy.

    Long Chen carried the woman with him through the city and walked towards the outer side of the city.

    There was a forest inside the city that was less of a forest and more of a place that no one cares about. This section of the city had wild grass growing everywhere. There were insects all around. There were trees as well that made this place seem like a forest.

    Long Chen followed her directions and reached the end destination.

    'That's her house? I guess I shouldn't have expected much. According to the people of this Kingdom, she's the wife of a Traitor that betrayed the nation. No one would be willing to help her at all. If she had a decent house and enough support, why would she be working in a place like that. It's understandable that she lives here. It's still somewhat sad,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the small broken but before him.
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