690 Chapter 690: Monster

    " You bit*h, we gave you a job when you were about to die of hunger. We gave you money to be able to feed your son, and now you dare say that you quit!" a fat guy was pulling Mi Liayi while he scolded her.

    "N-no! I won't work there anymore. I promised my son!" Mi Liayi said as she resisted.

    "That's not possible! Our customers especially come to beat the wife of that Traitor and get some peace of mind! You can't quit! You must work for us until the day you die!"  the fat guy responded as he chuckled.

    "As for that promise to your son, is that promise more important, or the life of your son? If you don't listen to me, I promise that your son wouldn't see the light of tomorrow," he added with a grin on his face.

    Mi Liayi was horrified as she heard his words. She didn't even imagine what that man might do to her son. Tears started falling from her eyes.

    "Don't do anything to him. I will work for you," She said as she stopped resisting.

    Long Chen heard everything as he glared at the fat guy. He clenched his fist so hard that he could hear his knuckles crack.

    His eyes started shining with a starry black shine as a strange spatial aura surrounded him. He pulled out the knife from his clothing and held it firmly in his hand.

    He disappeared from where he was standing and appeared in front of the fat guy.


    The smug, fat man was grinning ear to ear as he saw Mi Liayi agreeing to work for him once again.

    "Good girl. Now come with me. We need to get to work," he said to her as he licked her lips, but that's when he saw something shining before his eyes.

    A boy appeared out of nowhere in front of him. Before the man could do anything, a shiny knife came slashing down, cutting his hand that was holding onto Mi Liayi.

    In the blink of an eye, a hand was separated from the body and fell down on the ground.

    A scream echoed in the surroundings as the day man screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

    "C-chen'er?" Mi Liayi exclaimed in shock as she saw Long Chen standing beside her with a knife that was covered in blood.

    Long Chen glanced back at Mi Liayi and gave a comforting smile before he looked back at the screaming man.

    "I'm sorry,   but no one is coming with you. On the contrary,  all of you are going to stay behind," Long Chen let out as he grinned.

    "You Bastard! You dare attack me?! I'm the manager of the Peace Pavilion! I'll kill you!" The fat man thundered as he pointed his left hand's fingers towards Long Chen. That's the only hand he had remaining.

    "Oh? You want to lose that hand as well?" Long Chen let out as he chuckled.

    The man felt a chill run down his spine as he heard Long Chen's words. He was about to retract his hand and move back, but he was too late. The knife moved once again, slicing the man's left hand as well.

    Another hand fell down on the ground, followed by another loud scream.

    "You bastards! What are you looking at! Go kill this insect! He dares to harm me without any provocation!" the man told his followers as he moved back in fear of Long Chen slicing his neck in retaliation.

    The man pulled out their swords that they were carrying on their back as they ran towards Long Chen.

    Mi Liayi was still having a hard time understanding what had happened there when she saw people running towards her son with weapons in their hands. She was scared for his life.

    Without thinking anything, she ran in front of Long Chen and spread her hand to protect him.

    "C-chen'er! What did you do?! Go run from here; I'll hold them back!" she told Long Chen in a hurried tone. Even though she didn't know why Long Chen harmed the man without thinking about the consequences, but she still wanted to save his life. She wanted him to run away to save his life while she stayed behind to hold the men back.

    Long Chen didn't run away, though. He simply smiled as he saw the motherly love of Mi Liayi.

    He placed his hand on her shoulder gently.

    "Don't worry, mother. Nothing will happen to me. I can't say the same about them, though," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "You! Just run away!" Mi Liayi thundered as she turned back. A smile appeared on her face as she saw that no one was standing behind her.

    She thought that her son ran away. She was happy that he listened to her.

    She prepared herself to face the guys that were running after her son. She had decided to stop them at all costs, even if it cost her life.

    She looked to the front,  but her face turned pale instantly.  She could see Long Chen standing ahead, right in front of one of the guys.

    The man swung his sword towards Long Chen. She knew that she was too late. She couldn't stop the man or save her son. Her heart stopped beating for a second as she closed her eyes in fear. She couldn't bear to see her son die right before her eyes.

    A tear fell from her eyes, but before the real could fall down to the ground, she heard a scream.

    A frown appeared on her face as she heard the scream because that scream didn't sound like her son's scream. The voice was more heavy as if it was of an older man.

    Right after the first scream, she heard another scream. This time, it was a dude person as well. She didn't know what was happening as one after another; screams kept echoing.

    She slowly opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was a headless body lying on the ground. The body wasn't of her son, though. It was of the man that was about to attack him. She saw another body nearby.

    As she roamed her gaze on the ground, she saw many bodies. All the bodies were of the men that were attacking Long Chen.

    She raised her gaze and saw Long Chen coming falling from the sky with his knife. The knife penetrated the top skull of the skull of one of the guys, making the man's eyes open wide.

    The man fell down on the ground.
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