666 Chapter 666: Not Human

    Even though he had a few silver coins in his pocket as well, he didn't tell her. He only gave her a few bronze coins since he was concerned about what she might think. A silver coin was something that a middle-class mortal in this city should easily be able to afford since the guy he killed had them, but for poor people like that, it might be a bit too much. He didn't want to make her suspicious just yet. He tried to be as subtle as he could about his secrets.

    Mi Liayi was still surprised as she thought about Long Chen's words. She was not only shocked but she looked concerned as well.

    "This... You really earned so much? You didn't do anything dangerous, did you?" She asked Long Chen in concern. She worried that Long Chen was doing something dangerous to earn the money. She decided to ask him straight away.

    " Nothing dangerous at all. I was perfectly safe all the time. You can see it for yourself. I don't even have a scratch on me," Long Chen said with a smile as he raised his hand.

    " That's good. you must never take risk like that for money. Earning money is good, but your life is even more important. Don't do anything dangerous ever. Promise me you won't put your life in danger for money!" Mi Liayi said, looking in Long Chen's eyes as she asked him to promise.

    Long Chen glanced at her as he sighed.

    ' I'm not doing anything for money. My mortal body needs food to survive, and I need to survive to finish this Trial. None of this is for the money, and it will never be. Money is worthless to someone like me. Heck, I have treasuries of various Kingdoms in my storage ring. I didn't even spend that money in my previous world; why would I even concern myself with money in this world,' he thought as he shook his head.

    "I promise that I won't do anything dangerous for money," he told Mi Liayi which was truth in a way, but not the entire truth.

    " My good boy," Mi Liayi said, nodding her head and rubbed Long Chen's hands.


    It was a new world that Long Chen didn't understand as well as he wanted to. It had many different things. There were different types of warriors, a different hierarchy system, a  different set of problems, and even different types of Treasures, but it had many things that held similarities with his previous world. One of those was the beautiful sun that was rising in the sky.

    Long Chen had spent his night sleeping inside the small hit after he finished eating with Mi Liayi. He didn't cultivate since he couldn't before the time he needed to let his unblocked meridians settle down which was going to take twenty-four hours from the moment he unlocked it.

    He woke up early in the morning and saw Mi Liayi still sleeping nearby.

    Her sleeping face looked so peaceful, but the wounds on her body made it evident that her life was not as peaceful as her innocent face made it seem.

    ' Mothers are such amazing creations of gods. Sacrificing so many things for their kids. My mother, Mu Lin's mother in Ghost Temple, and Fu Chen's mother. I had the luck of being the son of these three amazing women, and I lied to two of them. I left Mi Lin's mother broken when I ran from Ghost Temple with the information about her son's death, and this time as well, I'll have to leave this world, leaving her alone as well,' Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    ' I don't know if it's my blessing that I got the love of three Mothers in this lifetime or my punishments that I had to break the heart of two of them,' he thought, standing up. Long Chen stepped out of the hut and looked at the beautiful sun on the distant horizon.

    "A few more hours and I should be able to start Cultivation," Long Chen muttered, sitting in front of the door of the hut.

    "I don't have anything to do in the meantime anyway," he continued as he stretched his arms and started waiting for the time to pass.

    He stood up and started walking towards the city to look around as he got bored.

    "Xun, are you listening? You said you'll be back soon. What's taking you so long. You didn't even give me any information other than my goal. Come back fast, you Idiot. Without the Ancient Ring, I can't even call my wives. You're the only person I can talk to. Don't leave me hanging, you little girl," he muttered as he walked through the city.

    Long Chen didn't expect Xun to actually reply since he had already lost hope of getting any help in this trial when he heard a voice from behind.

    "Yeah, it took longer than I expected. Ignore that."

    Long Chen wasn't expecting any reply from Xun since he had given up on hopes of getting any help, which is why he was so surprised as he got a reply from Xun.

    He looked back and saw Xun standing behind him with an innocent smile on her face.

    "You idiot, what took you so long? I thought you bailed on me," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly.

    "Nothing. Forget about that. Anyway, have you found out about the world more?"Xun asked Long Chen as she frowned.

    "Yeah, a little bit. I know that Spirit Warriors exist, and I know that they have some powers that make them as strong as cultivators even without cultivating. I don't know anything more than that about them, though. I don't know the extent of their powers," Long Chen told Xun. "You should tell me more about them."

    "It's already pretty good that you found out this much. It seems like you weren't slacking. You also unblocked your meridians as well. Pretty good," Xun nodded her head as she praised Long Chen.

    " As for the Spirit Warriors, they are exactly what their names tell you they are, but they are different as well. From their names, it might seem like they cultivate their soul to get the strength, and that's why they don't have any Cultivation, but the truth is that the Spirit Warriors aren't human," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "What the actual Fu... They are not humans?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "But they didn't seem like beasts either. Are they something like a different species just like Dark Fairies are?" He asked Xun.
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