676 Chapter 676: Three Great Colleges

    "Then who the hell do you think you are to tell me to get out? I'm here the same way you are. If I'm allowed to be here, then similarly, you're not allowed to be here. Set an example for me and get out of this place. I might follow after you," Long Chen told the man as if he was looking down at him.

    "Y-you!" the young man could feel his face burn as he heard the insulting words of Long Chen.

    "What you? Don't speak if you can't speak. People wouldn't think you're an idiot if you don't open your mouth. You should listen to that advice," Long Chen continued as he rolled his eyes.

    "Hah, this Traitor's son has some real attitude. This bastard had even more of an attitude than us honest people."

    While Long Chen was talking to one person, another person chimed in.

    "Not only attitude, but I also have many things more than you. You will be able to see them pretty soon," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    " Hah, what can you show us? The only thing you might know is how to betray your Kingdom that should've been taught to you by your father. You want to show us that? Sorry, but we aren't interested in learning how to betray the Kingdom that fed us! We want to save our kingdom, unlike that shameless Bastard father of yours," another guy started mocking Long Chen.

    " You should be glad that we are on the testing grounds and we aren't allowed to fight, or I would have broken all your bones tonight!"

    "This trash kid thinks he can join the rank of Prestigious Spirit Warriors. Hah, after what his father did, I'm sure he'll be thrown out as soon as the Elders see his face."

    One after another, more and more youngsters kept chiming in, all looking to insult Long Chen. The crowd was also chanting to throw Long Chen out. They hadn't stopped at all.


    The whole field was filled with noise that lasted for quite some time until a single word made them go silent

    All of them looked upwards and saw a person high in the sky. It was a handsome man. There were two wings behind his back that looked as beautiful as a Vermilion.

    "The Phoenix Squad Leader Vermilion!"

    "It's Master Vermillion?!"

    "He never attends the Spirit Warrior Entrance Exams! Why is he here?"

    Everyone was shocked as they watched Vermilion flying in the sky. Even though they exclaimed, they kept their voices low not to disturb Vermillion.

    " This is the Testing Ground. Don't create any noises. As for your concerns, all of the people present inside the group are the ones that are taking part in the trial. They have all been registered," Vermilion said.

    " They are legally allowed to take part in the College Entrance Exams! So I don't want any more screaming about getting any participant out. Those that are found to be creating a disturbance even after my warning will be punished severely," He declared before he flew towards the stage in the center of the arena that was created. There were a few seats placed there. He sat on the center seating.

    ' Vermilion is the judge today,' Long Chen thought as he frowned. Vermilion was his prime suspect in framing his father, and that same person was going to be responsible for this Examination. He couldn't help but wonder if Vermillion was going to do something unorthodox.

    'In any way, today, it'll be clear if Vermilion was responsible for what happened with Demon or not. If he went after me for no reason, then he hated Demon and me, and he might actually be responsible. To scheme against him, he must've hated Demon, or he was greedy about the Leadership Position. If he were indeed responsible, he definitely wouldn't be king towards me. On the other hand, if he's neutral, then there would be a possibility that he's indeed innocent,' Long Chen thought as he waited for the test to begin.

    "What is Master Vermillion doing here? He's not associated with any of the Spirit Warrior Colleges? Also, he has never appeared in the selection Trails before."

    "He might be a chief guest this time. That's also a possibility."

    "Ah, right. I didn't even think about that. That must be it!"

    While other participants talked amongst themselves, Long Chen heard their conversations and understood the situation better, making him even more suspicious of Vermilion's intentions.

    After a few more minutes, two more people flew inside the arena and landed beside Vermilion.

    Long Chen recognized one of the two people. It was the same old man that had helped him register for the Entrance Exams. Another old man was standing beside him that was wearing the same clothes.

    "That's Master Ming and Master Mu from Veritas Spirit Warrior College. It's one of the Three Major Spirit Warrior Colleges. The ones that get chosen by them will have a great life ahead. Their Spirit Warrior journey will be more pleasant," one of the participants said as he saw the two elders enter the arena.

    "Sigh, I wish to get chosen by one of the three Great Colleges. My love would be set," another guy let out as he looked at the Elders with a zealous gaze.

    "Three Great Colleges. This is interesting," Long Chen muttered as he subtly glanced at the old man and the registration papers in his hand.

    "Whoh, there comes the Elders from the Thunder College! Look at the beautiful clouds! I heard that it's an Artifact of the Thunder College! It can take the shape of a cloud and bring them to their destination! Such an amazing artifact!" one of the guys said as he looked at the beauty cloud flying above the arena and getting down slowly near the stage.

    "What amazing artifact? I prefer flying of Master Vermilion! Nothing can compare to that!" a girl said as she rolled her eyes before looking at Vermilion, who was sitting on the central seat like a Proud Warrior.

    The cloud slowly landed on the ground before two people came down from the cloud. The cloud started changing shape and took the shape of a scarf that wrapped itself around the neck of one of the guys that had come down from the cloud. Both of the guys walked towards the stage and sat on the left side of Vermillion.

    "Thunder College sent Master Lin and Master Gu; this was unexpected. I thought you didn't like coming to these things?" Vermilion asked with a curious look on his face.
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