670 Chapter 670: He wont live

    "Alright, Father. I promise to you that the kid won't live through the day," Ru Li said as he grinned.

    He started running after Long Chen, who wasn't stopping despite his repeated taunts.

    Long Chen was walking at a normal speed since he wanted to leave this place to not get in an unnecessary conflict, but he didn't like running away. He was leaving, but he was leaving casually with dignity.

    As he was walking away and Ru Li was running, Ru Li managed to reach him.

    "You bastard! You still dared to show your attitude to me! Die!" Ru Li let out as he punched towards the back of Long Chen's head.

    Just as the boy's hand was about to touch Long Chen's hand, Long Chen moved to the side. The fist missed his head and passed right above his shoulders.

    He caught the hand of the man and pushed it down just like he had done once before to another man that had attacked him like this.

    Long Chen pulled the hand of the young man with such force that the hand of the young man was broken as a loud crack was heard by everyone. A scream followed that cracking sound.

    Ru Li screamed out loud as his hand was cracked.

    "Sigh, why does everyone attack from the back?" Long Chen muttered as he released the hand of the man. He turned back and looked at the young boy before he kicked the chest of Ru Li and made him fall down on the ground.

    'Sigh, I understand it better now. Spirit Warriors might be stronger, but their bodies are usually weaker, unlike Cultivators that cultivate their bodies first. The Spirit Warriors don't have a strong body, at least not without using their Spirits,' Long Chen thought as he looked at Ru Li lying on the ground.

    " You bastard! You attacked me first and even broke my hand! I promise I'll kill you!" Ru Li thundered as he stood up.

    His right hand was broken, but his left hand was still fine. A sword appeared in his left hand out of nowhere.

    'Hmm? A Spatial Item? Is that ring on his finger a Spatial Ring? Interesting, they look quite different from our Spatial Rings,' Long Chen thought as he watched a sword appear out of thin air.

    The ring on the man's hand looked more crude compared to the ring on his hand. The ring also looked much less luxurious than the Spatial Rings in his world looked.

    The boy ran towards him to cut Long Chen apart.

    'Sigh, I can't kill anyone publicly according to the laws of the kingdom. Also, there are many powerful people nearby. If I break the law, I'll be attacked and killed by Spirit Warriors and this man's clan. These idiots always look for death,' Long Chen thought as he dodged the sword of Ru Li.

    " I'm telling you clearly. If you don't want your other hand to be broken as well, stop attacking me," he warned Ru Li, but it was as if Ru Li had gone crazy. He wasn't listening to anything and attacking like mad.

    "Sigh, Your younger son is very immature. He already lost his composure. He's already defeated. It's just a matter of time before he's backed into a corner. That's when he will start using his Spirit to fight," the old man that had helped Long Chen register for the Spirit Warrior Entrance Exams told Ru Wang as he sighed.

    "Hah, this son of mine is indeed an idiot. When he said, Vermilion had interfered with him trying to kill the kid; I thought that he was an idiot for trying to kill a kid in his Spirit Warrior form when he could've killed without using his Spirit. I guess I was wrong. This Idiot can't kill him without using his Spirit. He's such a disappointment. Completely unlike his Elder brother," Ru Wang muttered as he glared at his son in anger.

    " This Bastard! If he uses his Spirit, Vermilion will have an excuse to interfere. He'll even scold me for letting my son do the same thing the next day despite his warning. It looks like I'll have to interfere myself if this idiot uses his Spirit to attack the kid. Sigh, I really wanted to see if Vermillion will interfere when the boy was about to die, and Li'er didn't break any laws, but that seems tough now," He added as he sighed.

    "Yeah. On the other hand, it's pretty amazing. Demon's son is really talented. He's just a mortal and hasn't received any fighting training from what I know, still, he's fighting so well. He looks confident too. The boy would have reached even greater heights now if that hadn't happened ten years ago," The old man let out as he sighed.

    " There's nothing to feel sad about. Demon was a bastard! Even I never thought that he would do what he did. It's this kid's fault that the trash was his father. He deserves everything he's getting," The man let out as he frowned.

    "Do you really believe that Demon would betray us? I still think that there's more to this than what we see," The old man muttered as he glanced at Ru Wang.

    "There's nothing to it. It's as clear as the day. Demon betrayed us and ran away to the Dragon Squad! That bastard! We're letting his family live because we still have our humanity, unlike that bastard!" Ru Wang let out as he rolled his eyes.

    "Really? Is that what we did? Wasn't it because the higher-ups felt that simply killing Demon's family would be a lighter punishment for his family and him? Wasn't it because they wanted to see the family being punished by the citizens and regret every second of their existence? Also, wasn't it because they were hoping to bait Demon back to capture him? Wasn't this why they kept them in prison and tortured them for so long?" The old man muttered as he smiled.

    " Hmm? That..." Ru Wang was stunned as he heard the old man's words. He didn't imagine that the old man would know the intentions so well. He thought that only he had managed to guess the intentions of the Higher Ups. More importantly, he hadn't imagined that the old man would speak the words out loud.

    "Don't worry. No one heard us, and even if they did, they wouldn't dare say anything about it," the old man let out as he laughed.

    "Looks like your son is in danger. Are you really not going to do anything to help him?" the old man continued as he smiled.
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