687 Chapter 687: Long Chens Spiri

    As soon as the blood droplet fell on the formation, the formation started shining alone with the mirror.

    Almost all the Elders sat straight as they looked at the mirror to see what it was going to show.

    After the mirror shone for a few seconds, it started showing an image inside it.

    "That?" Vermilion muttered as he frowned at the sight of Long Chen's War Spirit.

    Elder Ming and the others were also shocked.

    "How can he have that War Spirit?!" Elder Lia exclaimed in shock.

    Instead of the mirror, all they saw was what seemed like mist. There was only purple mist inside the mirror.

    "Mist?" Long Chen muttered in confusion at the sight of his War Spirit.

    "The Purple Mist War Spirit? Such a useless War Spirit! It's one of the weakest War Spirits and most useless. It doesn't have any effect other than creating mist around the Spirit Warrior to make them look cooler. Hah, I had such high expectations of Demon's Son," Elder Gu muttered as he laughed mockingly.

    "This is really strange. He's Demon's son. Even if he didn't have as strong a War Spirit as his father, he shouldn't have such a weak War Spirit. I guess the boy is really unlucky," Elder Lia muttered as she shook her head.

    "Hah, a Purple Mist War Spirit. Such a useless War Spirit. I guess it is punishment for you for your father's sin," Mu Wan told Long Chen as he laughed.

    "If it were an Elimination Round, you would be eliminated instantly for having such a useless War Spirit, but since it's not that, you can go and stand with the others," he told Long Chen before he turned back and gestured for his men to take the Spirit Mirror back.

    Long Chen turned back to walk towards the Crowd of other participants. The Elders also got busy in discussing about Long Chen's useless War Spirit and the other amazing War Spirits that they saw in this round.

    As no one was looking at the mirror, no one noticed a red pair of eyes shine within the Purple Mist before the Spirit Mirror stopped showing anything.

    What they didn't know was that they had misjudged Long Chen's War Spirit. The purple mist they saw wasn't his War Spirit, but it effectively hid his real War Spirit from appearing. If they were looking carefully in the mirror until the end, they would have been able to see the Red pair of eyes that would have made them realize that the reality wasn't as simple as it looked.

    If even a single elder had seen the eyes shine through the mist, they might have been able to uncover some things; unfortunately, the eyes only shone for a blink of an eye and disappeared with the reflection of the mist.

    The mirror was carried back after carefully being placed inside the box.

    "Alright. Everyone. The next test..."


    Mu Wan was about to tell everyone about the other tests, but his sentence was cut off in the middle by Elder Ming.

    "Yes, Elder?" Mu Wan asked Elder Ming with great respect as he wondered if he did something wrong.

    "That's going to be the end of the Examination. There will be no more tests," Elder Ming continued, shocking almost every participant and the crowd.

    Generally, there was a precedent of going through five tests at least before the exams were over, but this time, it had only been three tests. This confused many. All the Elders didn't look shocked, though.

    "You have all gone through three tests, and all of them were to give a general understanding to the Elders about your abilities. After these three tests, we have more or less understood enough about you to make a decision. After mutual understanding and discussion, we have come to a decision that this will be the end of the test. Now, the Elders will present the ones they like with the offer," Elder Ming explained.

    Even though he didn't explain why he was ending the test so fast, and others still had many questions; nevertheless, no one bothered to ask anything.

    Soon, the selection began as the Elders stood up one after another and offered the participants that they liked to join their Colleges.

    The three Great Colleges also offered the same; the only difference was that they were more stern in their selection and only selected a handful of youngsters to give invitations to join.

    There were a lot of participants that had received the offer to join more than one college, but there were only three people that had received the offer by all three Great Spirit Colleges. Those three were also the only ones that had received an offer from all the colleges present there.

    One of them was the girl with the Wind Rabbit Spirit that was the daughter of a Phoenix Organization Member, while the second person was a guy that had the Blazing Giant Spirit. The third person was someone that even Long Chen found interesting since he had a Darkness Specific Spirit. The third person was a girl with the Night Assassin Spirit, which was said to use the strength of darkness and night.

    It reminded him of Skills related to his Darkness.

    Almost everyone had received an invitation except five people. Unfortunately, Long Chen was one of those five as well, but he didn't feel bad. He only felt a little disappointed at his failure, but he knew that he didn't need the Spirit Warrior Colleges to succeed.

    After every College offered others an invitation to join their colleges, Elder Ming once again stood up.

    " Those that received more than one invitation can accept any of those invitations, but before that, there's one more thing. As I said before the Examination, Master Vermillion will also select one person from you all to offer a special invitation. That person will be able to join any Spirit Warrior College of his choice. So, wait for a little before deciding which Spirit Warrior College you'll select since you might actually get the unlimited pass to choose any Spirit Warrior College even if you haven't received an invitation from that Spirit College," Elder Ming said to everyone.

    ' Ah, right. How could I forget that? He also has a choice. If he selects me, I can still have a chance, but the probability of him selecting me is really negligible. Still, he didn't do anything against me in this examination. He was pretty neutral. There might be a chance,' Long Chen thought as he looked towards Vermilion, waiting for his selection.
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