662 Chapter 662: Spirit Warrior College

    It was a wooden cabin that was crudely made. It was Five meter wide and three-meter long, so it was barely enough for two people to live. It probably didn't even have enough space inside.

    "We're here. You can put me down now. Let me open the door," Mi Liayi told Long Chen to put her down as she saw that she was near the cabin already.

    Long Chen didn't bother to reply, but he didn't put him down either. Instead, he walked closer to the wooden door of the cabin and opened it. He entered the cabin with the woman.

    'This place...' Long Chen already had low expectations of this place, but this place was even lower than his expectations.

    There was nothing inside the cabin. There were just a few old clothes lying at one end. There was not even a bed there. Let alone a bed; not even a mattress was there. Instead of that, there were just a few leaves placed on the ground to make it soft.

    Long Chen gave a deep sigh as he walked closer to the lead bed.

    He lowered his body as he placed the woman down on the lead bed.

    "W-wait. I'm really fine. Let me make something for you to eat," The woman was about to sit up, but Long Chen placed his hand on her shoulder and made her lie down again.

    "Don't you dare to sit up. Just lie there. I went outside hunting. I got a good hunt and sold it for decent money. Today, you won't make anything. We're celebrating. Just wait for me. I'll be back in half an hour. If you dare to stand up, I'll seriously be angry," Long Chen said thoughtfully as he glared at her.

    He stood up and left the cabin.

    "Hah, I did lie to her. I didn't hunt, but since Fu Chen was in that forest, he must really be hunting. I'll finish the hint for him tonight. The hunt of a bastard," Long Chen muttered as he smiled while he walked back towards the core of the city.

    Mi Liayi was already in the house, but she didn't notice one thing. The knife in the house was missing. Long Chen had taken the knife with him.

    Long Chen realized that he had lacked a weapon to harm anyone. It was much easier for him to kill people with weapons even without his Cultivation, but it was really troubling for him not to have a weapon.

    If he had a weapon, he wouldn't have such a hard time in the fight against the bear. He wanted to cultivate to form Qi weapons, but he couldn't begin his Cultivation before twenty-four hours since he had just unblocked his Qi meridians. That was why his eyes instantly lit up as he saw a knife in the small hut. As he left Mi Liayi in that place, he sneakily took the knife with him since he was going to deal with someone.

    Long Chen looked at the knife in his hand as he smiled.

    "Even though it's not comparable to my Spirit Sword, it's better than nothing," Long Chen muttered as he hid the knife in his clothes and continued walking towards the city.

    It was already evening, and the sun had started to set. It was the perfect time for Long Chen since this was the time he was more deadly. He didn't have any skills, but he had some really powerful laws. His Law of Darkness was one of the most important amongst his laws. The law came with a skill of its own.

    The Shadow Transformation was a skill that came with his law. It was a skill that made Long Chen one with the darkness, making him invisible to see. Long Chen knew that let alone a mortal; even Cultivators wouldn't be able to see him in his Shadow Transformation.

    He didn't know how strong Vermillion was, but he knew that Vermilion was no way as strong as a Heaven Realm Cultivator. Even though that was just a brief assumption from the feeling he got, he didn't have any proof about it, but he didn't need any. Long Chen had confidence in his skill and in the fact that the Supreme Law of Darkness was not something anyone here could compare to.

    If Vermillion was comparable to a Heaven Realm Cultivator, then this trial was just impossible. He believed that the Bloodline Temple wouldn't give him such an impossible trial while taking his real body away and giving him a cultivation free body.

    Long Chen walked through the streets of the city in the direction where he saw that man leave. He was hoping to find that man or anyone from the crowd that seemed like they knew him.

    While Long Chen was walking, he saw that the streets were even more crowded. It was evening time, yet the street only got more active with each minute. Shops were set up everywhere, selling items. There were shops dedicated to selling crockery, crackers, clothes, weapons, and many more. There were even more shops selling food.

    'I do need to get food for her. I lied to her that I have money, but I don't have a single coin. I was hoping to find that guy and rob him before killing him, but I might have underestimated this city too much,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    "There are just so many people, and I don't even know about the Spirit Warriors amongst them," Long Chen muttered as he frowned while looking at the people on the Streets.

    "These Spirit Warriors... I really need to understand about them, or I can't do anything," Long Chen muttered as he walked through the streets.

    While he was walking, he saw a giant poster on a wall, which attracted his attention.

    There was a small stall before the poster where an old man was sitting. A stack of papers was placed before him.

    "Spirit Warrior Entrance examination. Register today," the words on the poster said.

    "Spirit Warrior Entrance Examination? Interesting," Long Chen muttered as he walked closer to the wall to read the small words below the headline.

    "Register for the Spirit Warriors Entrance Examination and get admission in top Spirit Warrior Colleges of the Kingdom," The fine print below the headline read.

    'Ah, so this is like the entrance exams of the sects where mortals go to take exams to join the sect. The Spirit Warrior Colleges must be the sects for Spirit Warriors in this world,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head while folding his arms.
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