671 Chapter 671: Breakthrough

    "Sigh, This kid is going to make me destroy all my reputation. I never thought I would ever need to save this bastard son of mine from a mortal! This idiot has destroyed the reputation of the entire Ru Clan," Ru Wang let out as he sighed.

    He took a step forward, but he stopped as he thought about something else.

    " On second thought, it's better to let this bastard son of mine die! Let him use his Warrior Spirit and kill this scum of this earth. I'll handle the punishment he receives. I should be able to protect him even if Vermilion does something after Li'er killed the boy,"  he muttered as he refused to help.

    There were more Spirit Warriors in that place, but none of them interfered between Long Chen and Ru Li. They simply watched the battle with great interest. Whatever happened today was going to end in Long Chen's death.

    They knew that if Long Chen killed Ru Li, he would be put to death by the Kingdom for killing a Spirit Warrior, and if he didn't kill Ru Li, he would use his Warrior Spirit and kill Long Chen. They were curious to see how it would end.

    Ru Li attacked Long Chen with his sword. He slashed towards Long Chen's chest, turning his body sideways, but before his blade could touch Long Chen's chest, Long Chen pulled out his knife. He also slashed with his knife.

    Ru Li didn't expect Long Chen to have a weapon as well. He was expecting his sword to hack Long Chen apart, but his expectations were turned upside down as Long Chen's knife hit his sword. The sword flew out of his hand and landed a few meters away.

    Ru Li's mouth opened wide as he ran after the sword, but before he could get near it, his neck was caught by Long Chen.

    Long Chen caught Ru Li's neck and pulled him back. He made Ru Li fall down on the ground before he placed his knee on Ru Li's chest.

    Long Chen also placed his knife on Ru Li's neck.

    "Look! I have no enmity with you. It's always you going after me. I'm warning you. Don't ever come in my way. If I had wished, I could have killed you twenty times already!" Long Chen let out, glaring at Ru Li.

    "You bastard! You dare talk to me like this! I swear I'll kill you!" Ru Li roared as he started using his Warrior Spirit. His body started getting bigger.

    "Awesome. Go on. Get into your spirit form. Just remember that my knife is in the same place it had been in. I'm not putting the knife in your neck, but it's your neck that is getting bigger and going to hit my knife. I won't be responsible when you die," Long Chen let out casually as he refused to move back.

    Previously, his knife was a few inches away from Ru Li's neck, pointing straight towards his neck, but that was intentional. Long Chen knew that there was a good chance that Ru Li would use his Spirit Warrior powers, and he had already taken precautions for that.

    As Ru Li's body got bigger, he felt the knife stabbing in his neck. His eyes turned red in anger, but still, he could think rationally. He forcefully controlled his transformation since he knew that he would die if he continued it.

    His body that was getting bigger started getting smaller.

    "Sigh, the boy is smart. He forced your son to stop his transformation. Hah, reminds me of when Demon had fooled you in that competition," The old man chuckled as he said to Ru Wang.

    "Don't mention the name of that traitor! He cheated in that battle! And later, he cheated our whole Kingdom! Cheating is in that bastard's blood. No wonder his son does the same thing," Ru Wang let out as he snorted.

    " Hah, that's interesting. By the way, your son has stopped his transformation forcefully. He's going to suffer a backlash because of it. His Spirit will weaken, and he will be in pain. When you go back home, give him a bath in Dongxi Herb Powder. He'll have some relief from pain," the old man told Ru Wang.


    Ru Li returned to normal, but his face looked pale. He also coughed out a mouthful of blood as his heartbeat increased.

    "Hah, looks like you're in no condition to fight. You should've done this before. Don't stand in my way the next time," Long Chen muttered as he stood up and started leaving.

    Even he was surprised how easily it all ended. He was worried that the middle-aged man who was with him would attack him. He was ready to use Teleportation at any moment, but everything finished smoothly. Long Chen left the place casually. No-one stopped him.


    "Hah, you didn't do anything in their battle. I'm surprised. You have a lot of patience," The old man told Ru Wang after Long Chen left.

    "Hmph, my son is shameless. He doesn't think about the reputation of Ru Clan, but I can't be like that. I'm the clan master. If I did this as well and attacked a mortal who was fighting a Spirit Warrior fairly, my Ru Clan's reputation will hit rock bottom. Hmph. I won't let him live a peaceful life, though. I can't do anything personally doesn't mean I can't do anything at all," Ru Wang muttered in a grim tone as he walked towards Ru Li.

    He caught Ru Li's hand and left with him.


    It was the evening, and Long Chen had gone back home. He had also purchased some food. After eating with Mi Liayi, he left the small hut, but he didn't actually leave. He sat on top of the hut to get some privacy.

    Long Chen sat in a meditative position as he started cultivating. It was finally the time when he could Cultivate safely.

    He started chanting the sutra of the Nameless Cultivation Technique silently as he tried to feel the Qi in the surroundings. His Qi meridians were already unblocked, which helped him get a perfect gauge of the Qi in his surroundings.

    He started pulling the qi inside his body with each breath. He wasn't a Cultivator yet so that he couldn't absorb with his body, but he could take Qi in with his mouth and use it to become a Cultivator.

    Long Chen thought that it was going to take some time for him to break through, but as soon as he took his second mouthful of Natural Qi, he achieved a breakthrough.
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