678 Chapter 678: Falsely Accused

    If you receive offers from more than one Spirit Warrior College, it will be on you to choose the best Spirit Warrior College that suits your needs."

    "On the contrary, if you didn't receive any offers for selection, you will have to go home empty-handed. That's why give it your all and make sure that you show your best performance today. Also, we have a special guest today as well. Phoenix Organization Leader and our Kingdom's brave protector, Master Vermilion. Since he is here, he will also select one person amongst you. All of us Elders have decided something."

    " The person he selects will have the right to join any Spirit Warrior College, even if that person isn't selected by the Spirit Warrior College of his choice. So make sure to show Master Vermilion what you can do. The ones that win his favor will be allowed to join any Spirit Warrior College," Elder Ming said as he smiled.

    All the other elders also nodded their heads at this announcement.

    Everyone was excited to give their best performance today and win the favor of Master Vermilion. Only Long Chen was frowning. He still didn't know if Vermillion was a friend or an Enemy. Still, he decided to give it his best.

    He didn't wish to join any of the three major Colleges. He wanted to join a Spirit Warrior College. It didn't matter if it was the weakest. All he needed was Knowledge about Spirit Warriors to plan ahead. All he needed was just one offer to join a Spirit Warrior College. It didn't matter it's rank or strength.

    "Alright. That's all you needed to know. Best of luck for the exams, everyone," Elder Ming let out as he sat back.

    After a few seconds, one person walked to the center of the ground with a crystal ball in his hand. A few more people stepped forward with a table and placed the table before the man.

    The man placed the crystal ball on the table and stood back.

    "Alright, guys. I am Mu Wan. I am a Spirit Warrior of the Veritas Spirit College, and I'll be your Senior Brother if any of you join the Veritas Spirit College. The first part of the examination will be administered by me," the man said as he smiled brightly while looking at the participants. His smile only disappeared when his gaze fell on Long Chen. He knew that he couldn't do anything to show that he hated a participant since the Elders were watching him. He again started smiling, even though his smile was fake now.

    "Anyway, the Crystal Ball you see before you is the first part of your trial. Those who pass this test will move on to the next part, while the ones that fail will have to leave." Mu Wan said as he glanced at the ball before him.

    " The ball before me is called the Spirit Watcher. It is something that tells us if you have the potential to be a Spirit Warrior in the future or not. Now, I'm sure that you were told that you don't need to be a Spirit Warrior to take part in the exams, but it's also the truth that it's the Exams of Spirit Warrior College. we can't take mortals who have no hope of becoming Spirit Warriors in the future."

    "Even if you aren't a Spirit Warrior now, as long as you have the potential to be one in the near future, you'll pass this exam. Come forward one by one and place your hand on the ball. If it shines white, then you don't have any hopes of becoming a Spirit Warrior. If it shines green, then you do have potential, and you pass this exam," Mu Wan said as he smiled.

    Mu Wan looked towards the participants to select the person from whom he was going to start the test.

    " Alright. Come forward one by one. Don't delay now. You! We'll start from you," he let out as he selected a girl.

    The girl came forward and placed her hand on the ball. The Crystal ball started shining. Unfortunately, it was shining in white light.

    "You are not made to be a Spirit Warrior. You should try to be a Cultivator or something else. You can leave," Mu Wan told the girl with an expressionless face.

    The girl's face turned pale as she looked at Mu Wan, but she knew that she couldn't do anything. Even though tears appeared in her eyes, she turned back and walked out of the arena.

    "Next, you!" Mu Wan said as he pointed towards another girl in the crowd.

    The second girl came forward and placed her hand on the ball, but she failed as well. She was also told to leave.

    Mu Wan chose the third person, which was surprisingly another girl.

    The man kept picking girls one after another. He had chosen around twenty girls, and only five of them had the potential to be a Spirit Warrior. The other Fifteen girls were sent back.

    'This guy... It looks like he has taken the phrase 'Ladies First' a little too seriously,' Long Chen thought as he watched the Mu Wan pick one girl after another. Even though he was standing at the front, Mu Wan hadn't even looked at his side.

    "Guys, it looks like he's a pervert. He only sees girls," Someone said out loud. Even though the voice was loud, since they were in a crowd, no one saw who said it, but everyone started laughing as they heard it.

    Mu Wan looked towards the guys as his face turned red.

    "Who dares to spoil the serious and serene atmosphere of the Exams?" Mu Wan thundered as he glared at them.

    Everyone looked at each other, but no one named the person that actually said it.

    Suddenly, one of the guys in the crowd pointed towards a person.

    "Senior Mu, I think this guy said it,"  that guy said as he pointed towards Long Chen.

    "That's right! He was the guy that said it!" Another person pointed his finger towards Long Chen after the first person.

    "He isn't taking the exams seriously at all since he knows that he isn't going to get selected!"

    "He is mocking our selection process! Senior Mu! You should really throw this guy out!"

    One after another, all the guys started pointing fingers towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen knew what they were trying to do, but he didn't react. He knew that nothing he said would matter since he was the enemy of the public for whatever reason.
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