682 Chapter 682: Test of knowledge

    This test is to know how much you care about the Kingdom that feeds you. Those that care for the Kingdom will definitely know about this kingdom as much as they can, while the ones that don't care for the Kingdom won't know anything." Mu Wan explained.

    "Now, Just to make it clear, this rest won't result in your elimination from this examination, but the score you get in this exam will definitely be remembered by the Elders who will be selecting you. Also, it will affect the final scores you get. So I'm sure you understand the importance of this examination. I'm sure most of you will know your stuff about this kingdom as long as you aren't someone who doesn't care for this kingdom at all," he added as he subtly glanced at Long Chen.

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile wryly as he heard about this test.

    'Sigh, it looks like this test is made, especially for me. I want to join the Spirit Warrior College to know more about this Kingdom, and they want to rest my knowledge for the selection? It's obvious I'll get a big zero on the test. I barely know a few basic things about this Kingdom,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    He had already lost hope of performing well in this test. He was glad that this wasn't an elimination test. Even if he performed poorly here, he could still make up for it in the near future.

    After a few seconds, a person came into the group with a sack in his hand. No one could see what was in that sack.

    That person was wearing the clothes of the Veritas Spirit College. The man walked towards the participants of the examination.

    He stopped before the first participant and brought out a small pearl that he gave the boy. He didn't explain anything as he kept moving over to one person after another. He kept giving them all a similar blue pearl.

    The man gave everyone the pearl, including Long Chen, before he left.

    "Alright. Every one of you has a pearl in your hand. That pearl is what contains your test. All of you can close your eyes and say the word 'Veritas'. As soon as you say that, your consciousness will be transported to an imaginary world where you will be asked the questions." Mu Wan started explaining every one.

    " All of these pearls contain the same set of questions. Answer the questions in that imaginary realm, and the pearl will grade you based on the amount of correct answers you give," he continued.

    "After the test is over, we will be able to see all your scores," Mu Wan added.

    'A test of knowledge. I wonder if guessing will work here or not,' Long Chen thought as he glanced at the pearl in his hand.

    " Alright. You can all start at the count of 3," Mu Wan declared.




    As soon as Mu Wan's countdown reached to an end, all the participants closed their eyes and muttered Veritas.

    Long Chen also did the same.

    As soon as he did it, he found himself standing in a small room. There was nothing in this room except a mirror at the front that showed the reflection of Long Chen.

    "Welcome to the test of Knowledge. Please answer the upcoming ten questions to the best of your abilities."

    While Long Chen was looking at his reflection in the mirror, he heard a voice echoing in the room.

    "First Question. Who is the King of Aksha Kingdom?"

    Long Chen heard a question and started smiling wryly.

    ' It's such a basic question, yet I don't know the answer. I can't believe I didn't even think about finding it the king's name before,' he thought as he smiled wryly.

    "First Question. Who is the King of Aksha Kingdom?"

    The Voice repeated the question again.

    "Alright. I'll answer you. I have years of experience of answering nonsense in exams. I can easily handle this question," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "The King of Aksha Kingdom is a great man that rules over all of Aksha Kingdom. He is brave, and he is king!" Long Chen replied as he answered the questions without answering.

    "Second Question: Who is known as the greatest Spirit Warrior of the Kingdom in the last fifty years?" the voice asked another question.

    ' Well, I believe the answer should be Demon since he was the leader of Phoenix Organization before he had to leave and Vermillion took over, but Vermilion is more loved, and Demon is hated. It's obvious what the answer should be,' Long Chen thought as he heard the question.

    " Phoenix Organization Leader, Vermilion is the Greatest Spirit Warrior," he answered.

    "When was the Kingdom of Aksha Established?" the third question arrived.

    " It was established when the first King of the Kingdom of Aksha established it," Long Chen replied.

    He was glad that it was the pearl that was checking the answers. If it was an actual person, he was sure that the person would have lost consciousness after hearing his answers.

    " How long did the first great war with the Kingdom of Sunai last?"

    "A few years," Long Chen replied based on his assumption. He didn't know how long it actually lasted, but if it was called a great war, there was a high chance that it at least lasted for more than a year.

    He had already realized that the voice wasn't saying whether his answer was right or wrong. It was merely asking questions after questions.

    He didn't know if he had even given a single correct answer, but he was sure that the way he was answering the questions, it was obvious that he was going to be the last.

    " Name the War Spirit of Master Vermilion," the voice asked again.

    " Ah, it's the Vermilion War Spirit?" Long Chen replied casually.

    Long Chen kept answering the questions in a similarly vague manner, and soon, he was done with all questions. He had answered ten questions, and he believed that only one of the ten had a chance of being true. He had faith that his Second answer about Vermilion being the strongest was true.

    The illusory room disappeared, and Long Chen found himself back in the testing ground.

    The others had also finished their tests.

    "Alright. Since all of you are done with your tests, return your pearls. Your score will be shown in a few minutes," Mu Wan told everyone as the person with the sack again walked over again with a box.
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