672 Chapter 672: Mystery behind Bloodline Door

    Long Chen was sitting on top of the small hut. He had just started cultivating in this new body for the first time, but he was filled with experience of cultivating in the past.

    He knew how to absorb the natural qi and make it circulate around his body to nourish his entire body with the strengthening property of the Qi. He couldn't store the Qi inside his body since he was still not in the Spirit Establishment Realm. The beginning of a Cultivator's life started with the Body Refining Realm, which only focused on refining the body and strengthening it.

    Long Chen wanted to break through to the Spirit Establishment Realm as fast as he could so that he could use his Qi, but he knew that it was impossible for him to achieve it in just a day. The Spirit Warrior Examination was tomorrow. He had no expectations of breaking through to the Second Major Cultivation realm, which was the Spirit Establishment Realm. Even though he couldn't do that, he wished to be as strong as he could when he went there for the examination.

    He believed that he needed a strong body just as much as he needed his Qi. He had his laws to handle the rest, but as long as his body was weak, he had a high chance of falling during this third bloodline trial.

    The first breakthrough came faster than he expected. He was able to become the First Stage Body Refining Realm Cultivator within just a few minutes after he started Cultivating.

    A smile appeared on his face as he finally became a Cultivator. He knew that the time he took for each breakthrough might increase with each increment in his Cultivation Realm.


    Long Chen Cultivated through the evening and throughout the night. He only stopped once during the entirety of his Cultivation to go and have dinner with Mi Liayi. After finishing the dinner and making Mi Liayi sleep, he left the guy again and started cultivating under the moonlight.

    As the sun started rising on the distant horizon, Long Chen stopped his Cultivation. He stopped up and jumped down from the roof. He landed in front of the hutt and stretched his arms as he smiled.

    " It feels so good to have some strength in my body again. I didn't expect my Cultivation to be so fast. In just a night of Cultivation, I'm already at the 9th Stage of Earth Realm. Was it really supposed to be so easy?" Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly.

    " What did you expect? Body Refining Realm is the most basic realm of Cultivation. You also have a decent Cultivation experience. Also, the current body is made to be easier to cultivate. The Bloodline Temple gave you a hard Cultivation, but it also gave you all the tools that you need for succeeding," Xun appeared beside him.

    " Oh? That's pretty interesting. No wonder I felt my Cultivation increase so fast," Long Chen muttered as he smiled. "I guess the bloodline temple is not too bad. It threw me in this troubling place, but it did me a favor by at least making it a good body."

    Long Chen stepped inside the hut and saw Mi Liayi sleeping comfortably.

    Long Chen waited for Mi Liayi to wake up to have dinner with her.

    "Mother, I'm going outside to do something important. Stay at home and don't go anywhere. I will come back with dinner," he told Mi Liayi as he got ready to leave.

    Mi Liayi made him promise that he won't do anything dangerous before she allowed him to leave.

    Long Chen made the promise, not knowing what the Spirit Warrior College  Entrance Exams was going to be like, but he believed that it wouldn't be too threatening for him.

    After promising her, he left the hut and strode towards the Center of the city with big steps.

    While Long Chen was walking through the forest, he was also thinking about how the bloodline temple was helping him. His thoughts brought him to different thoughts where he remembered about the doors in front of him for the trials.

    "Hey, Xun." He called out suddenly.

    "Yeah?" Xun asked back.

    "When I was choosing my trial, there was more than one door before me. You said that my trial was going to be the same no matter which door I chose, but the difficulty would be different. What would I have received if I had opened other doors? And was the door I chose the most difficult door?" Long Chen asked as he glanced in the direction of Xun.

    "Sigh, do you really want to know what the other doors meant? Let me be clear; the door you chose had the highest difficulty. If you had chosen other doors, then the trial would definitely be easier for you. The revelation of other doors will only upset you. Just let them be a mystery," Xun told Long Chen as she sighed.

    "Nah, it's fine. I want to know what I missed," Long Chen replied as he nodded his head.

    He understood from Xun's words that this was going to be bad for him to know. It was always upsetting to know that you could've lived a much better life if you had just been a little more lucky and if he had chosen a different door. He knew that he was not going to like it, but he still wanted to listen to it. He didn't want to be ignorant about it.

    "Fine. I will tell you. I'll exclude the door that you had chosen to make it easier for you to understand," Xun let out as she nodded her head.

    "If you had chosen the first door from the left, you would have the Trial to impersonate the Elder brother of the guy you just beat up. You would be the eldest son of Ru Clan, so your starting point would have been different, but the Trial would be the same, to become the King of Aksha Kingdom," Xun told Long Chen, making him cough a little.

    "Being the brother of that brat? That would be nice, I guess. I could've beaten him up just like I did, and he would be smiling," Long Chen said as he chuckled.

    "The starting point would have been better, as well. I did miss out on it, but it's less trouble this way. It's much easier to pretend to be Fu Chen that no one knows about except one person," He continued as he became optimistic.

    "What about the Second Door?" Long Chen asked.
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