677 Chapter 677: Beauty on the field

    "Hah, we weren't coming this time as well, but today we heard that you had suddenly decided to attend? We were curious, so we decided to come see for ourselves what's so interesting about today's selections," Master Lin said as he smiled.

    "Oh? So you came after me? I must say, I'm honored. To be honest, I was just feeling bored when I heard about this event. It seemed interesting to pass some time here and see the next generation of our Spirit Warriors Selection," Vermilion said as he glanced at the Elders of the Thunder Spirit College.

    "That's when Master Ming suggested to make me a guest in the Examination, and I accepted. There's no other reason. I guess you wasted your trip this time," he continued.

    "Oh? Don't worry about us. Getting to meet the leader of our Phoenix Organization is definitely worth our trip. Also, we can watch the examination as well besides you,"  Elder Lin from the Thunder Spirit College said as he smiled.

    While the crowd waited patiently, more and more Elders from various Spirit Warrior Colleges kept arriving and taking their seats on the stage.

    "Almost every Spirit Warrior College is here. The trial should begin soon," one of the participants standing beside Long Chen muttered.

    "Only the Silver Spirit College is not here yet. Sigh, Silver Spirit College is one of the three major colleges besides the Thunder Spirit College and the Veritas Spirit College. Only their Elders haven't arrived yet. The trial should begin when they are here.' Another participant standing nearby responded.

    While the people were eagerly waiting for the examination to start, the people on the Stage were also looking on the distant horizon, waiting for someone to arrive.

    "Sigh. They are so lazy. Almost everyone is here. Only they are late," Elder Ming of Veritas Spirit College said as he sighed.

    "They're always late. When are they going to learn punctuality," Elder Lin of Thunder Spirit College said as he snorted.

    "The Silver Spirit College really loves to make an entrance. They're always the last ones to arrive, attracting all eyes. Here they come now," Vermilion muttered as he smiled while looking at the sky.

    The sky started to darken as it was covered by dark clouds.

    Long Chen and the others also looked towards the sky that was suddenly covered in dark clouds. The clouds started thundering. The sound of thunder was deafening.

    " They're such showoffs," Vermilion chuckled as he looked at the sky.

    Suddenly, a big thunderbolt landed in the middle of the ground. The whole area was covered in a blinding flash of light. As the light disappeared, everyone saw two people standing there.

    One of them was a middle-aged man who looked like he was in his early 40s, while the other was a woman who looked like she was in her early 20s. Her beautiful eyes and her curvy body attracted the gaze of everyone in the place. While guys looked at her with lust in their eyes for her gorgeous figure, the girls looked at her with a jealous gaze.

    Even a few Elders who were sitting on the stage couldn't control their gaze from wandering off as they observed her beautiful jade-like skin.

    There were only a few people on the stage that seemed unaffected, including Elder Ming and Vermillion.

    Amongst the men that were not on the stage, not a single man could control their gazes, except Long Chen.

    Long Chen only glanced at the men and the woman for a brief second before shifting his gaze back to Vermillion. He was more concerned about Vermilion than a beauty.

    The girl saw Long Chen not looking at her, which made her frown.

    'Interesting. There is a person that didn't look at me? I expected the Elders to be able to control themselves, but a mortal was able to do it as well? Very interesting indeed. Just who is this guy?' the girl thought as she licked her lips while looking at Long Chen.

    As the two people appeared in the middle of the ground, the dark clouds above the sky disappeared.

    "Ling, let's go," The middle-aged man standing behind the girl said to the young girl as he turned back towards the stage. Lia took a careful glance at Long Chen once again before she turned around and started going towards the stage as well.

    Both of them got on the stage and greeted Vermilion.

    "Elder Lia and Elder Ru, You certainly know how to make an entry," Vermilion let out with a smile as he greeted the new arrivals on stage.

    "Hahah, Master Vermilion, you surely jest. It's just the method we use to arrive is so bright. We have nothing to do with it," Elder Ru from the Silver Spirit College let out as he smiled.

    "Hmph, what you have nothing to do with it? You always come late just to get the opportunity to show off. It wouldn't be wrong to say that you perfectly utilize this show-off skill," Elder Mu from Veritas Spirit College let out as he rolled his eyes.

    "If you have finished the greetings, please sit down. We are already late. We need to start the examination as well. I want it to end fast; the more you delay it, the more we will be delayed," Elder Lin of the Thunder Spirit Colleges said as he gestured for the girls to sit down fast.


    After a few minutes, everything was settled. All the Elders were seated, and they were preparing to start the Examination.

    Elder Ming from the Veritas Spirit College stood up as he looked at all the participants. He was the person that had helped Long Chen register as well.

    " Everyone! I am Elder Ming from the Veritas Spirit Warrior College. As you all know, this will be the Selection Exams for various Spirit Warrior Colleges, and the Veritas Spirit Warrior College is holding it this time. Since some of you might be unaware of the rules, I'll clear them once again. This will be the last time so listen carefully," Elder Ming said in a voice that was loud enough that everyone present there was able to hear him.

    "All of you will go through some tests, and your selection will depend on your performance in said tests. There are Elders present here from almost all Spirit Warrior Colleges in the Kingdom of Aksha. After all the tests are finished for you, you will receive offers to join the respective Spirit Warrior Colleges from their elders. If you get selected by any of the Spirit Warrior College, you will become its members."
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