669 Chapter 669: Tian Shens death

    " I need to create chaos. I need to create conflict. I need there to be destruction so that they can't have time to think about anything else," he muttered as he turned back to leave.

    ' If there's a war, it'll bring Misery to the people of this kingdom, but why should I care? They're already so good at giving misery to others. They shouldn't have any problem taking a few for my well being,' he thought as he smiled.

    "Knowledge is going to be the key, though. I need to get enough information before I can do anything. Without information, I'll just be like an ant trying to shake the mountain. Hopefully, I will be able to get enough information inside the Spirit Warrior colleges after I get inside," Long Chen muttered as he clenched his fist. He was prepared for what was to come tomorrow. Even though he didn't know what the trial was going to be about, but he knew that whatever the trial was, he had enough abilities to be successful.

    "Oh? You're already so confident that you will get selected? Why? What if you failed? You should have backup plans for that situation as well," Xun told Long Chen.

    "I can fail? No. That's not possible. This is a selection exam for newbies. I can't be worse than them?"  Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    " It's good that you have confidence, but still, There should always be a second path. Every plan can go sideways. If it's a minor plan, then it's fine, but I'm talking about the future. Never have overconfidence. Even the strongest of gods have fallen because of that overconfidence," Xun told Long Chen in full seriousness.

    "Oh, right. Come to think about it. Is this how Tian Shen fell? Was his overconfidence the reason for his fall? Or did something else happen?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    Xun was surprised as she heard Long Chen's words. She seemed a bit taken aback as Long Chen suddenly raised the topic of Tian Shen's death.

    "What? Why do you say that? I don't think that I ever told you that he's dead," Xun asked as she raised her hand instead of answering Long Chen.

    " It's obvious. The way you have talked about him all this time. It was obvious that he's dead. Also, if he were alive, You wouldn't be with me. You were his companion along with the ring. There is no way that he would throw you away. I don't think anyone can send you away after you help them so much like you helped me and most probably him as well. Am I right? He's dead, isn't he?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    " Don't think about that. Whatever happened to him has happened already. His life or death has nothing to do with you at the moment. Don't think that far. You'll know about it soon enough," Xun said, shaking her head as she didn't answer.

    " At Least tell me if he's alive or dead. Don't tell me anything else. Just let me make sure that he's dead or not," Long Chen said to Xun.

    Long Chen waited for her answer as he continued walking, but Xun didn't answer. He was about to ask again, but his attention was attracted by someone else as he saw a man in the distance.

    It was the same old man that was taking registration for the Spirit Warrior College Entrance examination but this time, what Long Chen saw made him frown. The old man was talking to a person. The old man was talking to a middle-aged man and beside that man stood a young boy. The young boy was none other than the Spirit Warrior who used his Spirit to attack Long Chen just yesterday. Vermilion had intervened in that battle, and he took the boy after punishing him a little.

    The young boy and the middle-aged man were standing beside each other. They wore similar clothes.

    "Isn't that the guy that attacked me? Why is he talking to that old man? And that man beside him? Is he a member of the guy's clan?" Long Chen thought as he glanced at the man standing beside the boy.

    "I guess I should probably ignore him at the moment. I still don't have any Cultivation. I don't need to get involved. I need to have Qi to use my skills, and without that, It'll be tougher," he muttered as he sighed.

    Long Chen turned around and started leaving, but that's when the guy called Ru Li noticed him.

    Ru Li had just looked back when he saw Long Chen turning back to leave.

    "You Bastard! Stop right there!" Ru Li called out as loud as he could. His loud voice attracted the attention of everyone in the surroundings.

    His Father, Ru Wang, was standing right beside him. He couldn't help but frown as he looked at his son.

    "Why are you shouting?" he asked his Son in an annoyed tone.

    "Father, he's the kid! That's Long Chen! The son of that traitorous bastard that attacked me yesterday! It was to teach him a lesson that I had to use my strength! That's when Master Vermilion arrived and punished me!" Ru Li told his father.

    Long Chen had heard the shout of the boy behind him like everyone else, but he decided to ignore the boy and stay on his path.

    The old man that registered him for the College Entrance Exams was there as well. This was not the time to show off. The enemies were probably stronger than him. Instead of using Teleportation to leave later, he decided to leave now.

    "Oh? So he's the son of the Traitor Demon? Interesting. I still don't understand why Vermilion interfered in the matters of this Kid. Does he have an interest in the boy? It would be interesting to test," the man muttered as he smiled.

    "How about you get back at him? Last time you embarrassed the name of the Ru Clan by using your Spirit to take care of a mortal. You gave Vermilion an excuse to interfere. Go and beat the kid without using your Spirit. Don't use your Spirit this time. Let's see if Vermillion still interferes or not," Ru Wang let out as he smiled.

    "Should I kill him as well, father?" Ru Li asked his father as he smirked.

    "First, make him attack you. Spirit Warriors can kill mortals if the Mortals dare to attack them. Vermilion can't interfere as well. Go ahead, you know what to do," Ru Wang said, folding his arms.

    The old man stood in the back, not interfering at all.
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