663 Chapter 663: A silver coin

    "Ah, hello, Elder. Are you taking the registration for Spirit Warrior Entrance Examination?" Long Chen asked the old man who was sitting at the stall.

    "Yes, I am. Do you want to register?" the old man asked back as he opened his eyes.

    The eyes of the old man looked blank as if he was blind.

    'Ah, so this man is blind. Good for me. Otherwise, he might refuse to answer me after seeing my face," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the old man.

    "I would love to join, but I have a few concerns. I would really appreciate it if you can clear my queries," Long Chen told the old man.

    The old man nodded his head.

    "Sure, go ahead. Ask me anything you want to," The man responded.

    " What are the conditions to join the Entrance Examination? I mean, the age criteria, family status, popularity, or something else?" Long Chen inquired in curiosity

    The old man shook his head.

    "You don't need a family status to join the Spirit Warrior College Entrance Examination. There are a few conditions that you must satisfy, though. You must be younger than twenty-five. Also, you must pay one silver coin for registration. If you can succeed in the test or not will depend on you entirely. All you'll get here is the pass to take part in it after registration," the old man said to Long Chen.

    "Interesting. A silver coin..." Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

    'I might need to do some bad things, but I can get that money,' he thought. 'If I join Spirit Warrior College, I might be able to learn more about them. As they say, one must know their enemy before knowing their friends.'

    "Can cultivators also join the Spirit Warrior Selection  Examination?" Long Chen asked again.

    He was about to start Cultivator tomorrow, and he didn't want to delay that.

    "Cultivators can join as well. There is no rule against their participation," the old man said as he nodded his head.

    "Alright, Elder. I want to register, but I left my money at home. I'll be right back with my money to register," Long Chen told the Elder, making an excuse to leave for now.

    "It's fine. You can take your time. The Spirit Warrior Entrance Examination is after two days. Registration will end tomorrow. You have a lot of time to register," the old man said again as he closed his eyes.

    "Thank you for the explanation, Elder. I'll take my leave now," Long Chen let out before he turned back to leave.

    Luckily, as soon as he turned back, he found a familiar back. It was the back of the person he was looking for.


    Long Chen looked back and saw the back of the person that he was looking for. The guy who had hit the mother of Fu Chen and then laughed about it. The same guy that had tried to get people to attack him.

    "Hmm, if he can pay one gold coin to beat someone, he shouldn't have a hard time getting a few gold coins out," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He started walking after the man, subtly following it.

    'The streets are so crowded. It's not easy to kidnap someone here in the open. Should I wait for him to get to somewhere more isolated?' he wondered as he kept following the man.

    Fortunately, Long Chen didn't need to wait for long as the man himself started walking towards the less crowded portion of the man.

    After around ten minutes of walking, the man reached someplace that Long Chen hadn't expected. That portion of the street seemed like the red light area of the city. He could see girls in revealing clothes standing outside various buildings in revealing clothes.

    Long Chen stood in the back as he watched the man entering one of the buildings.

    He activated his Shadow Transformation as he disappeared and ran after the man.

    Long Chen entered the building as he stayed just 5 meters away from the man.

    The man walked up to the reception and paid a silver coin to the woman standing at the reception.

    The woman gave the man a key.

    "Go to room number three and wait inside. A girl will be there in a few minutes to pleasure you during the night," the woman told the man as she smirked.

    The man nodded his head as he took the key and went deeper into the building.

    Long Chen followed after the man.

    The man stopped before a room that number three carved on it. He opened the door.

    Long Chen watched the man open the door. He acted faster as he entered the room while the door was being opened.

    The man also entered the room, closing the door as he walked in.

    The man closed the door but didn't lock it since the girl was about to come for him. He left the key on the door. What he didn't know was that Long Chen locked the door instead and kept the key in his pocket.

    As Long Chen turned back after locking the door, he was shocked to see that the man had already taken his clothes off. He was only in his underwear, lying on the bed, waiting for the woman.

    'Just how horny is that guy? He's so fast when it comes to stripping,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head in annoyance.

    'He won't be that fast anymore,' he thought as he walked closer to the man, with the knife still hiding inside his clothes.

    Long Chen stood near the man as he looked down.

    "How was your day? Pretty fun, right?" Long Chen muttered softly.

    "Yeah, it was fine," The man subconsciously replied, but he suddenly grew shocked as he wondered who asked him the question. It was a male voice, after all.

    The man tried standing up in shock, but before he could stand up, a knife stabbed on his shoulder, making him lie down again.

    The man's face turned pale as he opened his mouth to scream in pain, but that's when a hand appeared before his face, closing his mouth.

    The man couldn't even scream as his mouth was closed, but he did see something that made him even more scared. He saw the face of the person before his eyes. Long Chen had stopped his Shadow Transformation.

    "Why do you look so shocked? I heard that you were looking for me all day long? You even went to my mother to find me?" Long Chen inquired as he smirked, scaring the man even more.

    "Mmm Mmm," the man tried to speak as he struggled, but he couldn't free himself. The more he struggled, the more the knife in his shoulder hurt him.

    " Hey, don't move. You don't need to do anything. You helped my mother so much today; I just came here to return the favor. Don't worry. I don't particularly appreciate owing anyone. I'll return everything with interest," Long Chen said with a smile as he pulled the knife out of the man's shoulders and stabbed on the right hand of the man.

    "Mmm!" the man screamed again, but only a whimper came out as his mouth was closed.

    "Didn't you hear? I told you not to scream or move. Why don't you understand, little friend?" Long Chen replied as he once again pulled the knife out. He stabbed the blade on the man's left shoulder.

    The man's eyes opened wide again as tears started falling from his eyes. His veins were visible all around his body as his red eyes glared at Long Chen.

    The bedsheet was covered in the man's blood that was spilling out of the wounds.

    "Do you understand or not? If I hear a scream again, the next stab will be directly in your kind heart," Long Chen warned the man as his smile disappeared suddenly.

    "Mmm!" the man let out, nodding his head.

    "Good boy. Now I'm removing my hands. If you make any unnecessary noise, you won't be capable of making noises the next moment," Long Chen muttered as he slowly took his hands off

    "I... I understand," the man let out as tears fell from his eyes. He couldn't even move his hands anymore. He realized that he had no way to escape. He couldn't put up a fight, and if he called for help, Long Chen would kill him. The only way to survive was to do as Long Chen said and hope for survival.

    "Good boy. I just need two things from you. If you do as I said, I'll free you and leave," Long Chen said as he patted the head of the man.

    "Y-yes. Please hurry. I'll die if someone doesn't help me fast," The man begged Long Chen.

    "Don't worry. It'll only take a few minutes at most if you support me. After that, I'll leave, and you can ask for help. The people of this establishment will help you. That's the only path of survival that you have," Long Chen told the man.
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