681 Chapter 681: Strange War Spirit Testing

    If only one of the parents was a Spirit Warrior, then the possibility of the kid becoming a Spirit Warrior was less than twenty percent. As Long Chen's mother was just a mortal, everyone knew that his chances of being a Spirit Warrior like his father were really low.

    Even though Long Chen's father was one of the Strongest Spirit Warriors that this Kingdom had seen, the chances of Long Chen being like him were low. Mu Wan knew it, and he felt like the failure of Long Chen was anything but a given.

    As each second passed, the number of untested people kept decreasing until only one person was remaining. Long Chen was the only person that wasn't tested.

    "You come forward. It's your turn," Mu Wan said as he pointed towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen came forward.

    Over half the Elders looked intently at Long Chen now. Even though it was a high probability that Long Chen was going to fail, they wanted to see it carefully. Long Chen was the son of Demon, after all. They wanted to see him fail themselves to feel a sense of satisfaction that Demon's son was a trash.

    The other half of the Elders didn't seem to be caring at all. Only Elder Ming, Elder Lia, and Vermillion were looking at Long Chen with a different kind of interest.

    "Place your hand on the ball," Mu Wan told Long Chen.

    Long Chen placed his left hand over the ball. As his hand landed on the crystal ball, the crystal ball started shining.


    "Just what the..."

    "How is that possible?"

    All the Elders were shocked as they saw the color that was showing on the ball.

    Even Vermillion was frowning as he saw the crystal ball.

    Even Long Chen himself was shocked. He couldn't understand what was happening as he saw the crystal ball before him.

    The ball was showing a bright white color, but that wasn't all. It was also showing a green color. It kept switching between green and white. Green meant that he could be a Spirit Warrior, while White meant that he couldn't be a Spirit Warrior.

    "Just what is happening? It never happened before. Even the Spirit Judgment Crystal is confused about his potential? One moment it shows that he can be a Spirit Warrior, and the other moment, it shows that he can't be one. How is that even possible. It's either one or the other. It can't be both," Elder Gu muttered in confusion.

    "It's my first time seeing it as well. This shouldn't be possible. I think this Spirit Judgement Crystal suddenly turned defected," Vermilion chimed in with his opinion.

    "That should be it!"

    "That's right! This Spirit Crystal is defective!"

    "Hah, that scared me for a moment!"

    All the Elders nodded their heads as they agreed to Vermilion's assumption.

    "Bring out another Spirit Judgement Crystal!"  Elder Ming told Mu Wan to bring a new crystal to test Long Chen since he also believed Vermillion's theory.

    Mu Wan gestured for his people to bring two new Crystal balls instead of one just to be sure.

    After a few seconds, two people came to the arena with two similar crystal balls. They placed the balls on the table and left with the old Spirit Judgement Ball.

    "Place your hand on this one first," Mu Wan told Long Chen as he pointed towards the first wall.

    Long Chen placed his hand on the crystal ball and hoped for it to not malfunction again, but the same thing happened again. The crystal ball started switching between White and Green and didn't stop for even a second.

    The Elders were once again shocked, and so was Mu Wan. The same thing was happening again. Without waiting for Elders to say anything to him, Mu Wan told Long Chen to place his hand on the second ball.

    Long Chen wondered what was actually happening as he placed his hand on the last Crystal Ball.

    After a few seconds, the last crystal ball also started behaving in the same manner as it shone in different colors.

    "One Spirit Ball can malfunction. Even two Spirit Balls can malfunction, but for three of them to have the same problem? This seems difficult to believe. It shouldn't be the Spirit Ball's fault but Long Chen's fault. Maybe he has some rare unawakened War Spirit inside his body that is making the Spirit Ball ineffective?" Vermilion muttered as he frowned.

    " It's also possible that the unawakened War Spirit inside him is so weak that the Spirit Crystal can't confirm if it had a chance of awakening or not? That might be why it's switching between White and Green since it can't come to an answer," Elder Lia chimed in.

    "That must be it," Elder Gu nodded his head as well.

    "Since Elder Ming and Elder Mu's Veritas College is handling the matters of this Examination, you can take the decision on his participation, but I just have a suggestion. Since the Spirit Judgement Ball didn't show only white, that means Long Chen has the possibility of awakening his Spirit, no matter how weak it will be. I believe he passed the test," Elder Lia told Elder Ming.

    Elder Ming nodded his head.

    "Mu Wan. That's enough! The test is over. He passed the test since the Spirit Ball showed green, even though on regular intervals," he told Mu Wan.

    "Right, Elder," Mu Wan glanced at Elder Ming and nodded his head before he shifted his gaze to Long Chen. "You can go stand there. You pass the trial."

    Long Chen walked to the group of people that were selected.

    There were around a hundred and fifty people in the group that was selected for the next round.

    Around Hundred and fifty people were selected to go further in the examination. At the same time, over ten times the number of participants were sent back because they didn't even have the hopes of ever becoming a Spirit Warrior.

    "Alright. You have all passed the first examination, which was less of an exam and more of a process to remove waste from the participants that otherwise would have wasted our time and resources even if they were selected," Mu Wan told the people that still remained while two people took the table and the Spirit Judgement Ball back.

    "Now, we will move over to the real examination. The second examination is to test your mental acuity and your loyalty towards our kingdom. As most of you may know, this examination was added to the selection process ten years ago after the greatest betrayal we suffered in the war against the Kingdom of Sunai."
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