685 Chapter 685: Violent Thunder Bird

    "Oh, by the way, I heard a rumor. It was about Mitali falling in love with Demon and Demon refusing her, instead marrying a mortal. Now I do know that Demon married a mortal but did he really reject the proposal of Golden Finger Mitali?" she asked Vermillion.

    "Yeah, it did happen. She did propose to him, and he indeed rejected," Vermilion replied as he sighed.

    "Ah, she must be pretty sad after it, right?" Elder Lia asked again.

    "She was a little sad, but she calmed down. She told Demon to forget everything that happened since she didn't want to lose his friendship because of this," Vermilion replied.

    "What friendship?! Demon simply used her to gain power, and when he found a better offer, he killed her and ran away. Wasn't Golden Finger Mitali one of the two War Heroes that Demon killed in the last Great War when he betrayed us? That bastard didn't know the meaning of friendship, I'm sure!" Elder Mu from the Veritas Spirit College said as he sighed.

    "I hate the fact that he graduated from our Veritas Spirit College. If I was an Elder at that time, and I knew that he was going to betray us, I would have killed him myself!" he continued as he rolled his eyes.

    Vermilion didn't reply as he simply closed his eyes for a brief second, trying to hide some sort of emotion that had unwillingly appeared in his eyes.

    After calming down, he once again opened his eyes as he started looking towards the Spirit Mirror.

    The Spirit Mirror stopped shining after a few seconds and showed an image inside it.

    As everyone looked in the mirror, they saw a giant rabbit. The rabbit had four ears, and it had some strange black patterns in its fair skin. Each of the rabbit's eyes had dual pupils, both of which were pitch black.

    "Interesting. I remember meeting a person with that War Spirit. It's the Wind Blazing Rabbit Spirit. It's a pretty useful War Spirit that is more of a movement-oriented War Spirit, but it is offensive as well. This girl has a bright future if she awakens it and utilizes it properly," Elder Ming muttered as she saw the War Spirit.

    " Yeah, someone from our Phoenix Organization has the same Spirit. It's a pretty useful War Spirit indeed," Vermilion let out as he nodded his head.

    "Little Girl, Are you related to Tsu Manz?" Vermilion asked Mi Lu with a subtle smile on his face.

    " Yes. He's my father," Mi Lu nodded her head.

    " Ah, that makes sense. So you inherited the same Spirit as him. Your father is a good member of our Phoenix Organization. Work hard and awaken your Spirit to make him proud," Vermilion replied as he smiled.

    Mi Lu excitedly nodded her head.

    "I will," she said.

    "You can go back now," Mu Wan told the girl to go back so he could have others perform the test as well.

    Mi Lu went back with a bright smile on her face that had a hint of smugness as well.

    The next person came forward and followed the same procedure. He was a guy, and he made his blood fall on the formation.

    The Mirror started shining once again and showed something inside it.

    "Acidic Frog War Spirit? Interesting. It's mostly offensive War Spirit. A good one, but it has many disadvantages for its holder, and it's really tough to actually awaken," Vermilion muttered as he saw a frog-like creature in the Mirror.

    The guy was sent back as well.

    One after another, people kept coming forward. A few of them had a rare War Spirit that made even Vermillion compliment them, but most of them had regular War Spirits. One person had the War Spirits of Thousand Ears that helped the person hear conversation more clearly after the War Spirit woke up, which was considered to be a useless war spirit. There were many people that had similarly useless war spirits.

    As time passed, the number of people that were tested kept increasing. Soon, only two people were left that weren't tested. One was a girl that was the second-lowest in the rank of the last test. She had only managed to answer six questions correctly, and still, she was the slowest. The second person was Long Chen, that was last since he hadn't responded to any question correctly.

    " Hu Lai, come forward," Mu Wan called out the girl to be tested.

    The girl called Hu Lai looked somewhat nervous. She corrected her glasses as she stepped forward with shaking legs.

    She stopped near the mirror and did the same process. Her blood drop also fell on the formation of the Spirit Mirror. The Spirit Mirror started shining again and showed the War Spirit of the girl.

    As soon as the people on the stage saw that War Spirit, a shocked look appeared on their faces. Even Vermillion was shocked.


    As the Spirit Mirror showed the girl's Was Spirit, almost everyone was shocked.

    Inside the Mirror, they saw a bird-like creature. The bird had Purple skin and sharp wings. Violet lightning could be seen flickering around the bird as it proudly sat amidst the lightning.

    "The rare Violet Thunder Bird War Spirit. It's one of the rare war spirits that has appeared only once before in the history of this kingdom. Amazing. I didn't expect to see it today," Vermilion muttered as she smiled.

    "Right. It's said that a Spirit Warrior with a Violet Thunder Bird War Spirit will be really strong. In fact, that War Spirit can only be classified to be just a tad bit weaker than your War Spirit," Elder Lia told Vermilion.

    "That's not entirely right. The two war spirits can't be compared. There's a good chance that her War Spirit ancestor was as strong as my War Spirit Ancestor, or even if it were weaker, her War Spirit Ancestor wouldn't be too much weaker since Violet Thunder Bird Spirit is also a mythical War Spirit," Vermilion replied as he smirked.

    " This girl, she has the potential to reach great heights. If things go right, she might even be the Phoenix Organization Leader after me. She definitely has the b potential to handle this position," he added.

    After a few seconds, the Spirit Mirror stopped showing the War Spirit of the girl and returned to normal.

    " Little girl, what is your name?" Elder Ming asked the girl in the glasses.

    "Ah, ah, I am Zu Lai," the girl replied in a low voice. She was stunned and stuttered a little as she told her name.
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