675 Chapter 675: Are you the king?

    He read the paper and looked for the sign of the person that issued the paper.

    As soon as he saw the name on the paper, his face turned pale.

    "T-this paper was issued by Master Ming? This... if he gave this, rejecting this guy would be like disrespecting Master Ming's authority," the red-haired guy muttered as he frowned.

    "What? Master Ming? Why would he give the Registration Form to anyone? This doesn't make sense. He is the Elder of Veritas Spirit Warrior College. That college is in the top three Spirit Warrior Colleges in the Kingdom. This doesn't make sense," The other guards said as they started sweating.

    'What? That old man was such a bigshot? I couldn't feel any Qi from him. He must be a Spirit Warrior as well. It's so difficult to find the wall strength of a Spirit Warrior. All the Dragons can hide as sheep, and I have no way of knowing,' Long Chen muttered as he sighed. He hadn't expected that a simple man who was taking registration for newbies disciples would be an actual Elder.

    ' From their expressions, he shouldn't have been there,' he thought.

    "Could this be fake? There's no way Elder Min would actually be walking around with a registration form? Even if he were walking around with that, he wouldn't help this bastard son register," One of the guards raised a question as he looked at Long Chen suspiciously.

    " Are you accusing me of cheating?" Long Chen asked the guard that had raised the suggestion.

    "Of course! How else could a Bastard like you get this paper! You cheated! Go back and contemplate your wrongdoings," the guard told Long Chen as he started laughing.

    "Hahaha, right! Master Ming would never give a trash like you the registration form. He's the high Master who stays in the sky where mortals like us can't reach! Stop taking his name to lie!" Another guard said as he rolled his eyes.

    Long Chen sighed as he heard their words. He wondered if he should sneak inside or find the guy that helped him register or if he should leave. This whole thing was about getting information.

    It wasn't like he really needed to get an entry in a Spirit Warrior College, but he still wished to enter since he knew that his body had the properties that were required to be a Spirit Warrior. He wanted to learn as much as he could about how he could awaken the Spirit Creature strength that his body was made after.

    "Oh? You all seem to know me quite well."

    While the guards were laughing and mocking Long Chen, they all heard a deep voice coming from some distance.

    The whole place was very noisy, yet the voice was clearly audible. Long Chen also heard that voice and looked back.

    As he looked back, his frown deepened. He saw the old man walking in his direction. It was the same man that had given him the form, but his eyes had a clear shine in them. Previously Long Chen had assumed that the guy was blind from the way he behaved, but now it seemed like the guy was not blind at all.

    He couldn't help but wonder why the old man behaved that way. Also, according to the words of the guards, the man had a very high position. Why was he in that place, taking the registration when Long Chen went there. Also, why was he with that middle-aged guy from the Ru Clan who was with Ru Li? Just what was this old man thinking? Was he scheming against him as well?" Long Chen had many questions, but he couldn't ask them.

    "M-master Ming! We didn't mean that! It was just that this bastar... ah, this kid here was saying that he got this registration form from you. We just found it suspicious, and we were inquiring about him. We didn't mean to insult you by saying that we knew you," the guards apologized to the old man.

    "Do you think anyone would dare to fake my name? It is real. I gave the kid that form. Let him go and take part in the trial," the Old man told the guards.

    The guards didn't dare to delay any further after they heard Master Ming's words.

    "Here you go, little guy. You can enter," they gave the form back to Long Chen and told him to enter.

    Long Chen didn't enter as he simply glanced at the old man.

    "Don't worry. Go inside. No one will stop you," The old man said to Long Chen as he gestured to him to enter.

    Long Chen realized that the old man didn't want to enter at the moment. Either he didn't want to enter with Long Chen, or he was waiting for someone outside. Either way, he knew that he couldn't force the old man. He turned back and entered inside the barricading.

    As Long Chen entered, he saw a crowd of thousands and thousands of people looking at him from outside the barricading.

    "Hey, isn't that the traitor's son? What the heck is he doing there? What is the security doing? Do they allow anyone to enter anywhere?"

    " Why is that guy here? That is the place for Young Geniuses of this Kingdom who will be Spirit Warriors and protect our kingdom in the future! This is no place for the son of the traitor that sold the dignity of our kingdom for a few worldly possessions!"

    "Throw him out!"

    "Throw him out!"



    Suddenly, every person started chanting to throw long Chen out. There was also a simultaneous Chant of 'Traitor' going around.

    Long Chen ignored everyone as he walked forward and stood with the hundreds of youngsters that were registered to take part in the Spirit Warrior College Entrance Exams.

    "You Trash! Didn't you hear the chants? Get the hell out of here!"

    A young boy was standing beside Long Chen. He wasn't from this city. He had come from a distant city within the kingdom, so he hadn't seen Long Chen before, but he had heard about Long Chen and his father. From the chants of people, he had realized who Long Chen was. He was looking at Long Chen in disgust.

    Long Chen looked at the man casually without even the least bit of emotion on his face.

    "Are you the King?" he asked the young man.

    "No," the man shook his head.

    "Oh, then are you the Elder responsible for this test?" Long Chen asked again.

    "No, I'm not," the man again shook his head.
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