667 Chapter 667: Demon Emperor against Heavenly Emperor VIP

    "That's kind of a truth, I guess. To be honest, they used to be humans, but they are not now," Xun said, confusing Long Chen even further.

    "I understand that it's confusing for you, but it's a long story. Let me try to make it as short as I can," she said as she saw the confused expression on Long Chen's face."

    "There are thousands of Mortal World's in this universe, and this world is one of them, but it's pretty unique in its own standing as well because it wasn't a Mortal World at the start."

    "This World was called the Spirit World at the beginning. Many Spiritual Creatures used to live here in this world. There were no signs of humans anywhere in this world, but that started changing. The Spiritual Creatures started dying as they had a hard time reproducing. Their breed slowly started going extinct, so they did what they thought was the best for them."

    "They started to find other species they could breed with to continue their species, but there were no other species on this world other than Spiritual Creatures."

    "After a lot of thinking and researching, they found out about a nearby planet that had a different special living there. That different species were Humans. The Spiritual Creatures established a spatial tunnel to that world and started kidnapping the humans and taking them to their world."

    "They kidnapped millions of humans for breeding until they attracted the attention of the people they shouldn't have."

    "Their brazen disregard of life and freedom attracted the attention of the Heaven Realm."

    "The Heavenly Emperor himself came with his warriors to destroy the Spirit World in his anger."

    "Heavenly Realm forces managed to kill a lot of the Spiritual Creatures, but the war came to a sudden half when the Demon Realm also jumped in."

    "The Demon Emperor blamed the Heavenly Emperor of bullying the weak and making the same mistake that the Spiritual Creatures did."

    "The conflict that started with the Spiritual Creatures resulted in the battle of the Heavenly Emperor and the Demon Emperor, which lasted for seven days without any result."

    "This conflict attracted even more attention after the Heavenly Emperor, and the Demon Emperor started fighting over it."

    "Even the God Beast Emperors had to get involved in this to stop the conflict from escalating since it was not good for anyone."

    "After intense begging of the Spiritual King, and arguments between the Demon Emperor, Heavenly Emperor, and the God Beast Kings, they came to a solution."

    "It was decided that the humans that were impregnated will be left in the Spirit World. The humans that were still safe and untouched wrong be sent back to their original world. Another thing that they decided was that the Spirit World would be sealed in a barrier to prevent them from doing anything like this again."

    "That's how the Godly War of Spirit World ended."

    "The Spirit World became an isolated world that is impossible to enter or leave by even the Immortals of the Human World."

    "Most of the Spiritual Creatures were dead because of the Wrath of the Heavenly Emperor, and the ones that survived still faced the threat of extinction since they realized that their decision was wrong."

    "At first, they thought that they could breed with the humans to continue their species, but they soon realized how wrong they were. The humans did give birth after breeding with them, but the babies didn't look like spiritual creatures at all. Instead, the babies looked like humans."

    "With time, they realized that the ones kids they had with the humans didn't have their characteristics. They didn't have their strengths, their powers, or anything. The kids were purely humans. They couldn't do anything, though. The world was sealed, and they couldn't leave to search for other species. That's how, with time, the Species of Spiritual Creatures went completely extinct."

    Xun finished the explanation about the shocking war of the gods that could've destroyed many words if it wasn't stopped on time.

    "So the humans of this world are the descendants of the Spiritual Creatures, but they are more like humans. Interesting. The Spiritual Creatures worked so hard, but everything turned into a failure. It only fastened their extinction because of the war," Long Chen muttered as he thought about the story.

    "That's right. It wasn't a complete failure, though. The descendants of the Spiritual Creatures were humans, but they had a soul fragment and the bloodline share of their ancestor Spiritual Creature. Even though the bloodline percentage was really small and almost nonexistent. The descendants that were lucky manage to awaken their bloodline and the Spirit Fragment that they received from their ancestors, which gives them the powers. That's why they are called Spirit Warriors because they fight and cultivate the Spirit that they inherited from their ancestors," Xun explained.

    "Ah, so it's like that. So it's like bloodline powers that come with the soul. Interesting," Long Chen muttered as he placed his hand on his chin.

    "That seems really useful. No wonder Spirit Warriors enjoy a higher status in this world since they have awakened their Bloodline, and they are close to their ancestors in purity than the mortals that didn't manage to awaken their bloodlines and soul. It is really useful, though," he continued.

    " Wait a minute, how can I come into this world if it was sealed by the Heavenly Emperor and the Demon Emperor?" He asked in surprise.

    Xun didn't answer that question and simply smiled.

    "Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you something," She suddenly let out.

    "Forgot to tell me what?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "Since it's a new body created by the Bloodline Temple, it doesn't have the Bloodline of Master. You can't access your Martial Soul here either. You can still use your laws, though. The important thing that I want to tell you is that this body that the Bloodline Temple had created is exactly like the people of this world," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Yeah, it's exactly like the people of this world. What about that?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "Wait a minute! By exactly like that, do you mean that it's exactly like the descendant body of the Spiritual Creatures? It has the Spirit Fragment and the Bloodline of a Spiritual Creature, too?" he asked in surprise as he read between the lines.

    "Yup. That's exactly it. But you don't need to be happy, though. It's just like the body of people of this world, so your bloodline and Spiritual Creature Spirit might awaken and give you strength, or it might not. So keep your focus on your Cultivation," Xun told him.
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