674 Chapter 674: He came here too?

    "Hah, so I'm the reason Mi Liayi lost her son. If I hadn't selected that door, her son would be alive. Similarly, I could have saved Mu Yun's son in Ghost Island as well, but I watched him die for my own benefit so that I could take advantage of that situation. I guess I always create tragedy for others wherever I go," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He didn't look sad, but he did look a little disappointed. He could see how his actions had brought pain to others, but he also knew that his life mattered the most. On one hand, he was considering how he could've made the lives of people around him better; on the other hand, he was thinking about why he should care for strangers. They were just random people that had nothing to do with him.

    "Mu Yun was my aunt, but I didn't know that when I watched her son die. I can't be blamed for that, but if I didn't have the mentality of ignoring whatever happened to strangers, I might have saved my brother," he muttered as he frowned.

    "Don't think about that. The chances of that boy being your relative were impossible. It wasn't your fault for watching a stranger die. You didn't kill him either. It's the past now anyway, just forget it," Xun told Long Chen as she flew near him and patted her shoulder.

    "Don't worry. I'm perfectly fine. I was just thinking about my choices so that I can make better choices in the future. I know that I can't care about strangers. Why should I care about them, anyway? It's always a situation where it's either them, or I complete my objective. I can't put my life in danger for strangers, and I know that. I was just thinking about some things. It's nothing," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head and removed these thoughts from his head.

    "Anyway, how do you know so much about this world? Did the Bloodline Temple give you the knowledge of this world?" Long Chen asked Xun in confusion.

    "The Bloodline Temple did give me the Knowledge about this Place that might be crucial to you, but that's not all I know. I have some extra knowledge about this place beside the one I got from the Bloodline Temple," Xun replied to Long Chen with a smug look on her face.

    "How? It's not like you could have come here," Long Chen inquired in confusion as he wondered how she knew about this. This world was sealed.  There's no way she could have come here.

    "Of course I know because I came here before," Xun answered Long Chen, destroying all his assumptions.

    "How is that possible? According to what you said, the Heavenly Emperor himself sealed this world. How could you come here?! Wait a minute, did you come here with the Bloodline Owner? He must be stronger than the Heavenly Emperor since he made the Miraculous Bloodline Temple that could change destinies!" Long Chen was confused about her answer, but he soon came to a possible answer that made sense.

    Xun looked at him and shook her head as she rejected his assumption

    "No, I came here with Tian Shen," she said.

    "With him? Ah, so he had the same Bloodline Trial. That made sense. He was very strong. There's no way he hadn't passed the Third Trial. Was his Trial the same as mine? Which Kingdom did he rule?" Long Chen inquired as he glanced at her.

    "Hah, no. He didn't get any Bloodline Trial related to this world," Xun shook her head as she smiled.

    "He didn't get a Trail to come to this world? How did you come with him here? Don't tell me that he broke the barrier of the Ruler of Heavens to enter this world," Long Chen looked at her in shock as he refused to believe her.

    "He didn't break the barrier, or things would be much different here, and the New Heavenly Emperor would have chased after us, but he did come here. As for how he came here, that's not important for now. Anyway, stop talking to me now. People are looking at you like you are crazy," Xun reminded Long Chen.

    Long Chen glanced sideways and saw a few people looking at him, talking to thin air. They couldn't see Xun, so they all believed that Long Chen was talking to himself as if he was crazy.

    " Yeah, we're in the populated part of the city. You can keep that secret to yourself," he muttered as he shook his head.

    He stopped talking to her and continued going toward the Central Plaza.

    He reached the center of the city after a few minutes of walk.

    The center area of the city was barricades, and thousands of people were standing around the barricade. There was a path left in the middle where the guards had formed a line to check the passes of all the participants before they allowed them inside.

    Long Chen could see youngsters going inside the barricades through that path. They had the same paper in their hand that the old Registrar had given to Long Chen as well.

    He walked towards the guards and showed them the paper.

    The guards looked at him in confusion.

    "What is happening here? The son of that betrayer is allowed to participate in this Examination as well? Did the person that gave him the form didn't even look at his face? We can't let this bastard son enter and take part in this! He will soil our holy selection trials!" The guard that checked the paper snorted as he looked at Long Chen in disgust.

    Long Chen heard his words and frowned.

    'This idiot! What does this have to do if I'm the son of the betrayer! If I got the legal permission, I should be allowed to take part! This idiot guard is overstepping his boundaries,' Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly.

    The other guards chimed in on that notion as well. They all wanted Long Chen to leave. There was only one guard that wasn't saying anything. It was a red-haired guard that looked the strongest here. Even though his body wasn't that bulky, but from his aura, Long Chen was getting a feeling that he was the strongest amongst the guards.

    "Almost everyone in this City knows who this guy is! I don't think anyone will help him register. Let me see who gave him the permission to take part in the Spirit Warrior Entrance Examination," The red-haired guard said as he took the paper from the other guard's hand.
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