689 Chapter 689: God of All Artifacts

    There's something even more incredible, but that's more like a story, so I don't know how true that is," Xun continued.

    "Something more incredible than a Supreme Grade Law? What?" Long Chen inquired as he got even more excited.

    " The God of all weapons. I think I've told you before, but the strongest grade of Weapons is the God Grade Weapons. There are only a few God Grade Weapons in existence. One of them is in possession of the Heavenly Emperor while the Demon Emperor holds another one. Just like that, only the Strongest beings possess the God Grade Weapons." Xun started explaining.

    " Generally, a person can't even hope to see the weapons since it's almost impossible to get on the same level as the Heavenly Emperor of the Heavens or the Demon Emperor of the Demon Realm, but there is one exception to that," she added.

    "What exception?"Long Chen inquired.

    "The missing God Grade Weapon. The Sword of Time. It's called an Ownerless God Grade Artifact because no one had managed to find it after it went missing," Xun answered as she glanced at the sky.

    "You remember that I told you about Tian Shen coming here before? He came here for that thing as well. He had found a clue about the Sword of Time. According to him, the sword was somewhere in this sealed Planet," she added.

    " Unfortunately,   despite searching for months,  he wasn't able to find it. Even when he left this place,  he still believed that the Sword of Time was on this planet. I believe him as well. I think there's a good chance that the Sword of Time is somewhere in this place," she continued.

    " A God Grade Artifact, the Sword of Time?" Long Chen muttered as he thought about what the sword must look like.

    "Yeah, the Sword of Time. One of the most precious lost items. According to legend, there are five God Grade Swords in existence. Three of them exist in the Heavens. They are the Sword of Judgement, the Sword of Blood, and the Sword of Heavenly Punishment which Heavenly Emperor himself possesses," Xun started explaining.

    "The fourth God Grade Sword exists in the Demon Realm. The Demon Emperor possesses the Sword of Divine Execution. As for the fifth God Grade Sword,  it's the Sword of Time," She added.

    "The God Grade Sword... If I can get it, I'll be really powerful," Long Chen muttered as he heard Xun's words.

    "Yeah,  the Sword of Time is really powerful. It can even slice through Space and Time. You'll be much more powerful with the sword. Also,  the Sword has another specialty. With the help of that Sword, you can go forward or backward in time, but I don't think anyone would use that ability," Xun replied.

    "The Sword has the ability to time travel? That's so overpowered. Why wouldn't anyone use that power if they got the sword? It's so amazing," Long Chen inquired in confusion as he found her words hard to believe.

    "Because using that ability only brings death to the holder," Xun replied, shocking Long Chen.

    "Well, I'll tell you through an example. It's a really famous story that almost everyone knows. It's about the last known appearance of the sword," She added.

    " According to the legend, there was a young girl who found the Sword of Time in an ancient ruin. After some research in the ruins, she found out the name of the sword, and it's uses," she continued.

    Long Chen heard her story carefully since he was actually curious about the sword that could help him travel in time. He could already think of many uses for this ability.

    "The little girl excitedly went home with the sword and told her family about it. She told them that the sword had a specialty that it could take a person back in time by up to ten thousand years. There was also a negative side to it that she told them. According to her, when a person used it, he would be taken back or forward in time, but he would only be able to live for 24 hours after using the sword. After those 24 hours, that person and his past or future iterations will disappear from this world," Xun explained.

    "For example, if you used that artifact to go back in time, you will die in 24 hours. That's why I think no one would ever use this ability," she added.

    "Interesting. That's really a big exchange to use its power. Anyway, what happened to that girl? From what I understood, the sword is still missing. That means that the girl lost the sword. Did someone steal it or something?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "No. That girl showed her family that sword. Her family prohibited her from using the sword, but her older brother had something different in his mind. He stole the sword one night and used it to go back in time despite knowing the trade-off. He went back in time by ten years to the time her girlfriend was killed. He saved her girlfriend, but he died after 24 hours. The sword disappeared after that. No one knew where that sword was," Xun answered.

    "Anyway, One day, Tian Shen found a clue about the recent whereabouts of that sword, and that clue led him to this sealed Planet. You know the rest. He couldn't find the sword and had to leave because of his limitation of time," She added as she ended the explanation.

    "How certain was he of the Sword of Time being on this planet when he left?" Long Chen inquired with a frown.

    "He was a hundred percent certain. If it were up to him, he would have spent the next thousands of years combing through this planet, but he had something else to do as well," Xun answered.

    "Alright. I'll believe the instincts of my predecessor. The legendary Sword of Time must be on this planet. The next Supreme Law Orb is here as well. I guess I'm pretty lucky that the Bloodline Temple sent me here," Long Chen muttered as a smile appeared on his face, but that smile instantly disappeared as he looked ahead.

    He was right in front of his hut but what he saw ahead made his blood boil in anger.

    He saw around ten guys standing before his hut. One of the ten guys was holding Mi Liayi's hand and pulling her outside the hut.

    " How dare you say that you quit the work? Do you know how much money we lose because of you?" A fat man was pulling Mi Liayi and scolding her.
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