665 Chapter 665: I didnt lie

    " Elder, I'm back with the money. Here is one silver coin," Long Chen told the old man as he placed a gold coin in the man's hand.

    " Ah, you're back already. Good," the old man nodded his head. He picked up a paper from the stack of papers in front of him. The man stamped the paper and signed on it.

    "Take this Paper. It's the proof of your registration. No one can stop you from taking part in the Entrance Test. Come back to the examination place after two days. Oh right, write your name and signature on the paper when you come for the examination. That's all you need to write on this paper. Remember to have that filled when you come," the old man continued as he gave the paper to Long Chen.

    "I'll keep that in mind," Long Chen said, nodding his head before he turned back and left.

    As Long Chen left, the old man closed his eyes as he started smiling.

    "Demon's son is going to take part in the Entrance Examination this time. It's going to get pretty interesting," the old man muttered.

    "All Spirit Warrior Colleges will refuse to take him in even if he performs good, but that wouldn't matter as long as that College takes a liking to his performance. It'll be interesting to see what the future holds for the young guy," the old man let out as he closed his eyes again.

    Long Chen took the entrance pass in his pockets carefully as he walked through the streets. He didn't forget to buy something to eat. He spent the bronze coin that he had received to purchase food. He had promised Mi Liayi that he'd return with the food.

    "I promised her that I'd be back soon, but I did take a lot of time. Hope she's sleeping and didn't go out to look for me," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the hut.

    Long Chen walked through the streets of the city in his journey to the small hut in the isolated wasteland of the city.

    He had already purchased something to eat, and he did that without any trouble.

    Long Chen realized that he would have a hard time purchasing anything since people know Fu Chen. They already hate him, and they would definitely be suspicious of where he got the money from. It was going to be chaotic if he bought anything like that, so he used the Mask of Mischief to change his face once again. He bought the food with a different look.

    After reaching the wasteland of the city, he got back to using Fu Chen's face. He reached near the hut of Mi Liayi.

    He opened the door and stepped inside. As he entered, he saw Mi Liayi cutting some leaves to make something to eat for when he returned.

    "What are you doing?" Long Chen asked her as he hid the food he bought behind him.

    "Ah, you're back already. I'm making something to eat for when you return. Sit there; it will be ready soon," Mi Liayi replied as she looked back at him.

    "You are really something," Long Chen let out as he sighed. "You're injured. You should rest instead of working. Didn't I tell you that I'll take care of the food?"

    "I'm fine. I'm not injured at all. I just needed some rest," Mi Liayi replied to him as she smiled. " After resting for an hour, I'm perfectly fine. No pain at all."

    Long Chen didn't say anything and simply walked closer to her. He held the packet of food in his left hand behind his back. He reached out his right hand and placed it on her shoulders.


    A painful groan escaped the lips of Mi Liayi, but she closed her mouth instantly.

    " Is that the perfectly fine you were talking about? I'm young, but I'm not stupid. You've been working so hard for me for years. I've seen you struggle but no more. I'm already old enough to take on the responsibilities and get my life on the right track," Long Chen told her as he removed his hand from her shoulders.

    "I didn't lie when I told you that I earned money today. Look at this," He said as he showed her the packet of food.

    "T-that?" Mi Liayi was surprised as she saw the packet.

    " Yup. It's something I bought from my first earnings. I earned a lot today from hunting. Tomorrow is going to be even better. I also found a few friends. Don't worry. Life is improving, and it's just the beginning. You don't need to go to that place and work. I'm here to take on the responsibility," Long Chen said as he patted Mi Liayi's head.

    "Now leave that and come eat. You must be hungry as well. I'm also hungry, by the way," he continued as he sat down in front of her and started unpacking the food.

    Mi Liayi just looked at him blankly as her eyes grew wet.

    She hadn't expected that Long Chen was actually telling the truth about earning money. Not only that, but he also got a few friends? Did the gods finally take pity on them and started helping her son? She always wanted her son to have an everyday life, but she had realized that it was impossible under these circumstances. What happened today made her face a hope that it was actually possible.

    "Y-you made friends?" she asked as if she was having difficulty believing it.

    "Yeah. It's just the start, mother. Very soon, I'll show you something even more incredible. Our good days are coming," Long Chen replied as he smiled.

    "I'm so happy today. Some people in the city have started accepting you as a friend already. Soon, the whole city might start behaving properly," Mi Liayi said as she looked at Long Chen with hopeful eyes.

    " They sure will. I'll make them," Long Chen muttered as he glanced at the soup bowl in front of him.

    "Oh, right. As I said, you aren't going to work there in the future. Don't worry about money. I'll handle that. Stay at home and rest. Now you won't have to beg to the world for your dignity. Instead, the world will come begging you in the future," He continued as he brought the soup-filled spoon near Mi Liayi's mouth.

    Mi Liayi opened her mouth subconsciously and allowed Long Chen to feed her.

    "But money..." She asked Long Chen.

    "Here, these are three bronze coins that I earned today. This should be enough for some time. Don't go there. We won't need to anymore," Long Chen said, smilingly.
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