692 Chapter 692: Fire of Death

    His thirst for living was increasing with each step he took. Even though the man's fat body was hurting everywhere from the beating he took, he still didn't stop. He wanted to leave. He wanted to leave this young boy behind. The boy looked innocent but in his eyes, he was a monster.

    This fear of death made the man drag his heavy body fifty meters away from Long Chen successfully in just five minutes. The man had a thirst to live. He wanted to leave and that thirst had made him achieve his goal. He had succeeded.

    The man had succeeded but he knew that it wasn't over yet.

    Even after succeeding, the man didn't stop as he continued walking away. He knew that he had to leave this place at all cost. He couldn't stay here and take the risk of Long Chen changing his mind.

    The man had only walked ten meters before he stopped as he saw Long Chen appear before him out of thin air.

    " I-i did that. I did what you said and I succeeded. You can't break your promise now. You can't stop me. Let me leave," the man told Long Chen as he looked at him in fear.

    Long Chen looked back at the man and started in his eyes as a smirk appeared on his face.

    " I am the most honest man in existence. I'm not breaking my promise because breaking promises isn't in my blood. I'm just here to congratulate you on successfully fulfilling the conditions. I'll also follow my side of the bet. I won't stop you. I will let you go," he said to the man.

    A pained smile appeared on the man's face as he nodded his head. He continued walking, but his eyes opened wide as a knife was stabbed in the middle of the throat. The man's face turned pale as his neck started bleeding at an incredible speed.

    "C-cheati..." the man muttered, but before he could complete his sentence, the light in his eyes disappeared. The man had died instantly.

    "I didn't cheat. I said I'll let you go, and I did. I let you go straight to hell. I told you, I don't break my promises. I'm too honest for that. Not only did u not stop you but I even helped you in leaving," Long Chen muttered as he pulled the knife out of the man's neck.  The man's body fell down to the ground with a plop.

    He looked down at the man's body. Blood was still coming out of his neck.

    He caught the leg of the man's dead body and pulled it towards his hut. Long Chen threw the body of the man near the other bodies lying on the ground.

    He collected the other bodies and threw them in the same place as well, making a small mountain of bodies.

    Mi Liayi was still sitting on her knees, watching everything. She wasn't saying anything. Her mind was completely blank. She didn't understand what was happening. It was all like a dream to her at the moment.

    Long Chen turned back and went inside the small hut. After a few minutes, he came out with a Canister filled with oil.

    He walked over to the bodies with the Can of oil and poured the oil over the bodies. He made sure that he made all the bodies bathe in flammable oil.

    After finishing pouring the oil, he lit the bodies in flames. The bodies started burning in flames.

    Long Chen walked back to Mi Liayi and sat beside her as he placed his hand on her shoulders while he watched the beautiful flames that were fuelled by death.

    "It's over for now. See? Nothing happened. No one came here today. Even if anyone doubts anything, who would believe that so many people went missing because of us, don't worry," He muttered in a gentle tone.

    Mi Liayi looked back at Long Chen and rubbed his head gently.

    "Did you wake up your War Spirit?" she asked Long Chen out of nowhere. She didn't want to think about what had happened here today. She wanted to forget all the bad things she saw. She wanted to forget that she saw her son kill like he was cutting out grass from wasteland. That's why she didn't ask about that at all.

    "Hmm? My War Spirit?" Long Chen inquired in confusion. Why was she asking that? Does she know about him participating in the Entrance Examination for colleges? Or was there something else?

    "The ability to appear in various places in the blink of an eye. I didn't hear about any War Spirit that gave this ability thought. It must be pretty rare," she muttered softly. She had seen Long Chen use teleport and she thought it was his ability of War Spirit.

    'Oh, right. I used my Teleportation. Only War Spirits can explain something like this,' Long Chen thought as he realized her meaning.

    "Yes. I went to take part in the Spirit Warrior Entrance Examination. Unfortunately, I failed. When I was coming back from there, I realized that my War Spirit had woken up. It must have received some stimulus from the Spirit Gazing Mirror," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    "You attended the Spirit Warrior Examination? Why didn't you tell me before?" she asked Long Chen.

    "I wanted to surprise you after getting selected. Unfortunately, I wasn't selected," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "They used the Spirit Gazing Mirror in the examination? What War Spirit did they say it was? Even after knowing that your War Spirit was so rare, they didn't select you? It must be because of the past," she muttered as she sighed.

    "The mirror only showed Purple Mist. They said that my War Spirit was a Purple Mist War Spirit, which was useless," Long Chen replied.

    "Purple Mist War Spirit? That shouldn't have the strength of Teleportation? Is this a War Spirit Mutation that gives a War Spirit additional abilities? That must be it," Mi Liayi muttered as she nodded her head.

    " If they knew you had such an ability, they should have offered you a spot as long as they weren't too biased towards you," She added as she sighed.

    Long Chen heard her words and smiled. His gaze was still on the fire that was almost dead now. Not even the ashes of the bodies could be seen behind.

    "Don't worry about them, mother. Now that my War Spirit has awakened, I'm a Spirit Warrior. Who needs a Spirit Warrior College to grow. I can rise even without them. Let's go inside," Long Chen replied as he helped Mi Liayi stand up after the fire died down completely. He took her inside the house.


    After making Mi Liayi fall asleep, Long Chen once again left the hut.

    He walked around the hut, looking at the ground carefully for blood spits and taking care of them so that no one could find any clue regarding the missing people.

    After dealing with the trail, he Teleported on the top of the hut, which was his usual cultivation place.

    He comfortably sat above the hut as he looked at the beautiful sky.

    After having a short peaceful moment, he pulled out the card that he had received from Vermilion and started observing it, wondering what it was.

    " I don't understand anything. Xun, do you have any idea what this actually is? Is this Vermillion's greeting card or something?" he asked Xun in curiosity.

    "Hahaha, no, it's not. It's a message card," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "A message card? What's the benefit of receiving a message card when I can't even read what's written on it," Long Chen asked as he smiled wryly while looking at the strange characters on the card.

    " That's not it. You're not supposed to read the words on the card. A message card doesn't work like that," Xun let out as she shook her head. "Just close your eyes and speak the name of the person that gave you the card. You'll know how it works."

    Long Chen stared at the card for a little longer before he closed his eyes.

    "Vermilion," he muttered and opened his eyes.

    "What the..."

    As soon as he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see that there was a golden barrier surrounding it. He wondered if it was a trap as he stood up.

    "Don't worry. It's not a trap. This is what happens when you use a message card. It cast the barrier around you to make sure that no one other than you hear the message," Xun told Long Chen after laughing for some time.

    "You could've told me before," Long Chen let out as he sat down again.

    He was a little embarrassed for acting out after seeing a barrier.

    The card that was in his hand started shining before it burst into flames.

    The flames didn't harm Long Chen, though. The flames weren't even hot. They were like illusory flames that could only be seen and not felt.
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