691 Chapter 691: Experience the same

    Long Chen landed on the ground as he smirked.

    He looked all around, finding one dead body after another. Only one man was still alive, and that person was the fat man that was pulling Mi Liayi. The man didn't give any hand as his hands were cut off by Long Chen. His face was already pale in fear.

    Long Chen looked at the man as he smiled.

    "That was the last one. Hah, finally it's over. What else do you have? I remember you telling my mother that I won't see the light of tomorrow. Please make that happen. I'm still waiting," he asked the man as he started walking towards him.

    "Y-you are a monster! Stay away from me!" The fat man let out as he started running away from Long Chen towards the city.

    Long Chen grinned as he saw the man running away. Just when the man was fifty meters away from Long Chen, he looked back. He didn't see Long Chen following him. Long Chen was still standing back.

    The man thought that Long Chen didn't have an interest in killing him as he wasn't chasing him. The man breathed as a sigh in relief as he continued running.

    'Just wait! Once I go back, I'll complain about you killing my men. In a few hours, tens of Spirit Warriors will come here to punish you. I'll see how it lives then,' the man thought as a ruthless look appeared in his eyes.

    He stopped looking back at Long Chen and looked ahead, but that's when his face turned pale as he saw a hand coming straight towards his neck.

    Long Chen was standing behind him until now, but in the blink of an eye, he was before the man, grabbing his neck.

    Long Chen raised the man in the air and walked back towards the hut.

    " You can't leave yet. You left something behind. How can you leave without your hands? You don't expect me to come to you to return them, do you?" he chuckled as he tightened his grip on the man's neck.

    "P-please don't kill me. I-i made a mistake. I will never do this again. Let me leave," the man begged Long Chen to be free as he struggled to breathe.

    "You want to leave? Sure. I'll let you go,   but first,  I need to set some scores right," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He was holding the man's neck with his right hand, and he had the knife in his left hand. He put the knife back before he caught a vine of a nearby tree and pulled it.

    He threw the man on the ground as he reached near Mi Liayi.

    " I heard a few things about your place. How she got whipped for money there. And you wanted to drag her to the same place. How about you experience a little bit of the same. It should be pretty interesting," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards Mi Liayi

    He gave the vine to Mi Liayi

    "Use it to whip him. He made you go through so much. It's time for a little payback. Do it. You'll feel better," he told Mi Liayi.

    Mi Liayi looked at Long Chen.

    "I-i can't. We need to leave. If we hit him, we'll get punishment by the Kingdom. Let's just leave," Mi Liayi told Long Chen as she refused to do anything.

    "Hahaha, You know that I just killed so many people, right? Is beating that guy a bigger crime than killing? Just do it. Nothing is going to happen. I promise. I already have a solution for it," Long Chen told her as he patted her shoulders.

    Mi Liayi looked back at Long Chen as if she was still suspicious.


    Mi Liayi was still worried about what was going to happen. Her son had just killed people here, and he even cut off the hands of a highly connected person. It was a crime enough to get him killed.

    She could feel her hand shaking as she thought about what might happen to Long Chen because of it.

    Long Chen noticed her conundrum, but he didn't say anything. He realized that whatever he said wasn't going to end her worries. He stepped forward and held her hand that was holding the vine.

    "I promise that there's nothing to worry about. In fact, things have just started getting the way they are supposed to be. Just enjoy the journey. I'll tell you when we reach the destination," he muttered softly as he resided her hand.

    Long Chen used his hands to make Mi Liayi whip the fat man. As the thick vine hit the man, he screamed aloud. One after another, the whip kept hitting the man, leaving a deep graze every time it hit his skin.

    The man's screams echoed like a melody in Long Chen's ears. He was enjoying the pained look on his face.

    After screaming for over ten minutes, even the man's voice stopped coming out. His throat has given up. There were red marks all around the man's body.

    Long Chen released the hand of Mi Liayi, who still couldn't control her shaking hand.

    The vine fell down from her hand as soon as Long Chen released her. She instantly dropped to her knees.

    Long Chen walked over to the man and sat in front of him.

    "That look on your face, the pain in your eyes, and the marks on your body, do you feel what she felt when you made her work like that? Not only her, but you also have many more people like her, don't you? How does it feel to be in the receiving end of the pain?" Long Chen asked the man as he smiled.

    "P-please let me go," the man begged Long Chen in a heavy Voice.

    "Sure. Let's play a game first. If you can walk fifty meters in the next five minutes without falling, I'll let you go. You wanted her to work even when she was injured right? I'm sure you can at least walk after this, right? Your time starts now," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    He stood up and stepped back as he watched the man.

    The man hurriedly tried to stand up despite the pain he was going through. After some time, he managed to stand up. His legs were shaking. He was having a hard time even standing still, but still, he started dragging his body away. He kept hissing in pain with each step, but he didn't give up since the alternative was death. All he wanted was to survive-everything else at secondary.
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