680 Chapter 680: Mystery of Cultivation


    Mu Wan was just mocked by Long Chen. A mortal that he considered to be lower than a trash. The son of the traitor that he hated. Also, not only was he mocked, but in a way, he was blamed for bringing down the reputation of the whole Veritas College.

    He already knew that it wasn't Long Chen who said it. He also knew that the Elders knew the same, but he still tried to use this situation to teach Long Chen a lesson, not knowing that he was going to get the short end of the stick instead.

    His face turned red in anger as he glared at Long Chen.

    "You! Who do you think you are?! How dare you mock me?!" Mu Wan roared in anger.

    "I didn't mock you," Long Chen let out as he raised his hand innocently.

    Mu Wan was even more angry as he saw Long Chen acting ignorant, but he was somewhat glad as well since this meant that Long Chen was actually scared of his Punishment.

    Just as he was wondering how to deal with Long Chen, he heard Long Chen continued his statement.

    "Instead, I mocked the person that claimed to be a Spirit Warrior of Veritas College and still couldn't differentiate between an innocent and the person that actually called him a pervert. That person wouldn't happen to be you, right?" Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "You! Get out of here now! You are a shameless person! You disrespect your elders. You aren't allowed to participate in the Examination!" Mu Wan said to Long Chen.

    Long Chen heard his words, but he didn't feel bad. He wanted to join the Spirit Warrior Colleges to know about them, but it didn't mean that he was going to bed for it when he didn't do anything. He had faith that Cultivators were just as strong as Spirit Warriors, if not more.

    It was just that this world was more Spirit Warrior Oriented, and since it was a world that had been sealed for a long time, the Cultivation Skills of this world were probably more crude and of lower quality. That was the only explanation for what he saw today.

    As Long Chen was coming for the examination today, he saw the guards of this event. They were Cultivators. Since they were guards of this important examination, it was obvious that they must be decent Cultivators that had some high position, at least amongst the Cultivators of this world, but Long Chen saw that their Cultivation was unstable. It was clear that their Cultivation Skills were of the lowest level and imperfect.

    He could see it before, but as he had become a Cultivator after cultivating all night long, he was able to see it clearly now. From what he saw, he realized that when it comes to fighting, a fifth stage Body Refining Realm Cultivator of his world could easily defeat the Peak Body Refining Realm Cultivator of this world.

    He had realized why Cultivators of this world were considered to be of lower standing. If they had the same strength as the Cultivators from this world, he felt like the situation could've been different. After realizing about that, Long Chen had understood that he could achieve his goals even without becoming a Spirit Warrior.

    As for getting knowledge about Spirit Warriors, that was easy as well. All he had to do was kidnap a Spirit Warrior from these colleges and get the secrets out.

    He had already made up his mind on which Spirit Warrior he was going to kidnap when he had enough Cultivation to use his skills.

    As Mu Wan told him to leave, Long Chen had prepared to leave, but he didn't want to leave like a loser. He wanted to mock Mu Wan once again before leaving, and that's why he didn't leave instantly.

    He opened his mouth to say something to Mu Wan, but before he could say anything, he heard the voice of another person.

    "That's enough."

    It seemed like an aged voice. Long Chen recognized that voice. It was the voice of Elder Ming. He was the person that helped him register.

    " We know that he didn't say the mocking words to you in the first place. He was falsely accused. Nowadays, it's easy to accuse anyone falsely, and people would believe it as long as enough people say it. It's nothing new," Elder Ming said in a stern tone.

    Vermilion couldn't help but smile as he heard Elder Ming's words, understanding the direction he was actually pointing at. He knew that Elder Ming was using Long Chen as an excuse to talk about what happened with Demon. He simply smiled and didn't say anything.

    "As for the person that actually did it, we all know who it is. I'm sure that person knows that he did wrong as well. There's no benefit in stretching this thing. Just continue the examination and forget what happened," Elder Ming continued.

    " Ah, right, Elder Ming," Mu Wan nodded his head as sweat covered his forehead. As he saw all Elders sitting silently after his initial interaction with Long Chen, he thought that they were fine with it and they hated Long Chen as well. He couldn't help but sweat as he heard Elder Ming's words, though. It was clear that Elder Ming was happy with what he did today.

    "So it wasn't you that said it first. It seems I have made a mistake. Still, the way you talked to me after that was not how a decent disciple should talk. Try to improve your behavior and nature, and don't do it again. You can stay here and take part in the examination," Mu Wan told Long Chen as he looked at him with a forced smile.

    "Alright. We have already wasted a lot of time. Let's be fast now. Next person, come forward," he continued as he pointed towards one of the guys and called him for testing.

    As the test progressed, more and more people kept falling. The rate of success was really low. Over a thousand people have been tested, and only a hundred of them were going to have a high possibility of becoming a Spirit Warrior.

    Long Chen still wasn't tested. It was as if Mu Wan was intentionally keeping Long Chen for the end so that he started in suspense. The more intently one waited for something, the worse the failure felt.

    According to the general understanding, a person had a high probability of being a Spirit Warrior if both their father and mother were Spirit Warriors.
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