684 Chapter 684: Demons Story

    "Wait! Is Senior Wan talking about that?" one of the participants exclaimed in surprise.

    "Talking about what? Tell us as well!" Another person asked the boy that had just exclaimed.

    " It is said that the Veritas Spirit Warrior College has a Treasure! It's a mirror that can show the sleeping War Spirit of anyone! All it can do is show the War Spirit, but it can't wake it up. I thought it was just a rumor, but after listening to Senior Wan's words, it feels like it might just be the truth," the boy explained.

    Mu Wan heard his words and nodded his head in appreciation.

    "That's right! Out Veritas Spirit Warrior College has a history of thousands of years, and we have many great Treasures! One of our most unique treasures is the Spirit Revelation Mirror! As long as a person drops a droplet of their blood on the mirror, it shows their War Spirit. That's a unique Treasure of our Veritas College, but almost every college comes to us to use it," he told everyone.

    "If you get an offer to join Veritas College, you should really consider joining us since we have many more unique Treasures like this," he added.

    "Hmph, you taught that disciple really well. He's using this opportunity to attract more disciples towards Veritas College," Elder Lia of Silver Spirit College let out as she chuckled.

    " Hah, last time you held the Examination, and your students did the same. You can say, we took a page out of your book," Elder Ming of Veritas College smiled as he replied.

    " This can be pretty interesting. Seeing the Spirit his son will have. Will he have the same Blood Demon War Spirit like his father or something else," Vermilion muttered as he glanced in the direction of Long Chen.

    "I was wondering why you suddenly decided to come and attend the selection exam. So it was for that reason. You wanted to see the War Spirit of his son," Elder Lin of the Thunder Spirit College let out as he smirked. "I should have guessed when I found out that Demon's son is attending the examination this time."

    " To be honest, I'm curious as well. Demon had one of the most unique War Spirits seen in recent times. If his son has the same War Spirit, he can be another Demon. A powerful Spirit Warrior and maybe even a big threat to this Kingdom,"  Elder Gu of Thunder Spirit College chimed in as well.

    "It's going to be fun indeed," Elder Ming muttered as he smiled.

    After a few minutes, a group of people came to the arena with a box that was three meters long and only two meters wide. They placed the box in the middle of the arena and opened it.

    They brought an oval-shaped item out of the box. Everyone could see that it was something that was around One and a half meters wide and two and a half meters long. It had a thickness of only ten centimeters.

    Even though no one could see what this item was since it was wrapped in a piece of clothing, they could still guess it was after hearing the previous conversation.

    Everyone knew that wrapped inside this piece of clothing was the treasured mirror of the Veritas College that was going to gaze deep inside their Bloodline to find their War Spirit.

    All the participants were excited since they themselves didn't know what their War Spirit was. They were all excited since it was their opportunity to see their potential War Spirit that they were going to awaken if they succeeded in becoming a Spirit Warrior.

    The mirror became visible before everyone as the cloth covering it was removed. A giant Golden Mirror stood in the middle of the Arena. It had a golden body behind it and on the edges. Other than the shiny golden color on the back of the mirror, everything else seemed utterly ordinary.

    There was a small player attached to the mirror on the side, which had a strange pattern on it. No one amongst the participants knew what it did.

    " Alright. You will all come forward in the order of your scores and your rank in the last test," Mu Wan told everyone as he got ready to start the test.

    The first person on the last ranking was a dark-haired girl known as Mi Lu. She also received a score of ten just like most others that took part in that test, but as she was the fastest amongst them to answer all the questions, she had received the first rank.

    She looked like she had just turned eighteen. She looked even younger than Long Chen.

    Long Chen watched the girl go in the direction of the mirror. He was quite curious to know if the mirror actually worked. If it did work, then he would be able to see the War Spirit this new body could potentially awaken in the future to help him in the trial. As long as he knew that, he felt like taking part in this examination wouldn't be a waste even if he didn't get selected by any Spirit Warrior College since one of his curiosity will be solved.

    "Pick up that knife. Cut your finger lightly and make a blood drop fall on that formation," Mu Wan told the girl as he pointed towards the attached plate with the formation on the mirror.

    The girl picked up the nearby knife. She hesitated for a brief second before she sliced her finger and made a blood drop fall on the formation beside the mirror.

    The formation started shining as soon as the blood drop fell on it, and soon after, the mirror also started shining.

    Everyone looked at the face of the mirror, wondering what it was going to show. It was the first time seeing the mirror for everyone except the people that were sitting on the stage and the disciples of Veritas Spirit College, so everyone was curious.

    "Hah, that shine. It reminds me of the day I was tested with this mirror. Demon was in the same batch as me, along with Mitali. All three of us got wonderful revelations from this test," Vermilion muttered as he reminisced about the past while looking at the mirror.

    " Ah, I heard about that story. You three were the top performers in the examination of that year. Instead of becoming rivals, you guys formed a friendship: Demon, Vermilion, and Mitali, the three Great Heroes of Aksha Kingdom. Sigh, brings up so many stories that I heard about you guys," Elder Lia replied as she smiled.
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