688 Chapter 688: Another Law Orb

    Vermilion roamed his gaze over every participant. His gaze stopped at Long Chen for a brief second longer than it stopped on others.

    After a brief pause, Vermilion opened his mouth to speak about his choice.

    "I select Jing Lan, but I don't think that it matters since she already has an invitation from every Spirit College here already, but she's my choice. Her Night Assassin War Spirit can be really deadly and useful if she gets the right training," he said before as he subtly smiled while glancing at the Jing Lan.

    "With that,  the examination is really over. Those that got more than one invitation,  please walk behind the Elder of the college that you chose,  and the ones that got only one invitation,  walk over behind the Elder of that College," Elder Ming of Veritas College said as he stood up.

    "As for the ones that got no invitation, can leave," he added.

    Long Chen released a mouthful of breath as he turned back and left without saying a single thing. What he didn't know was that Vermilion's gaze was on him as he left. There was some strange gleam in his eyes.


    "See? That's why I told you never to be overconfident. This can be a good teaching experience for you. Anything can go wrong with anything. Always have a backup plan," Xun told Long Chen as she flew beside him.

    "My backup plan? I already have a plan ready. It's to get stronger and force the information out of the ones that know. The first on my list would be that Mu Wan. I guess after I Cultivate for a while, I'll be taking a trip to Veritas College," Long Chen muttered as he smirked while he walked towards his home.


    Long Chen walked through the streets of the city to get back home,  but just as he was close to his house, he stopped successfully.

    Even though the whole place was isolated, there was a person standing in front of Long Chen that made him stop in his tracks.

    A deep frown covered his face as he watched Vermilion standing before him. The leader of the Phoenix Organization and one of the strongest Spirit Warriors in this Kingdom was standing before him. The person that was supposed to be on the examination grounds was here, which stunned Long Chen.

    The streets were empty as well, and no one was nearby, which gave Long Chen a bad feeling.

    'Is this guy here to kill me? Well, if he tries, at least I'll know his intentions and how I need to deal with him in the future,' Long Chen thought as he got ready to use his Law of Space to fight back if Vermillion tried to attack him. The knife was still hidden in his clothing.

    Vermilion didn't say anything and simply looked at Long Chen for a brief moment.

    "Do you need anything?" Long Chen asked Vermillion as he observed his facial expressions.

    " No, I don't need anything. I'm here to give you something instead," Vermilion muttered as he smiled.

    Long Chen moved his hand behind him as he prepared to pull out the knife if something happened the next moment.

    "Give me what?" he asked Vermillion.

    Vermilion waved his hand as a speck of fire appeared in his hand. After the fire died down, a card became visible in his hand.

    Vermilion threw that card towards Long Chen, but instead of catching the card, Long Chen skillfully moved his body sideways, dodging the card. The card fell down on the ground beside him.

    Vermilion smiled as he saw it. He didn't look angry.

    "Don't worry. There's nothing dangerous in that card. I do understand why you would be worried,  though. Take that card and burn it when you're alone. You'll get all your answers," he said before he turned back.

    "Your father... was a good man. Don't hate him," he muttered as he flew away.

    Long Chen heard Vermilion's words, which made him even more confused.

    "He's accepting that Fu Chen's father was good? Strange. From his tone, it didn't seem like he hated Demon or me. Also, it seems like I was right. Demon was innocent, and Vermillion knows that Demon didn't betray them? Why did he let Fu Chen and his family suffer then? He's one of the strongest Spirit Warriors of this kingdom. He should have the Power to form people's perceptions and help Mi Liayi and Fu Chen; why didn't he do anything then?" he muttered as he watched Demon fly away.

    "Also, if he knew that it was all a lie and he didn't hate me, then why didn't he select me to get admission in Spirit Warrior Colleges instead of wasting the single selection slot he received on the Night Assassin Guy," he wondered.

    'Something bigger seems to be at play here,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the pitch-black card lying on the ground.

    He walked over to the card and picked it up after a careful consideration. He didn't find anything wrong with it.

    He put the card in his pocket and continued on his way home.

    "Xun, do you know what is actually happening here? What exactly happened in the last Great War ten years ago, and who will my real enemies be here?" he asked Xun as he strode forward.

    "No. I told you everything I know. Besides that, I know only as much as you do," Xun replied, shaking her head.

    "Oh, right. There is one thing that I did find out from the Bloodline Temple," she added suddenly.

    "What did you find out?" Long Chen inquired in confusion.

    "There are a few things in this world that can really help you even after this trial is over," Xun replied as she smiled.

    " What things? Be specific," Long Chen asked again.

    "There is a Law Orb somewhere in this kingdom. That's what I found out. I don't know where it is though, but from what I know, it's a Supreme Grade Law," She answered Long Chen.

    "A Supreme Grade Law? On the same level as the Law of Space and the Law of Darkness? Amazing!"

    Long Chen was surprised as he heard this news. Supreme Laws were known to be the epitome of all the laws. They were the strongest Laws that were only weaker than Ancestral Laws. A supreme law was something that could be world-changing, like Space and Darkness.

    " Yeah. If you find that, this trial will be even more valuable. Also, that's not the only thing." Xun said to Long Chen.
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