668 Chapter 668: Request to Bloodline Temple

    "That's pretty interesting. If I can actually get the powers of a Spiritual Creature, then that will make this boring trial pretty fun. I will also have something more to depend on since I don't have my treasures here," Long Chen muttered as he wondered if he could awaken the powers of a Spiritual Creature.

    "Yeah, that can be really good for the future," Xun muttered as she nodded her head.

    "Oh, I had a question in my mind. If this is a real-world and it is a real body, then what will happen to it after I leave? Will it be destroyed just like it was created? That will be a big waste if it awakens a Spirit," Long Chen raised a question that he was thinking about.

    "I don't know what will happen to it in the future. That's for the bloodline temple to decide depending on your performance," Xun told Long Chen as she smiled.

    "Depends on my performance? If I perform well, what can I expect?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    " I don't know, but I'm sure your rewards will be good. As for this body, it'll be destroyed most likely, but I can't say anything about that. Even I'm not sure. I'm not a part of the Trial of Bloodline Temple, after all. I'm the Ring Spirit," Xun said.

    "Oh, right. Why didn't I think about it? If the Bloodline Temple can create this body for my trial, can't it create a body for you too?" Long Chen suddenly let out as he looked at Xun.

    Xun sighed as she raised her hand as if she had no idea about any of this.

    " What can I do to get the Bloodline Temple to listen to my request for creating a body for you?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "You can't do anything. The Bloodline Temple won't do anything like this. It created one for you for the Trial. Outside of the Trial it creates for you; it won't do anything. It would be best if you forgot about this. I know it. It'll be a useless endeavor even if you bed it all night long," Xun said, shaking her head.

    "Ah, so it's useless. Don't worry. I'll find a way to rebuild a body for you. You'll be able to live a normal life," Long Chen let out as he patted her head. He could see a glimpse of sadness in Xun's eyes already.

    "Forget that for now. Put all your focus on the trial," Xun rolled her eyes as she started looking elsewhere.

    Long Chen couldn't help but laugh at her cute reaction. He nodded his head before he got back to the topic.

    " Right. On that topic, Can you tell me more about the Spiritual Creatures? What Did they look like, and what powers did they have?" he asked.

    " Their looks? They didn't have a uniform look. They were like beasts. Some could fly, some could walk, some wriggled on the ground. They had a spiritual body that could take the shape of any being. They could take humanlike forms, or that could take beast forms, but their real bodies were semi-transparent entities. I don't know how to describe them perfectly as they looked so vivid. All I can say is that most of the Spiritual Creatures looked different," Xun explained.

    "Their strengths?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Their strengths are just as vivid as their looks. Some Spiritual Beings had the power to make things levitate; some had the strength to float in water. Some could make the plantation grow faster, while others could burn everything in their path to ashes. There are many more like that," Xun said as she tried to explain.

    " Interesting. So their descendants must get the specific powers they had if their descendants even awakened their spirits. As for the Spiritual Creatures, that sounds like they knew laws? Doesn't it? In that sense, I already have the bloodline of three Spiritual Creatures since I have three laws. I should be able to fool others even without actually being a Spirit Warrior. That can act as an excuse as well if I even expose my strength," Long Chen let out, looking at Xun.


    Long Chen reached the more populated portion of the city as he continued walking.

    'Tomorrow is going to be the Entrance Examination of the Spirit Warrior Colleges in the Public Square. It seems like it'll be an interesting event. As long as they can put their prejudice aside, I should be able to get selected by one of the Spirit Warrior Colleges there. I don't think I can become king by killing the King here. Vermilion is not weak, and the King must have powerful people like him all around him. Even after I kill the King by assassination, they'll never let me be the King and only think about killing me.'

    " The only way to become the King is by rising through the ranks in the next few to get close to the King and get him to make me the King," Long Chen muttered as he frowned. He could see that it was a tough trial.

    He knew that one of the easy ways was to become so strong that no one would be willing to raise their voice against him, but that was going to take a long time since he would need to cultivate for at least a year just to get back to a Cultivation close to his real body's Cultivation even though he had already cultivated with his real body. He wanted to finish the trial in a month or so at max, and he wanted to use schemes to get to his destination faster.

    Fighting a whole kingdom without having enough strength was tougher than scheming against the whole Kingdom.

    While Long Chen was thinking, he reached the public square of the city and noticed that the preparation for tomorrow's examination had already begun. The construction of the stage and the boundaries for the general public was going on.

    ' In my quest, the biggest obstruction is going to be the Phoenix Organization. Wait a minute; the enemy of the enemy is a friend. When the Phoenix Organization is the enemy, then the Dragon Squad can be my friend or at least a useful tool. I can't take over a peaceful kingdom so easily, but what if the Kingdom is at a war again? All I need to do is create a war between the two Kingdoms again after getting close to the King,' Long Chen thought as a grin appeared on his face as if he had come up with an amazing idea.
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