683 Chapter 683: Looking at War Spirits

    He placed the square box in the middle of the ground before he walked over to all the participants. He took the blue pearls back from them.

    The man went back with all the pearls and placed all of them inside the box in the middle. He closed the box.

    "This test is pretty easy. I'm sure everyone will get over five questions right, at least. Even Long Chen should be able to get at least five right, even though he probably hates the Kingdom. They should've placed some tough questions in there," Elder Mu muttered as he looked at the box, waiting for the results.

    "Don't worry about this. This is just an intermediate test. It won't matter. Those that don't care for the Kingdom can still know all about it. This test is as useless as it can get. The real tests will be what comes ahead," Elder Lia responded as she smiled.

    The box that was placed in the middle was closed, and it started shining brightly after a few minutes.

    A bright ray of light shot towards the sky and formed a list of names in the sky. There were numbers written before the names.

    A list appeared in the sky with the names of all the participants and their scores.

    "Interesting. There are so many tens of them. I guess most of them answered the questions perfectly. They must have studied about the kingdom," one of the Elders on the stage muttered as they saw the score.

    " Hah, don't look at the start. Look at the end. The lowest score! Just how careless one needs to be about their Kingdom to get a zero on this test? Almost everyone answered more than seven questions correctly except the person in the end!" another elder said as he pointed towards the last name on the sky.

    "Seriously! It's Long Chen. I guess I should've expected that! He is someone that probably doesn't have any respect for our kingdom, just like his father didn't. It couldn't be any more obvious," Elder Gu of Thunder Spirit Sect let out as he rolled his eyes.

    "Sigh, Even I didn't expect that. He didn't get even a single question right. Some of the questions were so basic. I don't think that it was even possible for someone to get the answers wrong. Did he even try to answer the questions at all?" Elder Ming muttered as he looked at Long Chen in confusion.

    "Maybe he intentionally didn't answer the question? Just to show that he was upset about the treatment he received from the Kingdom? I can see a little rebel in his eyes. Otherwise, it's not possible to get no answers right," Elder Lia muttered as she observed Long Chen.

    "Or maybe he just didn't care enough about the world around him. There's no need to think more about it. The results of this test are clear," Vermilion muttered as he waved his hand.

    The names in the sky disappeared.

    While others were thinking why Long Chen received Zero, Long Chen himself was confused.

    ' I'm sure that the answer about Vermilion being the strongest Spirit Warrior was right. He's the leader of the strongest Phoenix Organization, after all! They wouldn't give that title to Demon that betrayed them. How could that answer be wrong? If Vermilion isn't the strongest Spirit Warrior, then who is that person exactly? That person can be an obstruction in my path as well. I need to know about him as well,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    He was hoping to get at least 1 point on the test, but all he got was a big nothing. He could hear people mocking him, including the fellow participants in this trial.

    "Hahaha, how can someone be that dumb! Getting a zero in such an easy test! This bastard-son is really a dumb idiot!" one of the girls said as she laughed while looking at Long Chen with a mocking look on her face.

    " Hah, didn't he say that he was going to show us in the test that he doesn't only have an attitude but many more things? Was this what he was talking about? Hahaha, he was right. He really showed us how stupid a person could be!" another guy chimed in. It was the same guy that Long Chen had an argument with at the start.

    Long Chen long at the man's face that looked so irritating to him that he wanted to break that face with a single punch, but he didn't do anything. He ignored the taunts of fellow participants and the mocking laughter of the audience.

    He even ignored the smug smile on Mu Wan's face.

    "Alright. The second test is over as well. It is clear that most of you care about your kingdom with the exception of a few people," Mu Wan said as he indirectly targeted Long Chen.

    " Now, we will move over to one of the main parts of the Examination! The exposure of your War Spirit? It's where we will see a glimpse of your War Spirit hiding inside your body.

    " Our War Spirits?"

    "How can I do that? I haven't awakened my War Spirit!"

    "I myself don't know what my War Spirit is. How can I show you?!"

    "Didn't you say that one didn't need to be a Spirit Warrior at the time of selection? I am not a Spirit Warrior yet. How can my War Spirit appear? It doesn't exist yet!"

    "Sigh, I guess only the ones that became Spirit Warriors will pass this third test. Sigh, I'm going to fail this one."

    "This is not fair!"

    As Mu Wan talked about the third test, every person taking part in this trial got restless. They all started thinking that this test was specially made for the ones that were already Spirit Warrior, which they found to be upsetting since most of them weren't Spirit Warriors.

    "I understand your confusion, but there's no need to be worried! This test is not just for Spirit Warriors! As I said, we will see a glimpse of your War Spirit hiding inside your body, but you don't need to do anything," Mu Wan said in order to calm everyone. "Let me explain."

    "As you all know, there's a War Spirit inside everyone, but only a rare few people have the potential to wake their War Spirit. You all have that potential, but you haven't woken up your War Spirit yet. There is no way to force your War Spirit to wake up either, but there is a way to see a glimpse of your War Spirit!" Mu Wan said as he smiled.
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